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Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Wrecking Ball Metal Fest is soon! You won't wanna miss this online event

 Wrecking Ball Metal Fest is Dropping the Ball 

Online December 12th

With no reprieve on the immediate horizon in sight to have restrictions lifted for live shows, artists, bands, fans and the music industry as a whole are left to quiet nights in front of a computer screen scouring the interwebs for online streaming events.

Since March, a number of events have been taking place worldwide, providing audiences with a chance to experience music performances via the Internet.

The Philadelphia-based event Wrecking Ball Metal Fest has thrown their head banging hardhat into the ring to bring its annual Fall gathering to the streaming arena.  The WB 2020 Fest is being organized and presented by long time PA-based promoter Billy Loney of Keep it Metal Promotions.

“This year has been a real challenge for everyone, especially the music industry,” says Loney. “Fans and artists have been disconnected by no fault of their own…this is just a way to bridge that gap.”

Wrecking Ball will take place on Saturday, December 12th and will begin streaming at 1pmET exclusively on Rock Addict Radio's official website,  

“Wrecking Ball Metal Fest, is part of the movement to bring live music back to the fans in some capacity,” says Spencer Streeter, Rock Addict Radio Station Manager and Program Director. “It’s a new and unique way for music to be experienced and we are happy to be a part of that.”

A host of bands from various parts of the United States and the globe will be participating, including

Agressor (Costa Rica)

Powerless Rise (US)

The Recasts (US)

Strike Master (Mexico)

Threatpoint (US)

Corners of Sanctuary (US)

Systeria featuring Jackie Chambers of Girlschool (UK)

Seventh Chaos (US)

We're been busy probing some of the hot metal bands on the bill to get the juicy info on what ya'll can expect...

Mick Michaels, guitarist of Corners of Sanctuary
1. Tell us about yourselves. What's the band called and who's in the band?
Mick Michaels: Thanks so much for talking with me.  It’s greatly appreciated. 
We are Corners of Sanctuary, a New Wave of Traditional American Heavy Metal band from Philadelphia, PA. 

Our current lineup is:
Frankie Cross on vocals, 
Mad T on drums, 
James Pera on bass and backing vocals 
and I (Mick) play guitar and occasionally the keyboards.

We formed in 2011 with the goal to bring back the true classic Heavy Metal sound. It’s the music we grew up on…it’s our roots. Playing what we feel we are most connected to, for us, is being true to ourselves and the music we share.
2. Looking forward to playing Wrecking Ball?

Mick Michaels: Absolutely! Playing live is a major part of what this band does. With things being the way they are, this is a great opportunity not only to play again but to keep music alive…it’s letting everyone know that music won’t be silenced. Wrecking Ball Metal Fest is gathering bands from different parts of the world, so it really sends the message home that no matter where we are, we can all come together for a common cause and share the experience.
3. Band you're most looking forward to seeing?
Mick Michaels: Definitely looking forward to seeing Threatpoint and Syteria. It has been sometime since we shared the stage with our good friends in Threatpoint…theirs is always a show worth catching.  It will also be great to see Syteria again…we played with them in March while we were on tour in the UK…it was actually the last show we played before everything went haywire. As the travel ban was put into place here in the US, we were forced to cancel the remaining shows of the tour and we scrambled to get a flight back home…but all for the best as it is better to be safe than sorry. 
I’m also really looking forward to seeing Strike Master…these guys are a true force in the Thrash Metal community in Mexico…a definite powerhouse.
The whole event should be electric…all the bands are great. Having the opportunity to reconnect with bands and friends, old and new, with an event like this, makes it even more worthwhile.
4. What can fans expect from you? Any new songs?
Mick Michaels: We are still working out the final set list…so we may not know what we are going to actually do until a day or two before the performance.  But in any event, the set will be energetic and full of a number of Corners of Sanctuary classic songs such “Metal Machine,” “Victoria,” “Hail, Hail” and definitely everyone’s favorite, “On the Hunt.” 
5. What music have you released at the moment or have planned?
Mick Michaels: Our latest album, “Heroes Never Die” released in October on RFL Records (US). It is a classically driven record with all the nostalgia of old school Heavy Metal that you would want and expect but with a modern feel that doesn’t date the tracks. For us it is a continuation of our previous album, “The Galloping Hordes.” Several videos were also released to support the album.  You can see them on our Youtube channel and our Facebook page ( 

We’re also working on our annual holiday song…it’s gonna be another Merry Metal Xmas!  This has become a tradition here in the COS camp…something we love doing and the fans look forward to as well. Look for the single’s release sometime in early December.

