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Sunday, January 28, 2024

Incoming! Exit Eden

 The queens of symphonic metal are united again with their new album FEMMES FATALES!

A blend of classic 80s covers and unique songs!

When Clémentine Delauney (Visions of Atlantis), Anna Brunner (League of Distortion), Marina La Torraca (Phantom Elite) and Amanda Somerville came together to form EXIT EDEN, topped by the release of their first album, Rhapsodies in Black, in summer 2017, it became immediately clear that this combination would be powerful and magical alike! With their debut entering the German album charts at #15 and rocking the stage at the legendary Wacken Open Air, these four outstanding and independent female vocalists proved how symphonic heaviness can go hand in hand with pop music - dressing well-known classics in a yet unheard soundscape, evoking more than just a cover album! Now, more than six years later, EXIT EDEN are back to mesmerize audiences with their second offering, illustrating strength and female empowerment while appropriately entitled Femmes Fatales, set for release on January 12, 2024 via Napalm Records. EXIT EDEN’s new masterpiece refers to the “femme fatale” as a symbol of women taking control of their own narratives with autonomy, intelligence, and independence and finding back the pure feminine energy in the world. 

Now performing as a trio, EXIT EDEN's new full-length follows the path of its predecessor, as it contains six cover versions of famous cross-generational super hits, but this time also shines by offering six original compositions. With one exception (“Dying in my Dreams”, co-written by Marina La Torraca), the remaining five original songs were brought to life by Anna Brunner and Hannes Braun (Kissin’ Dynamite), who is also responsible for recording, production and mixing, whereas the album was mastered by Jacob Hansen (DelainAmarantheVolbeatDestruction and many more).

Self-confidently leading straight into the tempting world of EXIT EDEN, opening “Femme Fatale”,  “Buried in the Past” and “Hold Back Your Fear” conjure a mystical atmosphere with strings and orchestral elements, topped by complementary vocals uniting the sonic diversity of the all-femme trio. Original track “Run!” showcases another astonishing facet of the album by bringing a folk-ish vibe along with the outstanding guest appearance of Marko Hietala (ex-Nightwish), gracing the album with his distinctive voice. “Dying In My Dreams” and album closing “Elysium” set the tone as captivating mid-tempo tracks with an intense chorus speaking straight to the heart. Moving further along the path where Rhapsodies in Black left off, EXIT EDEN picked the next selection of international super hits - transforming them into their very own creation, yet still paying reverence to the originals on Femmes Fatales“It’s a Sin” (Pet Shop Boys), “Separate Ways” (Journey), “Desanchantée” (Mylène Farmer), “Poison” (Alice Cooper), “Alone” (Heart) and “Kayleigh” (Marilion), re-arranged as undoubtably striking rock/symphonic metal compositions, form the common thread between the debut and Femmes Fatales

With stellar vocals, an exceptional concept and high-quality production, EXIT EDEN have crafted another standout album that absolutely succeeds in expanding the identity of the supergroup even more, and gives fans the chance to experience three of the most beautiful and talented women in metal united as one on Femmes Fatales

Incoming! Alterium


Power Metal Act ALTERIUM Releases Music Video for new Single "Crossroads Inn", a Metal Tribute inspired by Popular, Medieval Tavern Video Game


March 8, 2024 sees ALTERIUM, the new Italian power metal quintet led by Nicoletta Rosellini (ex. Kalidia, Walk in Darkness), release their much-awaited, first full-length studio album entitled "Of War And Flames" via AFM Records. The pre-sale is available at:

Following previously-released songs, "Siren's Call", "Drag Me To Hell", an epic cover version of Sabaton's "Bismarck" or just recently, their powerful title track "Of War And Flames", today, ALTERIUM are premiering a music video for their latest single "Crossroads Inn", a metal tribute inspired by the popular medieval tavern simulator video game!


In cooperation with video game creator Klabater, the following statement has been released:

"Welcome to Delcrys, adventurers!

