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Monday, March 27, 2023

Fresh Blood! This River

Check out what Stargazer Magazine said about this hot new Welsh band…

Based in Swansea, South Wales, here in the UK, this collaboration of great minds are most certainly reading off the same page when coming together to add their ingredients to this super-hot boiling pot of Rock genius. With attention to detail being second nature, the boys have almost breezed through the whole album with ease, educating us further to what can be done in this genre.
There have been a great many Welsh artists and bands who have graced our screens over the years, who have taken that all important leap of faith to make a difference in their music careers, with 90% of them still achieving today. The secret is determination, belief in yourself, and an undying passion to succeed, something that This RIVER have done wholeheartedly, with a line-up consisting of -
Idge on Drums, Dabs on Bass and Rich on Guitar.

In any musician’s career, it’s all about the journey, contacts made and the good friends you meet along the way. Success comes in many guises, riding the roller-coaster, and braving many a storm over the years before you make it.
Many artists come and go over the years due to trends changing, and this cut throat industry dictating your demise, and yet, if you stay true to yourself and ride the wave, the lessons you learn and experience you gain makes you stronger as an individual, leading you to meet many like-minded musicians along the way with similar stories to tell, and more often than not, your paths crossing for a reason.
It does surprise me that these boys haven’t been signed before, and already up there with the greats in the industry today. But, like a good fine wine, good things come to those who wait, letting things sit for a while to mature, before uncorking to the masses.
And that brings me nicely to the album in question here -
“Lower Your Expectations.”
This band of brothers have cut their teeth in the industry for a great many years, individually, and as a group, and have ingrained themselves in many hearts along the way, and I feel now is their time to shine with a debut album that’s bursting at the seams with originality, and versatility.
Perfectly enunciated throughout, Idge strikes the airwaves with a certain style and grace that leaves the listener hanging on to his every word, as he walks you through the storyboard with ease, leaving you in a more thoughtful frame of mind, before laying you to rest on a sea of tranquility and depth of thought. What’s even more incredible is the fact the vocals are performed by the drummer, not an easy task, but something Idge does to perfection.
Musically proficient, this album comes complete with all the right ingredients for the perfect listening experience, with a rich tapestry of sound, ambient textures, syncopation and dynamics from Dabs and Rich, all lovingly wrapped in this compendium of creativity.
In all, if it’s relatable lyrics that you are after that take you on a reflective journey through your mind, this is the album for you, and won’t gather dust in any collection, and will keep feet tapping and heads bouncing from sofa to stage.

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Check out their new video:
social media pages are:

Sunday, March 26, 2023

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Saturday, March 25, 2023

Tempus Fugit. Our new documentary on Dark side of the Moon

Check out ROX Networks new documentary “Tempus Fugit: Dark Side of the Moon at 50”.

This new 2 part documentary includes archive footage, interviews, music and more.

It’s available to view on YouTube at the link below. An HD Directors cut of it can also be ordered from us as a double DVD or digital

Thursday, March 23, 2023

Incoming! Hanging Garden


 formed in 2004, starting out as a heavy, doom-oriented project. Roughly two decades, seven albums and a couple of line-up shuffles later, the band shifted to a more melodic, contemporary sound, surrounded by a veil of melancholy.

The compositions are dark, atmospheric & emotional, and concomitantly lean towards open-minded and playful musicality. While entrenched in metal's doom, gothic and melodeath branches, HANGING GARDEN displays a versatile, many-layered style of playing, packs female & male vocals, and draws influence & inspiration from music and art, far and wide.

The new album - "The Garden" - dives deep into atmospheres both "tender and harsh, devilish and serene" and "embarks upon a journey to mankind's spiritual roots, contemplating the fragility of our technological society" - as poetically described by the band. "There is a kind of energy in the songs that there wasn’t before," introspects Toni Hatakka of HANGING GARDEN. "A feel of hope to contrast our old friend the despair, a strong notion of action against the familiar melancholy, or maybe a light amidst the comfortable gloom..." Read Toni's full comment below.

