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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Incoming! Deimoon


In was the first half of 2020, in the mid of omnipresent lockdowns spreading all over the world when two DEIMOON masterminds – Chag and P.T. – run into each other in the virtual space of internet. The first was looking for somebody to play a guitar solo on his cover of PARADISE LOST track “I am Nothing”, the latter was hanging around searching for some music soulmates in doom. What followed were two PARADISE LOST covers: “I am Nothing” and an instrumental track “Angel Tears”. Common love to melancholic music as well as special chemistry between the two led to the idea of composing own tunes. The distance of some 700 km was bridged by the technology and the lockdown times were well used. Especially creative were nights of the full moon when the most touching melodies were crafted. The artistic base of DEIMOON is rooted in doom metal of the 90thies, enriched by modern elements and personalized by the influences of the two creators. The EP called “The Nocturnes, First Act: The Hour of Wrath” is a prelude of what is to be a larger Opus under the working title “The Nocturnes”. Composing it Chag and P.T. took a broad music approach making their debut EP very varied and eclectic … but the last word is yet to be spoken.

Chag A French whose love to music started with jazz and blues albums from his father's collection. The journey led through NWOBHM to death metal and to alternative rock. He is an educated musician mastering bass, guitars and music programming. In 2006 Chag formed HYANA – a musical hybrid of melodic metal and electronic arrangements with which he released a full album (‘Oxygen' in 2011) and an EP (‘Drifting Extend Play’ in 2016). He plays and does replacements in number of groups in the east of France including MYSTICLONE (fusion new metal) and SLAUGHTERERS (death metal). He currently works with RORAEMA, a modern metal band with cinematic atmospheres.

P.T. A Pole – living since his twenties in Germany – grew up in a small Polish town called Wadowice. Starting with blues and rock of the ‘60s and the ‘70s he quickly moved to harder tunes of Polish metal pioneers TSA, KAT and TURBO and later far beyond this. At the age of 15 together with his friends he formed a metal band playing music highly inspired by TIAMAT and PARADISE LOST. Two years later he joined TARANIS, already well-established black metal band from his hometown and helped to create and record their Opus Magnum called ‘Faust’. Some fantastic gigs, a cover on the tribute to the Polish metal legend KAT and a silent end. TARANIS bowed and left the stage. So, did P.T. … until he met Chag.

… the Full Moon is the Father and the Night is the Mother …

A.D. 2022

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Video “Nocturne 2: The Legend”




Incoming: Wicked Stone album no.2


Wicked Stone are back with their second album, ‘Synergy’ - set for physical and digital worldwide release through Hard to Stay Quiet Records on 17th June 2022.
Taking their core sound and rigging it to explode with heavier, harder-hitting riffs, soaring anthemic choruses and blistering guitar solos Wicked Stone deliver stadium- sized, hard-rock anthems with power, energy, and excitement. 

Formed in 2015 and dropping ‘Ain’t No Rest’ in 2017; a debut loaded with chunky riffs, cheeky hooks and catchy choruses, which referenced touchstones of classic rock but with an unmistakable modern edge to deliver a hugely melodic yet hard-hitting statement of intent from a hungry band ready to make their mark.   2019 saw the release of a brand new 5-track EP ‘Devil In Me’, showcasing an evolution in the band’s sound. Lead single ‘Unchained’ racked up tens of thousands of listens on Spotify, quickly becoming a fan favourite with its soaring vocals and crushing riffs. 

Wicked Stone’s live performances have established the band as one of the UK’s hottest upcoming acts. Mixing solid, powerful performances with a good time. Their rock’n’roll swagger ensures Wicked Stone shows are fun, exhilarating, and unforgettable. Their ability to win over audiences exemplified in their acclaimed appearances at ‘Ramblin’ Man Fair’, ‘Hard Rock Hell’ and ‘Winters End’ festivals. Not forgetting a recently lauded opening slot for Steve Harris’ British Lion. 

Wicked Stone’s sound is built around the edgy, melodic, and soaring vocals of Joe Hawx, under-pinned by hard-hitting drummer Olly Smith - a drummer that has spent time touring the world, opening for Iron Maiden as a member of the Lauren Harris band alongside Judas Priest guitarist Richie Faulkner. A line-up change in 2019 saw original Wicked Stone members Joe and Olly collide with lead guitarist Dave Austin, and the monster one-two combo of Joe Davies’ crunching guitars and Tom Lane’s gargantuan bass. This new collaboration created a sum bigger than its parts, inspiring the album-title ‘Synergy’. 
The new album grabs the listener from the outset with lead single ‘Say Goodbye to Yesterday’, a blistering rocker with a chorus likely to be stuck in your head for weeks. Joe Hawx sounds huge on this new record, having clearly matured and evolved vocally and lyrically. He is found at his best on the anthemic and contemplative, ‘Now You’re Gone’ - musically a departure for the band yet guaranteed to become a fan favourite. Dave Austin brings the fire with rip-roaring guitar solos and fierce twin guitar harmonies on songs such as ‘It’s Not Enough’ and ‘Going Wild’. Joe Davies and Tom Lane deliver the thunder on ‘Not Alone’, and what looks set to become a live favourite, ‘Broken Heartbeat’. Olly bulldozes through the album like a mechanised behemoth, a formidable driving force in ‘Reclaim the Crown’ yet restrained and musical on the emotive, ‘The Fires Burn’. 

