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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

Incoming! Deimoon


In was the first half of 2020, in the mid of omnipresent lockdowns spreading all over the world when two DEIMOON masterminds – Chag and P.T. – run into each other in the virtual space of internet. The first was looking for somebody to play a guitar solo on his cover of PARADISE LOST track “I am Nothing”, the latter was hanging around searching for some music soulmates in doom. What followed were two PARADISE LOST covers: “I am Nothing” and an instrumental track “Angel Tears”. Common love to melancholic music as well as special chemistry between the two led to the idea of composing own tunes. The distance of some 700 km was bridged by the technology and the lockdown times were well used. Especially creative were nights of the full moon when the most touching melodies were crafted. The artistic base of DEIMOON is rooted in doom metal of the 90thies, enriched by modern elements and personalized by the influences of the two creators. The EP called “The Nocturnes, First Act: The Hour of Wrath” is a prelude of what is to be a larger Opus under the working title “The Nocturnes”. Composing it Chag and P.T. took a broad music approach making their debut EP very varied and eclectic … but the last word is yet to be spoken.

Chag A French whose love to music started with jazz and blues albums from his father's collection. The journey led through NWOBHM to death metal and to alternative rock. He is an educated musician mastering bass, guitars and music programming. In 2006 Chag formed HYANA – a musical hybrid of melodic metal and electronic arrangements with which he released a full album (‘Oxygen' in 2011) and an EP (‘Drifting Extend Play’ in 2016). He plays and does replacements in number of groups in the east of France including MYSTICLONE (fusion new metal) and SLAUGHTERERS (death metal). He currently works with RORAEMA, a modern metal band with cinematic atmospheres.

P.T. A Pole – living since his twenties in Germany – grew up in a small Polish town called Wadowice. Starting with blues and rock of the ‘60s and the ‘70s he quickly moved to harder tunes of Polish metal pioneers TSA, KAT and TURBO and later far beyond this. At the age of 15 together with his friends he formed a metal band playing music highly inspired by TIAMAT and PARADISE LOST. Two years later he joined TARANIS, already well-established black metal band from his hometown and helped to create and record their Opus Magnum called ‘Faust’. Some fantastic gigs, a cover on the tribute to the Polish metal legend KAT and a silent end. TARANIS bowed and left the stage. So, did P.T. … until he met Chag.

… the Full Moon is the Father and the Night is the Mother …

A.D. 2022

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