"After almost two decades of dwelling in the musical and lyrical thematics of despair, loss and melancholy, I had the feeling that our next release could have some room for hope and light as well - of course not forgetting our trademark-ish somber aesthetic. The approach we decided to take was to weave a story of how humanity would still thrive, still find meaning, after the world as we know it has finally met its end."

"Exploring the rituals, belief systems, connection to nature, finding purpose in just being and surviving were the cornerstones of how The Garden came to be. Another strong theme is that of dreams; since childhood, I’ve had this recurring dream world with a silent feel of stagnation, colossal constructs of rust, the action of journeying to the unknown, and lush nature. This is where I also draw a lot of what ended up on the album. The lyrics written by Riikka also amalgamated into this aesthetic perfectly. Even the name was given to me in a dream. Back in spring, I had a dream where our keyboardist Nino and I had a talk about this being our Magnum Opus and that we should call it The Garden. Such a powerful notion could not be left unheeded, and so the album had its name. The Garden is at the same time familiar and atypical for us. There is a kind of energy in the songs that there wasn’t before, a feel of hope to contrast our old friend the despair, a strong notion of action against the familiar melancholy, or maybe a light amidst the comfortable gloom. But in the end, this is us."

"The Garden"the follow-up to "Skeleton Lake" (2021), was produced by Jussi Hämäläinen (vocals, guitars) and Jarno Hänninen. The album was mixed and mastered by the latter at D-studio (BeheritShape of Despair). Cover artwork and new band photos are by Finnish artist Kalle Pyyhtinen"The Garden" marks the return of new-old drummer Antti Ruokola, last seen in HANGING GARDEN seven years ago.

HANGING GARDEN may appeal to fans of Swallow the SunGhost BrigadeOctober TideKatatonia and Type 0 Negative.

Album formats:
- CD
- Black LP
- Clear splatter LP
- Half gold half clear LP
- Marble LP
- Trans red LP
- Digital

- Black TS

1. The Garden
2. The Four Winds
3. The Construct
4. The Song of Spring
5. The Fire at First Dawn
6. The Nightfall
7. The Stolen Fire
8. The Journey
9. The Derelict Bay
10. The Fireside
11. The Resolute

Mikko Kolari - guitars
Jussi Hämäläinen - guitars, vocals
Toni Hatakka - vocals
Riikka Hatakka - vocals
Nino Hynninen - keyboards
Jussi Kirves - bass
Antti Ruokola - drums

Photo credit: 
Kalle Pyyhtinen
HANGING GARDEN - The Four Winds (Official Music Video)
HANGING GARDEN - The Fireside (Official Music Video)
HANGING GARDEN - The Garden (Official Music Video)
Pre-order "The Garden":


Agonia Records:

Incoming! Loose Sutures

 Loose Sutures return with Sado Sex for Dummies, their third LP, slated for 26 May digitally and on three variations of vinyl via Electric Valley Records

Assembled in 2019 by four roughnecks, Loose Sutures plays classic '70s riffs with a pinch of modern punk attitude, conjuring a blend of stoner and garage energy and displaying an abundance of evil beats, venomous fuzzes, and raunchy lyrics. Loose Sutures' music has been praised by fans and critics for evoking a dark and seductive atmosphere reminiscent of cult exploitation movies.

Depicting killer profiles and kinky love stories, the Sardinian group presented their self-titled debut LP in March 2020 via Electric Valley Records. They followed it up with the sophomore album, A Gash with Sharp Teeth and Other Tales, the following year via Electric Valley Records; it later saw a Japanese edition in the Spring of 2022. Introducing the newly recruited Giuseppe Hussain (who replaced Gianpaolo Cherchi, guitars/vocals), the album is “a journey delving into lust with filthy guitars, stoned rhythms, and creepy voices escorting you deep inside the sticky core of what you fear yet desire at the same time.”

Loose Sutures again encountered a lineup change in 2022 when Giuseppe Hussain left the band, leaving the band to operate as a trio. It was a setback, but they refused to let it hold them back. Longtime fellow Marco “Grey” Manca joined to take care of the role of Giuseppe on the “High Heeled Barbarians Tour” around Europe the same year.