‘Synergy’ is set to drop like an anvil crashing through your living room ceiling, make sure to catch the band on tour and experience the live juggernaut that is Wicked Stone! In the seven years that followed, Sergeant Thunderhoof have amassed a rich and varied back catalogue including 3 studio albums, a live full length, an epic split LP with Howling Giant, numerous compilation appearances for the likes of Ripple Music and Magnetic Eye Records and even a surprise tribute to Kate Bush. With the momentum firmly on their side, the band entered 2020 with a number of tours and releases planned including the follow up to their 2018 LP ‘Terra Solus’. 


When the world turned upside down in March 2020, all touring, writing and recording plans were thrown out of the window and the band were collectively forced to rethink their entire working relationship. At the tail end of 2020, they began collecting their ideas, riffs and rough recordings to begin work on the next album. What transpired was an epic 68 minutes of huge riffs, introspective atmospherics and melancholic yet uplifting melodies.


Recorded with Josh Gallop (Phoxjaw) at Stage 2 Studios in Bath and mastered by Tony Reed (Mos Generator), This Sceptred Veil sees the band explore darker and denser territory than their previous albums.


Speaking about the album, vocalist and lyricist Dan Flitcroft says, “I decided early on that I wanted to explore the rich history of our surrounding area in the South West of England, whilst incorporating the story of ‘The Sergeant’ which we have been cultivating since the very start of the band. Right from the debut record ‘Zigurat’ I was keen to introduce the idea that the name of our band represented a mythical, time travelling figure which could help inspire new ideas and themes. When the Pandemic hit, it forced me and my family to make more use of our immediate environment, and we are so lucky in our part of the world to have such amazing history and sights on our doorstep. I researched many mythical, semi-factual stories regarding the ancient history of England (Avalon), amongst some fantastical tales revolving around the idea of the Biblical figure of Christ.


I’m particularly pleased with ‘This Sceptred Veil’ as it feels, at least to me, like a rich and focussed body of work. The finale of Avon & Avalon Parts 1 & 2 which close the album really capture the darkness, light, paranoia, fear and redemptive qualities of which we were all feeling throughout the pandemic. I always steer clear of politics or current events in our music as we like to keep everything in the world of The Hoof. However, listening back now, I can certainly hear a lot of the cynicism, sadness, hope and decay of my life at the time. I think the pandemic forced me to confront my own mortality and perceived failings. Now I am a Father, it occurred to me that my actions have profound consequences on those around me."


Black Stone Cherry live film and documentary news


Exclusive Premiere & Band Q&A live at The Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square on Monday 20th June
Album release date: 24th June via
Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group



Announce A Very Special London Premiere of
'Live From The Royal Albert Hall… Y'All' Concert Film & Documentary
Exclusive Premiere & Band Q&A live at The Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square on Monday 20th June
Album release date: 24th June via
Mascot Records/Mascot Label Group




BLACK STONE CHERRY are excited to announce a very special London event to mark the arrival of their forthcoming 'Live From The Royal Albert Hall... Y'All' release, which is set to land via Mascot Label Group on Friday 24th June. A concert film and documentary of the Kentucky band's triumphant show at the iconic London venue is set to premiere at the Prince Charles Cinema, Leicester Square, W1 on Monday 20th June, with the band in attendance. Frontman/guitarist Chris Robertson, guitarist Ben Wells, drummer John Fred Young and new bassist Steve Jewell will be participating in a fan Q&A, together with movie director, Mike Rodway, directly following the screening.
Just 250 tickets are available for this intimate event, which will go on sale at 10am this Wednesday 8th June, with an O2 pre-sale available from 10am today, Monday 6th June. Purchase yours here. Doors open at 7pm, with proceedings kicking off at 7.30pm sharp.
BLACK STONE CHERRY's Ben Wells confesses:
"It’s not every day you get the privilege to play the Royal Albert Hall. It’s not every day you get to film your show at the Royal Albert Hall. But what is guaranteed, is that this is our most badass, in-your-face, emotional and passion driven document of our band to date. We could not be more excited to not only release this to the world, but to be able to return to London and premiere it with you!! We will also be hosting a Q&A for all of your questions, as will our dear friend and director of this piece, Mike Rodway. England, it’s impossible to stay away too long! We’ll see you the 20th!"
On Wednesday 29th September 2021 - the year of the band's 20th Anniversary - Kentucky's favourite sons, BLACK STONE CHERRY, realised that childhood dream of playing at the legendary London venue. Check out a teaser from the documentary below.