The doors of the fantasy tavern are now open! To celebrate the arrival of the second chapter of the iconic video game ‘Crossroads Inn,’ Alterium wrote and recorded a track inspired by the lore of the game.

Crossroads Inn is a real-time management sim set in the immersive fantasy world of Delcrys. Players must build, manage, and expand their tavern, catering to the needs of adventurers from far and wide! The game is available on Steam, while “Crossroads Inn 2” has been announced and is currently in development - you can already add it to your wishlist!"


Singer and songwriter Nicoletta Rosellini comments: “I’m a huge fan of management video games, and I’ve spent hundreds of hours playing ‘Crossroads Inn,’ which also features great lore that inspired me to write lyrics for this track. I believe that power metal is the perfect genre to convey the funny atmosphere of a typical night at the tavern. We also recreated the whole scenery in our new music video!"


The song is now available on all digital services at


Born in late 2022, ALTERIUM consists of vocalist Nicoletta and former bandmates Paolo Campitelli (guitars) and Dario Gozzi (drums) from Kalidia, soon joined by Alessandro Mammola (guitars, also in Draconicon) and Luca Scalabrin (bass, also in Altair).


After Kalidia parted ways, Nicoletta decided to take a different approach and finally unleashes her whole potential as both a singer and a songwriter. Produced by Lars Rettkowitz (Freedom Call), and featuring 9 original classy power metal tracks including the cover of “Bismarck”, "Of War and Flames" turns out to be a triumph of catchy choruses, terrific vocal lines, powerful sounds, strong guitar riffs, explosive drums, majestic choirs and captivating grooves, all skillfully mastered by Achim Koehler. 


Pre order here: 


"Of War And Flames" track listing:

01. Drag Me To Hell 

02. Siren's Call

03. Of War And Flames 

04. Firebringer 

05. Crossroads Inn 

06. Shadowsong 

07. Crystalline

08. Heroine Of The Sea 

09. Chasing the Sun 

10. Bismarck 




Nicoletta Rosellini – vocals

Paolo Campitelli – guitars

Alessandro Mammola – guitars

Luca Scalabrin – bass

Dario Gozzi – drums

A thunderous return!

 Heavy Rock Queens THUNDERMOTHER Unleash Music Video For Furious, New Single "Speaking of The Devil".

Following a previously-released, first track after the attention-getting line-up change, Swedish rock queens THUNDERMOTHER strike back with their brand new single! After “I Left My License In The Future” – a jaw-dropping, straightforward, energetic, catchy potential hit – already seen THUNDERMOTHER return stronger and more powerful than ever, today, the band is premiering a music video for their furious, new song "Speaking of The Devil"!


Founding member and guitarist, Filippa Nässil comments: "The new single is written by Linnéa and me, recorded live in Medley Studios with our long time great producer Søren Andersen. It’s a very bad ass song that we’re all proud of. I can’t wait to play this live on our upcoming tour ”15 years of rock” starting in Sweden now in February."


"Speaking of The Devil" is out now on all digital services at


Skåne-born guitarist Filippa Nässil laid the foundation for THUNDERMOTHER in late 2009. While originally based in Växjö where she was pursuing her studies, she later relocated to Stockholm in her quest to assemble a band. Fast forward to 2024, and THUNDERMOTHER is on the cusp of celebrating its 15th anniversary, boasting an impressive track record of numerous successful tours worldwide. THUNDERMOTHER achieved remarkable success across Europe and held the distinction of being one of the world’s most active touring bands between 2017 and 2021.