“Sandstorm Salvation,” a track from our EP “For COS and Country,” will also be included on the upcoming Exquisite Noise Records (US) vinyl compilation, “Fiction Avenue,” available in December. 

Plus, we’ve also started working on material for a follow up EP we hope to have available mid winter 2021 and have begun writing for our next album. In a sense, at least for the moment, time is on our side…so why not take full advantage of it and make the most of what it can provide for us.
6. What other lives shows have you got lined up?
Mick Michaels: We are scheduled to perform at several more online streaming events including the RockMetalTalk Event on December 1st, the Metal Heroes Online II event on December 5th and possibly the Vinyl Closet Records Metal Fest on December 19th.  We’re calling it the “Metal Never Dies: The Online Barrage of Shows” Tour.

We are working on some additional dates and they will be posted both on our official website at and on our Facebook page at 

A return to the UK tour was planned for February 2021, but it look as though that may have to be postponed as well. We will keep doing what we are doing and hope for the best…with any luck, 2021 will be a banner year for us all!

Mad T:

1. Tell us about yourselves. What's the band called and who's in the band?

Mad T:  We are Powerless Rise. We formed in 2015 outside of Philadelphia following a break up of a previous band I was in. I wanted to explore the thin line between what I enjoyed from modern punk rock and classic heavy metal music. After learning a few power chords myself on guitar I started to write a number of songs that seemed to walk that line . I then recruited guitarist Scott McMahon, bassist Patrick Myers, and singer Kayla Marie, with myself on drums. From there, we put together a few songs and have since released one album, two EPs, and one live EP.

2. Looking forward to playing Wrecking Ball?

Mad T:  We are stoked to be playing Wrecking Ball! We’ve played with Corners of Sanctuary on some previous Wrecking Ball Metal Fest events and it was always a blast! We can’t wait to share the virtual stage with them again during these crazy and unprecedented times…as well, we look forward to again sharing a physical stage with them once this global situation is over.

3. Band you're most looking forward to seeing?

Mad T:  I’m looking forward to seeing Threatpoint play. They’re always heavy and aggressive when playing live. It’s intense. I’m also excited to see Syteria play. They are a very tight and driving band live. I shared the stage with Syteria back in March while in the UK on tour. Lastly, I’m looking forward to Strike Master and Agressor from Mexico and Costa Rica respectively. I’m always interested in what other countries’ metal sounds like!

4. What can fans expect from you? Any new songs?

Mad T:  As of now, we will be supporting our most recent EP release, Chaos, which is available on Exquisite Noise Records (US). There are a few fan favorites in the set list that I’m sure everyone will enjoy!

5. What music have you released at the moment or have planned?

Mad T:  Currently, we are working on a new album. The current situation has given us some time to write and hone some of the new material that we plan to include on the disc. When will it be released? I’m not too sure at the moment given the circumstance, but we are staying hopeful and projecting a release in Spring 2021.

We do have a track, Izo the Butcher, included on the Exquisite Noise Records compilation vinyl release, Fiction Avenue, coming out in December:

6. What other lives shows have you got lined up?

Mad T:  Again, with everything that’s going on, it’s a little harder for bands to find shows, let alone find a space to record a set! We are currently searching for subsequent shows and hope we can help those listening create a momentary escape from the craziness!

Check us out at 

Chris James – vocalist of Threatpoint

1. Tell us about yourselves. What's the band called and who's in the band?

Chris James: We are Threatpoint a 4 piece Thrash/Groove Metal band from Scranton, Pa. We’ve been around since 2012. We are on the roster of Voodoo Queen Management out off Illinois , Yvonne Loveland is the Queen Bee of the organization. We have played all over the United States. 4 full length albums, an acoustic album and currently working on our fifth album as we speak. 

The Threatpoint name came from me & CJ Krukowski brainstorming one evening. We were originally called Sixfist but it didn’t feel right. I came up with the word Threat, it was like in your face. CJ added point to it making it more a direct target I guess you can say. 

2. Looking forward to playing Wrecking Ball?

Chris James: Sure, With this COVID killing the music industry n far n few between places to play, it gives us a new outlet…something to put out energy toward. 

3. Band you're most looking forward to seeing?

Chris James: Definitely like to see Corners of Sanctuary with their new singer. We’ve played a lot of shows with them but due to COVID never got to share the stage with their new frontman yet. 

4. What can fans expect from you? Any new songs?

Chris James: We tried to give it a real raw live feel. Just like any other show in front of fans. Yes, we actually picked one song from each album including one new one off the upcoming release. Five in total. 