Sado Sex for Dummies, as the name hints, is a complete handbook to satisfy the needs of the pervs, sadists, and killers out there. An invitation to indulge in fuzz-drenched, punk-‘n-roll violence, this third record from Loose Sutures has no shortage of lurid stories. While there is a touch of evolution, the album has not strayed too far from the band’s established hard, fast, and crude sound. To add more spice to some songs, the album features a couple of guest musicians, including the legendary Nick Oliveri and Alain Johannes

Get ready to be taken on a frenzied ride into the depths of your darkest desires.

Track Listing:
1. Highway Shooter
2. Another Hell
3. Sadism and Gallows
4. White Line
5. Kinky Katy (feat. Alain Johannes)
6. He’s My Friend (feat. Nick Oliveri)
7. Cowbell From Hell
8. Black Star Flashing

Album Credits:
— Band Lineup —
Antonio Pilo – Guitars/Vocals
Marcello Meridda – Bass/Percussions
Marco Angius – Drums/Vocals

— Guests —
Marco Manca played guitars on “White Line,” “Black Star Flashing,” and “He's my Friend.”
Nick Oliveri sang on “He's my Friend.”
Alain Johannes played guitar on “Kinky Katy.”
Fabio Demontis played organ on “White Line.”

— Others —
Engineered and mixed by Fabio Demontis at A.C.M.E. and RKS Studios in January 2023.
Mastered by Andrea Pica at Officina 13 Studios.
Artwork by EVR STUDIO.

Sado Sex for Dummies will be available on:
– 250x Black Vinyl 
– 200x White Vinyl
– 50x Ultra LTD “Sado Edition”
– Digital

Pre-Order (starts at 18:00 CET, 30 March): (Vinyl + Digital) (Vinyl)

Loose Sutures:

Electric Valley Records:

Gettin Medevil on yer ass...!


Canada's MEDEVIL Shares Complex And Catchy Single “Dead Before Birth”

New Album In Tribute To Drummer's Passing - “Mirror in the Darkness” Out April 2023

L-R - Brett Gibbs (Guitar) | Eric Wesa (Bass) | Liam Collingwood (Vocals) | Chris Malcolmson (Drums) | Gary Cordsen (Guitar)

Photo Credit: Matthew Collingwood

Medevil is a highly energetic, fast-paced metal band known for their tight songwriting, intense stage presence and roaring vocals. Back in 2016, they released their debut album “Conductor of Storms” and this year they are following it up with “Mirror In The Darkness”, which is dedicated to their late drummer Chris Malcolmson whose drums are recorded on the album. The latest single off this progressive and adventurous new album is “Dead Before Birth” presented with a visualizer video. The band shares their thoughts on the opening track

“Kicking things off is Dead Before Birth, a hard-hitting opening track that begins with a drum-only intro. Featuring complex arrangements, precise timings, and vicious guitar riffs. Between the many different time signatures, dense guitar layers, and menacing chorus, “Dead Before Birth”’s goal is to be catchy while also challenging the listener. The lyrics are kept abstract, dealing in a metaphorical sense with the feelings of depression.”

The single was actually the first track they fully completed writing for the album, all the way back in 2017 with the “Conductor of Storms” lineup. The song didn’t change too much since then, but it also helped pave the way for the vibe of the album to be in a much more progressive and interesting direction than before. There are more twists that catch you off guard here, and is the perfect way to kick off “Mirror in the Darkness”. It’s probably their most complicated song rhythmically, and while they didn’t originally write this thinking it should be complex, it seemed to happen naturally with the riffs they were coming up with at the time. Somehow despite that complexity, it’s also extremely catchy.

Technical, proggy, and full of mood and atmosphere, Medevil has come a long way since its debut album. “Mirror In The Darkness” is recommended for fans of Accept, UDO, Judas Priest, and Saxon.

Listen to “Dead Before Birth” at

“Mirror in the Darkness” comes out on April 7, 2023.