The corresponding CD/BluRay release is available to pre-order here in various formats: digital, CD & BluRay, double vinyl and an online exclusive double vinyl in transparent red.
From clubs to arenas and festival headline performances, no one puts on the kind of show that BLACK STONE CHERRY do. The band were one of the first international acts to tour the UK following the Covid19 lockdown restrictions easing, and they gave every single fan in attendance that night, a shot of euphoric happiness.
Talking about playing the iconic venue, drummer John-Fred Young said,
"To be honest, I was terrified. You think about how many great acts have played the place. The prestige behind it. We've wanted to play the Royal Albert Hall since the first UK tour in 2007. Walking in that place, it's just breathtaking. You walk on that stage, and you say, we did it, and it's a feeling that I will cherish for the rest of my life."
The Blu-Ray's live footage is interspersed with behind-the-scenes interviews, fly on the wall footage and archival insights into the band as kids first starting out, snippets of their first ever UK tour and heartfelt moments of reflection. But ultimately 'Live From The Royal Albert Hall… Y'All' was about bringing rock 'n' roll to London, Kentucky style.




'Live From The Royal Albert Hall… Y'All'  tracklisting:

1. Me and Mary Jane (Live)
2. Burnin' (Live)
3. Again (Live)
4. Yeah Man (Live)
5. In My Blood/Island Jam (Live)
6. Ringin' In My Head (Live)
7. Like I Roll (Live)
8. Cheaper To Drink Alone (Live)
9. Hell and High Water (Live)
10. Soulcreek (Live)
11. Devil's Queen (Live)
12. Drum Solo (Live)
13. Things My Father Said (Live)
14. In Love With The Pain (Live)
15. Blind Man (Live)
16. Blame It On The Boom Boom (Live)
17. White Trash Millionaire (Live)
18. Lonely Train (Live)
19. Peace Is Free (Live)

Incoming! Prepare to be Haunted...


Over the last five years, the name Haunt has become synonymous with high-quality traditional heavy metal. Based in Fresno, California, the band is the brainchild of singer/guitarist Trevor William Church, who is also known for his inspired work in the doom metal genre with BeastmakerHaunt was conceived as a one-man band to showcase Church's melodic metal songs that did not fit the Beastmaker paradigm. Exploding onto the scene in 2017, Haunt's debut EP Luminous Eyes quickly captured the hearts and imaginations of the underground faithful. The following year, the band released a full-length album, Burst into Flame, to rapturous response from fans and critics alike. Thus, catapulted into the spotlight, Church assembled a live band to perform select shows in the USA. With the passage of time, Haunt's momentum accelerated. The ever-prolific Church wrote, recorded and released new music at a feverish pace, and Haunt's live appearances multiplied throughout North America and Europe.

In April 2022, Haunt proudly release their seventh full-length album, Windows of Your Heart. The writing process for this material dates back to early 2021. Church explains, "There was no conceptual plan. There never is. I just want to write a good song. This was the next collection of riffs and songs I was writing. These eight songs are finished, so here's an album." As is his customary practice, Church isolated himself to write, refine, and record Windows of Your Heart without any outside distractions or collaborators. He elaborates, "This is the nature of my being. I do it for myself. I have so many songs, I'll never get them all out. The creative process happens fast because I'm not working on them with anybody. It works, so this is what I roll with." For the most part, Church adhered to his tried-and-true methodologies for writing and recording this album. That said, discerning listeners will notice a difference in the guitar solos this time around. Whereas on past Haunt albums, the lead breaks were constructed around two-guitar tradeoffs, this time Church reinvented the solos with a single guitar, relying on pinch harmonics and whammy bar as key elements. However, longtime fans will be relieved to know that Haunt's trademark guitar harmonies remain fully intact and unsullied.

As on previous Haunt albums, Church built Windows of Your Heart around a few key songs to be featured in the live set. The title track is one such foundational piece, featuring catchy riffs, big hooks and a slightly different guitar approach for Haunt that straddles the line between heavy metal and hard rock. "I really liked the title," Church relates. "It establishes that this is not a typical steel fantasy warrior album. It's more reality-based." Lyrically, the song was inspired by Church's feelings of sadness during a tour in Europe shortly after his son was born. Although he was far away, Church could still feel present and see his son through the windows of his heart. This kind of relatable, honest, emotional subject matter may not conform to superficial heavy metal stereotypes, but it has always characterized Haunt's music, dating all the way back to the debut EP's "Luminous Eyes," essentially a love song with which anyone can identify.