5. What music have you released at the moment or have planned?

Chris James: Since we are stalled most of year we have been recording our newest album. We have a new video being edited for the new single off it. One thing this has taught us is to take more time recording. Going over the songs 100x more than usual. It’s coming along pretty amazing. Lots of changes as we keep moving forward with this one. 

6. What other lives shows have you got lined up?

Chris James: We’ve got a Post Thanksgiving Birthday Bash Nov 28 in Tafton, Pa and Dec 12 we head over to Arties in Frenchtown NJ we are playing on a Maiden and Priest tribute show.

Kevin Cole:

1. Tell us about yourselves. What's the band called and who's in the band?

Kevin Cole: Our band is called Seventh Chaos. The members are

Kevin Cole, Guitars and vocals.

Jake Confer, Bass guitar

Chris Cook, Drums

2. Looking forward to playing Wrecking Ball?

Kevin Cole: We are very excited and very honored to be a part of Wrecking Ball. Any time you get bands and people who are passionate about music involved in something together, it always is a great and amazing thing. I am very pleased to have the chance to be a part of this. 

3. Band you're most looking forward to seeing?

Kevin Cole: I’m very excited to see all the bands participating in the event but I’m very much looking forward to seeing Corners of Sanctuary…I have been a big fan ever since I first seen them play many years ago. 

4. What can fans expect from you? Any new songs?

Kevin Cole: Everyone watching will get a look at some of the songs that we will be featuring on our upcoming album. Unfortunately, I won’t be head banging like I often do since my recent neck surgery…it was a very bad situation I was in and had to go though…so I’m excited to have people see me playing again and seeing me coming back from a very difficult and scary situation.

5. What music have you released at the moment or have planned?

Kevin Cole: We are in the process of recording our first official album. It has 10 songs on the recording and the title of the album is called “Marked for Death.”

6. What other lives shows have you got lined up?

Kevin Cole: Unfortunately, we have no live shows lined up currently with the COVID situation on the rise again. However, we also haven't put too much effort into looking at live shows because we’re tryin’ to finish the album; the album is the first priority. Unfortunately, with all the COVID restrictions we have been unable to work on the album as often or as long as we want when we do have a chance to work on it. So things have been delayed in some big ways…however, once the album is finished, we are going to be working hard to play live. 

Jackie “Jax” Chambers

1. Tell us about yourselves. What's the band called and who's in the band? 



Julia Calvo Lead Vocals

Jackie ‘Jax’ Chambers Guitar and B/V’s

Steph Dawson Bass Guitar and B/V’s

Pablo Calvo Drummer and B/V's

Jackie Chambers: We formed at the end of 2015 in Yorkshire but really started gigging in May 2016. We released Rantobot which was nominated and in the final 5 for an independent music award, it also received rave reviews in the music mags and online. Syteria have played the main stage at many festivals in the UK including Hard Rock Hell, Winterstorm, Wildfire....and in 2020 we released our follow up album 'Reflection' which we are currently promoting.

2. Looking forward to playing Wrecking Ball? 

Jackie Chambers: Yes indeed, we all love to play whether it’s on line or in front of a real audience, which is becoming rare these days. Festivals are always so much fun to do too, we often meet friends from other bands and of course the audiences are up for everything and support bands right across the board.

3. Band you're most looking forward to seeing? 

Jackie Chambers: Well I’ll be watching our friends from 'Corners Of Sanctuary’ who are on the bill, we've done a couple of shows with them before but I think I’ll watch as many bands as I can as I don't think we’ve come across any of the others on the circuit so far. It should be a fun event. :) 

4. What can fans expect from you? Any new songs? 

Jackie Chambers: We are currently writing new songs but never got a chance to try them out live before the lockdowns happened. Who knows when we’ll get that chance, but for now you’ll probably hear the newer songs from the Reflections album, which are technically the newest!


5. What music have you released at the moment or have planned?

Jackie Chambers: We released the album Reflection about a month before the lockdown in March, we were out touring and promoting it when had to put the brakes on. SO when we get out to play again we’ll continue to play those ’new’ songs but also will have newer ones to show that we haven’t just sat around watching TV and eating during lockdown :) though we probably all did quite a bit if that too :) 

6. What other lives shows have you got lined up?

Jackie Chambers: We had a full calendar for 2020 which has now all been moved to 2021 so as of Jan 2021, I will be playing gigs with Girlschool in Oslo IF things get back to some sort of normal and then in February Syteria get to support ‘Cats In Space’ on a couple of gigs in the UK, then March we have a few of our own shows already scheduled in around the UK with more to be confirmed.

For more information visit:

Wrecking Ball Metal Fest Facebook:

The Ball Drops Here

Keep it Metal Promotions:

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