Album pre-order with an immediate download of “The Signal” at

Album teaser -

Previous Singles:

Lyric Video - Among Thieves -

Stream - The Signal-

Stream - Pray For Me -

Upcoming Events: 
March 24 - Chilliwack, BC - Flashback Brewing Co. (Album Listening Party)
April 13 - Fox Cabaret - Vancouver, BC - Hyperspace MetalFest - w/ Riot City, Greyhawk, Atavistia, Hyloxalus, Zack Brannon - Info
June 9 - The Wise - Vancouver, BC w/ Iron Kingdom

Track Listing:
1. Dead Before Birth (6:18)
2. Among Thieves (5:00)
3. Pray for Me (6:35)
4. The Signal (7:22)
5. Smoke and Mirrors (1:48)
6. Weight of the Crown (4:18)
7. Mirror in the Darkness (8:31)
8. Gateways (2:41)
9. Veiled (3:56)
10. No Peace in Rest (9:23)
Album Length: 55:58

Album Recording Lineup:
Liam Collingwood - Vocals
Gary Cordsen - Lead Guitar
Brett Gibbs - Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitar & Backup Vocals
Eric Wesa - Bass & Backup Vocals
Chris Malcolmson – Drums

For more info: | | YouTube |

About: Medevil is a highly energetic, fast-paced metal band known for its tight songwriting, intense stage presence, and roaring vocals. They are one of the few metal bands coming out of Chilliwack BC and hold that title proud as they have earned much praise and respect since their inception in 2014. As one of the 6 national finalists of the 2015 Wacken Metal Battle Canada, they are becoming more and more renowned throughout the country; their fame attaining them a following in their local town and across through to Vancouver.

Their music could be described as “power thrash” with half of their set being chorus-driven, and the other half focusing on blistering fast riffs. Influences for the band include Iron Maiden, Megadeth, and Metal Church. Their fast but catchy songs keep the crowd chanting throughout the set, and leave them wanting more. Liam Collingwood, the band’s singer, keeps the band image in theme with the songs while on stage and will wear thematic outfits when the mood demands it.

The band was founded on January 13, 2014, by Eric Wesa (bass), as well as brothers Liam (vocals) and Ross Collingwood (drums). It only took two months after the band’s inception before the boys found the ultimate guitar duo they were looking for, Gary Cordsen and Brett Gibbs. Once the lineup was solidified, they wasted no time performing shows and begin their musical journey. As a band, Medevil has two common goals; to explore their musical talents, and continue performing live for their fast-growing fanbase.

Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Incoming! DIETH


DIETH: Death-thrash band of metal icons
David Ellefson, Guilherme Miranda and Michał Łysejko
announce album & stream single

To Hell And Back album out 2nd June via Napalm Records

Album title track streaming now
Photo Credit: Maciej Pieloch
Death-thrash force DIETH - featuring the iconic line-up of Grammy Award winning bassist David Ellefson (ex-Megadeth), Swedish Grammy nominated guitarist/vocalist Guilherme Miranda (ex-Entombed A.D.) and drummer Michał Łysejko (ex-Decapitated) - announce their highly anticipated debut full-length To Hell And Back, out 2nd June 2023 via Napalm Records.

The trio have also unveiled their new single and title track, watch the video here:

Pre-order To Hell And Back here:

'To Hell And Back' delivers a punishing death metal attack - with commanding vocals, diverse percussion work, deeply grooving bass, technical riffs and a soaring solo. The impressive video shows the members pushing back against dark forces around them, amid fiery performance footage.

Frontman Guilherme Miranda comments on the single: "'To Hell And Back' is the song that best describes our individual and collective journeys as professional musicians. For an album to connect with the listener, it has to have deep meaning, and this wraps up this whole moment for us. We've been to hell - and we're back!"

Produced by DIETH with mixing and mastering by Tomasz Zed Zalewski at Zed Studios in Chechło, Poland, debut album To Hell And Back represents new beginnings; musically, lyrically and for the band members themselves. Weaving a sinister thread of unrelenting tech-steeped death metal, rapid thrash bangers and even boasting the first ever lead vocal performance by David Ellefson on a track, the members of DIETH have pushed beyond the stereotypes of their former genres to create an unexpected yet charismatic and dynamic new sonic footprint.
DIETH - To Hell And Back
DIETH set the metalsphere ablaze when they dropped their debut single 'In The Hall of the Hanging Serpents', in mid-2022. Met with acclaim from both fans and media alike, the surprise track marked the exciting resurgence of these three renowned musicians, coming together as a new musical force after years of silence. 