As for other standout tracks on Windows of Your Heart, Church quickly points to the barn-burning opener, "Mercenaries." "I love doing fast songs live," he enthuses. "Even when we're on bills with heavier bands, we hold our own by bringing thrash into melody." In a different vein is "Father Time," which treads familiar lyrical territory for Haunt by musing on the dizzying speed with which time flies by. The song is also noteworthy for the readily discernible Ozzy-isms in Church's vocal melodies and timbre. The resemblance is not coincidental, but is an intentional tribute to the Prince of Darkness. Church explains, "Ozzy Osbourne gave me the courage to be a singer. He taught me how to be a singer. My music naturally goes toward that."

On the live front, Church suddenly found himself in need of a new band as live shows resumed following the abrupt global hiatus of the concert industry in 2020 and 2021. Fortunately, he assembled a new lineup consisting of his longtime Beastmaker bandmate Andy Saldate on drums, Andy Lei on guitars, and Chris Fletcher on bass. "This is Haunt version 2.0," Church says. "We're out of the beta versions." This new live configuration has already been battletested with eight shows under their belts, and many more to come. Of particular note in Haunt's imminent touring plans is a 20-date run through the western half of the USA in April 2022, supported by Screamer, Traveler and Saber. The trek is highlighted by a stop at the prestigious Hell's Heroes Festival in Houston, Texas on April 23, 2022.

Haunt line-up:
Trevor William Church - vocals/guitar
Andy Lei - guitar
Andy Saldate - drums 
Chris Fletcher - bass 
Haunt online:

Monday, June 6, 2022

Live Review: Alice Cooper plus support at World Resorts Arena, Birmingham, 30 May 2022

Alice Cooper plus support 

from The Cult and Creeper
World Resorts Arena, Birmingham. 30 May 2022

Mr Cooper's no stranger to Birmingham. He has played there in many line-ups over the years and is always killer. Tonight was no exception...

Monday evening was an odd choice for a concert which may explain why the show wasn't sold out and why the arena took a while to fill up as people fought to get across Birmingham during week-day rush hour traffic.

Southampton rockers Creeper, however, did a fine job of warming up the crowd, happy to play at such a great venue for them. Their brand of gothic rock n roll works well as a taster of things to come. Catchy songs and a like-able band, Creeper look set to go far.  7/10

The Cult were the band many had come to see as well as Alice Cooper judging by the number of Cult t-shirts in the crowd.  With an impressive stage show of their own and a set list full of classic songs and new stuff, we could see why. Who doesn't know "Rain" or "She Sells Sanctuary"?!  

The three piece sure make some noise and were on fire tonight as they delighted both their own and AC fans. Ian Astbury's vocals let him down in parts but no-one cared when the songs are as catchy as the Cults and Billy Duffy played outta his goddamn skin! He was on fire tonight! 8/10

And now, my was time for the nightmare to commence for real....It was time for Alice....

Alice Cooper and the band did not dissapoint. Bar the odd duff note, they were bang on and although it could've done with being a tad louder, the sound was great. Close your eyes and just the music was enough. The on-stage theatrics, however, really make the Cooper show what it is. It seemed a little cramped and patchy on the Arena stage (and no screens!!!) but they stage crew did an admirable job of creating the show for Birmingham. All the hits were here: Poison, Teenage Frankenstein, Eighteen, Dead Babies, I could go on! With a couple of new songs in the set and a ressurected classic "Roses on White Lace" (complete with Nita Strauss solo) the set list was not the longest or most complete but hey, it was a Monday night I guess and Alice ain't getting any younger!

Nita was here usual speedy self on the fret board (though less physical at moment - how's the knee hunny?) but she didn't make Ryan Roxie seem a slouch. Over the years his playing has gotten tighter, more complex and stylish. Great stuff. Drum solo - check. Bass solo?! check! Theatrics....check....

It wouldn't be an AC show without the stage tricks now would it? It has of course been toned down over the years to make it more kid friendly which is a shame personally but we did get the frankenstein monster, big baby and guillotine as gotta be good. Calico Cooper was also great as usual especially during her murder scene on "Roses...". 

With no screens it wasn't great for those with less than perfect visability was, nowadays, unforgiveable.  Why go to all that theatrical trouble if only a few could see it well?!

On the whole, a great night. 3 bands on a Monday. Can't complain. Cooper was awesome. His voice still great and how is so active at his age is astonishing. We do hope this means he won't be stopping live shows any time soon. If the nightmare comes back, so will we! 8/10 CAG & AS.


God Is An Astronaut release new album Embers

  GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT  has mesmerized audiences worldwide with their distinctive sonic tapestry both in dynamic live performances and throug...