Their last three albums, “Heat Wave”, the “Heatwave Deluxe Edition” and “Black & Gold” all released on AFM Records, gained European top chart positions (album charts Germany #6, Sweden #8, Switzerland #15, …) as well as securing the top spot on the Swedish Hard Rock charts. Such successes could not go unnoticed – the team around the world-famous SCORPIONS invited the Swedish powerhouse to join them on their 3 month North American stadium tour. After this successful and smooth collaboration and frenetically acclaimed live perfomances, there was only one option for the SCORPIONS – add THUNDERMOTHER on their European run as well. 39 shows with more than 600.000 spectators all over Europe and North America! Not to mention all the other highly-acclaimed gigs like an invitation from KISS to perform on their official “KISS cruise”, three appearances at Wacken Open Air plus numerous other prestigious festivals and fairs. THUNDERMOTHER are aiming to become the next headliner generation – with 2,000 shows under their belts, a Gaffa Award for being Sweden’s best Hard Rock act in 2020 on their shelves, the European double silver Impala Award on their walls and as the only band performance out of 40 a 5/5 review from “Rocknytt” (Sweden Rock Festival 2023) in the press!


THUNDERMOTHER 2023 – this is Linnea Vikström Egg, Majsan Lindberg, Joan Massing and Filippa Nässil. 

One line-up, one vision, one goal! Their slogan “We fight for Rock’N’Roll” has to be taken literally: THUNDERMOTHER don’t just play Rock’n’Roll. THUNDERMOTHER are Rock’n’Roll!


For More Info Visit: 



FEB 23 Nöjesfabriken, Karlstad / Sweden

FEB 24 Folkets Park, Huskvarna / Sweden

MAR 1 Club Deströyer, Sundsvall / Sweden

MAR 2 Nöjesbolaget, Örnsköldsvik / Sweden

MAR 8 The Tivoli, Helsingborg / Sweden

MAR 9 Babel, Malmö / Sweden

MAR 10 Pumpehuset, Copenhagen / Denmark

MAR 15 Katalin and all that Jazz, Uppsala / Sweden

MAR 16 Frimis Salonger, Örebro / Sweden

MAR 22 Pustervik, Göteborg / Sweden

MAR 23 Kägelbanan Södra Teatern, Stockholm / Sweden

JUN 29 Tons of Rock 2024, Oslo / Norway

Incoming! Violet Eternal


VIOLET ETERNAL was born out of the desire of two musicians from Italy and Japan to work with each other in creating a new melodic metal band, blending power, and oriental choruses with fast-paced rhythms and interpersonal lyrics, with the ambiance of shredding guitar solos.

Band co-founder and guitarist Jien Takahashi comments:

"I wanted to create the ultimate melodic power metal duo after MAJUSTICE and other activities, I was hungry for new music. There were a lot of songs at the end of the previous activity, so I was looking for a way to shape it. In such a situation, I met Ivan Giannini online. I originally knew Ivan from his legendary work with VISION DIVINE and the album "Angel of Revenge" and his other band Derdian. I was completely fascinated by his emotional voice that seemed to burn the skies. So I was wishing I could do something with him. When I got in touch with Ivan, we immediately hit it off and we decided to make an album together."

After connecting with vocalist Ivan Giannini, Jien made a call to a mutual friend Ollie Bernstein (Illusion Force, Magic Opera) who he had a feeling would be interested in joining the duo in creating an album together plus he was also playing bass in Derdian, which Ivan was a member of too.

Not too soon after, more pieces to the project came together when the trio recruited Andrea Cappellari (Nekomata and former guitarist for Skeletoon).

With all the members collected, and music being written, the band was ready to hit the studio and decided to team up with producer Dennis Ward (Angra, Helloween) for their first full-length album "Reload The Violet", which will be released on Rockshots Records this coming May 2024. The album also features guests Takao (MinstreliX), Gabriel Guardian (IMMORTAL GUARDIAN), keyboardist YUHKI, drummer Ryuya Inoue, and Timo Tolkki (ex-STRATOVARIUS).

"From the time of production, Ivan and I were convinced that this album would be a game changer. I think it's a work that people who love melodic metal will enjoy. If you listen to the music of VIOLET ETERNAL when you feel down, you will surely feel cheerful with hot feeling. Our music will give you the courage. This album strikes hard with both powerful vocals and a perfect mix of oriental melodic metal and emotional vocals." says Jien Takahashi.