Opening with an entrancing acoustic introduction, first track 'To Hell And Back' quickly slams in with a punishing death metal attack. Tracks like 'Dead Inside' and 'Don’t Get Mad … Get Even!' showcase the thrash-infused side of DIETH, while death metal anthems such as 'Wicked Disdain' and 'The Mark of Cain' lean diabolical with hair-raising solos and breakneck paced rhythms backed by crushing walls of aggression. Standout 'Free Us All' flirts with the record’s pace by blending winding passages and aggression with throwback bass-driven interludes with psychedelic production, followed by 'Heavy Is The Crown' - a slow and low grinder featuring stoner metal groove, a swaying chorus and a blues-infused solo. Pensive, powerful ballad 'Walk With Me Forever' showcases David Ellefson’s lead vocal performance debut, singing about the intense loss of a loved one and their memory providing the strength to carry on.

Ending with intensely beautiful 'Severance', To Hell And Back proves that DIETH isn’t just another side project or “supergroup”, but rather the collective reincarnation of three renowned heavy metal forces who, by harnessing their own pain and conflict, have delivered an exciting next chapter no metal fan will want to miss!

Bassist/vocalist David Ellefson says about the new album:
"This album has been a terrific collaboration, building upon our past as we created a new sound together... we're looking forward to unleashing the fury!"

To Hell And Back will be available in the following formats:
-1CD Digisleeve
-1LP Gatefold Black
-Limited 1LP Die Hard Vinyl (Marbled Red/Black) w/ wristband, embroidered patch, signed autograph card - Napalm mail order only, limited to 300
-Digital Album

DIETH are:
Guilherme Miranda - Vocals, Guitar
David Ellefson - Vocals, Bass
Michał Łysejko - Drums

DIETH live:
June 15. - 18: BE, Dessel / Graspop Metal Festival
July 06. - 08: CZ, Velke Mezirici / Fajtfest
Aug 03. - 5.08: PT, Vagos / Vagos Metal Fest
Aug 20: FR, Carhaix / Motorcultor Festival

DIETH online:

GIG NEWS Loud As Hell 2023


Alberta, Canada's LOUD AS HELL is ready to unveil its most stacked lineup to date with its 2023 edition featuring JUNGLE ROT, NARCOTIC WASTELAND, INCITE, NECRONOMICON, THE CONVALESCENCE, ARRIVAL OF AUTUMN and lots more (full lineup listed below).

Being held from August 4th to 6th at the Dinosaur Downs Stampede Grounds in Drumheller, AB, this year's festivities see the return of American and Mexican bands joining the lineup along with artists from across Canada performing for the three-day open-air event.

Highlights for this year's lineup witness the return of groovy death metal Americans JUNGLE ROT to Canadian soil to headline the closing night on August 6th in support of their latest album "A Call to Arms" released last year on Unique Leader Records.

Toledo, OH's THE CONVALESCENCE is one of the USA's unstoppable tour de force, touring Europe in 2022 with Chelsea Grin, and Carnifex plus an upcoming tour in Japan in 2023 with Exhumed and Defiled along with their latest single "No Survivors" ft. Scott Ian Lewis of Carnifex that has fans demanding more and more.

North Carolina's Narcotic Wasteland's (founded by ex-Nile guitarist Dallas Toler-Wade) festival appearance comes as part of the band's first cross-Canada tour as they will be supporting their forthcoming third studio album in 2023 on Mega Force Records.

Phoenix, AZ's INCITE, now close to 20 years into a career where everything was earned and nothing was taken for granted, the band bridges the gap between multiple crowds across various metal sub-genres. As renegade disciples of trailblazing architects like Pantera, Slayer, Sepultura, and Machine Head, INCITE raise the torch for trend-killing and hipster-smashing metal. The band’s fifth album, Built to Destroy released in 2019 (Minus Head Records), is a visceral, urgent, voracious distillation of modern metal, with reverence for the past, produced by Steve Evetts (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Suicide Silence) and mastered by Zeuss (Rob Zombie, Hatebreed).

One of Canada's longest-running blackened death metal bands hailing from Montreal, Quebec, NECRONOMICON's career spans over 30 years since it was first formed in 1988 by founding guitarist and singer Rob “The Witch” in the deep, northern part of Quebec's Fjord of Saguenay. Since then, the band has carefully released each full-length without haste, allowing them to perfect every nuance before unleashing their sonic assaults upon the masses.

Canadian metalcore titans, ARRIVAL OF AUTUMN, hailing from Grande Prairie, AB, are LOUD AS HELL alumni and return to co-headline opening night on August 4th in support of their new album "Kingdom Undone" being released on Nuclear Blast this coming May.

Weekend Passes (including camping) are available at

All online purchased tickets will be mailed out.


Thursday, August 3rd - Kick Off Party

Friday, August 4th

Saturday, August 5th

Sunday, August 6th

Volunteers Wanted For 2023:
Volunteers are wanted for production and security. For full details email at loudashellfestival[@]gmail[.]com

More info:
Twitter: @LoudAsHellFest
Instagram: @LoudAsHellFestival
Social Media Hashtag #LAHX
Video – Into Eternity @ Loud As Hell 2021:
Video – Iron Kingdom @ Loud As Hell 2021:


LOUD AS HELL has hosted hundreds of Canadian and international bands annually since 2012 with exception of 2020 due to the Covid pandemic. During its decade of showcasing Canadian and international bands, the festival has grown into a pilgrimage for metalheads from across the country. Past years have hosted well-known bands such as Into Eternity, Goatwhore, Battlecross, Fit for An Autopsy, Anciients, Archspire, Unleash The Archers, Striker, KEN mode, Obey The Brave, Protest the Hero, AngelMaker, Divinity, Neck of The Woods, Endast among many more.

LOUD AS HELL 2023 will be celebrating its eleventh festival event presented by Loud As Hell Productions, Jurassic Ink Custom Tattoo, Prairie Fire Events, and Asher Media Relations. LAH always works its hardest to deliver the best lineup in the West ready to melt your face off. Featuring bands from across Canada and beyond, you won’t want to miss any of it. And don’t forget about their freak shows, burlesque dancers, clinics, vendors, and dinosaurs!

The sold-out 2022 lineup was scaled down to only Canadian bands due to international artists being unable to perform in the country because of border restrictions and guidelines stated by the federal government for Covid precautions.

LAH Partners:
Town of Drumheller
WCMFA – Western Canadian Metal Festival Alliance
Asher Media Relations
Absolute Underground Mag
Valley Brewing
Canalta Hotels
Neighbors’ Corner Pub
Prairie Fire Productions Ltd
Jerry’s Liquor Store
Trash Talk with Nate Trash
MetalHeads United
Heavy Metal A Way Of Life

What the press is saying:
“Western Canada’s loudest heavy metal festival brings fans to town more known for dinos than drum solos.” – CBC Calgary

“Loud as Hell – one of Canada’s top underground metal festivals – was a metal family reunion. If you walked around the grounds, where tents covered the landscape like flowers, you would experience concert goers laughing, hugging and just enjoying the moment. The music played non-stop and the people were some of the best you’ll meet. What else do you need? If you’re a metalhead fan, mark it down for next year because this is a concert you don’t want to miss.” – Blackfalds Life

“Headbanger alert: Loud As Hell festival to ramp up the volume” – Calgary Herald

“Nevermind the bug spray and sun tan lotion, as August approaches Drumheller residents should stock up on earplugs.” – Calgary Herald

“Loud As Hell returns to the southern Alberta city for its seventh year and as its name implies, will rock the city to its core.” – Calgary Herald

“Loud as Hell has celebrated eight years in the Badlands to date, with acts from all over the world-shattering the peace and quiet of the hills in a camping and music extravaganza.” – Hanna Herald

“Drumheller with its dinosaur bones is the site of the annual Loud as Hell heavy metal festival Friday through Sunday. Dozens of the heaviest bands known to Man will be taking the stage, many of them Canadian” – Gig City


KRYPTONOMICON Unleashes New Video "Blood For The Fire" from their upcoming album:

KRYPTONOMICON, the Italian purveyors of raw and aggressive metal, are set to release their long-awaited new album, "Daemonolatria,"...