To introduce Violet Eternal to the world, today the band unveils their debut track "The Echoes of Time", a grand opus-style power metal anthem.

"If you're familiar with my other band MAJUSTICE and the album title track 'Ancestral Recall', 'The Echoes of Time' is a continuation of that song. It's a story about reuniting with someone broke up with in the past, but making mistakes again and again." adds Jien Takahashi.

Listen to "The Echoes of Time" at the following links:

Lyric Video -

Digital -

Recommended for fans of Stratovarius, Beast In Black, and Angra, Violet Eternal's debut album "Reload The Violet" is due out on May 3, 2024, from Rockshots Records.

Album pre-order -

Track Listing:

1. The Titans - 1:35

2. The Echoes of Time - 4:59

3. Now and Forever - 3:53

4. Ember Flame - 4:06

5. Under the Violet Sun - 3:38

6. Land of Golden Sun - 4:13

7. Never Surrender - 3:41

8. Heartless - 3:27

9. Over the Sorrow - 4:17

10. Sonata Black - 5:17

Album Length: 39:12

Album Credits:

Violet Eternal Line-up :

Ivan Giannini (Vocals)

Jien Takahashi (Guitarist)

Sound Producer :

Dennis Ward (Sound Producer)

Additional Musicians :

Track 02 to 10. Andrea Cappellari (NEKOMATA, ex-SKELETOON) as Guitarist

Track 02 to 10. Ollie Bernstein (ILLUSION FORCE, MAGIC OPERA) as Bassist

Track 09. Takao (MinstreliX) as Guitarist

Track 09. Gabriel Guardian (IMMORTAL GUARDIAN) as Guitarist and Keyboardist

Track 10. YUHKI as Keyboardist

Track 09 to 10. Ryuya Inoue as Drummer

Track 10. Timo Tolkki (ex-STRATOVARIUS) as Song writer

Album Artwork: Jien Takahashi

More Info: |

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Music Venue Trust Annual Report publishe

London, Wednesday 24th January 2024 - Music Venue Trust (MVT), which represents hundreds of UK grassroots music venues (GMVs) has launched its 2023 Annual Report, which highlights the important contribution that its members make to the UK economy while painting a stark picture of the challenges, such as rising rent demands and high energy costs, still facing the overwhelming number of live music spaces. 


With 125 GMVs shutting at the rate of two per week last year, this report throws into sharp focus the contrast between those companies and artists at the top end of the live music sector currently enjoying record revenues and profits, and the remaining grassroots music venues, 38% of which reported a loss in 2023 despite an increased demand for tickets.


A survey of the remaining 835 members of the Music Venue Alliance (MVA), who employ over 28,000 people throughout the sector, found that they staged over 187,000 events in 2023, with 1.7m individual artist performances attracting audience visits of over 23.5m.  However, despite generating over £500m in revenues, GMVs made just £2.5m or 0.5% profit for the period. 


This report also details how, without a combination of grants and donations totalling £3.1m from MVT’s own Pipeline Investment Fund, Arts Council England and other bodies, the whole sector would have operated at a loss during this period. In total the amount that GMVs are subsidising live music rose from £79m in 2022 to £115m in 2023, an increase of £36 million or 45% over the previous 12 months.

With energy costs remaining high and rent increases averaging 37%, 164 member venues – particularly smaller venues or those in rural locations - accessed the MVT Emergency Response Service which, for the first time since the organisation’s launch a decade ago, found that the primary cause of venue closure was a lack of financial viability.

Beverley Whitrick, COO of Music Venue Trust said, “2023 was the worst year for venue closures since Music Venue Trust launched ten years ago. We are still losing on average two venues a week and those that have survived are now consumed by threats to their continued existence that they have no chance of overcoming without immediate help.  Without external support our entire sector would be bankrupt. We have been warning of these consequences for the last six years yet still the top end of the live music sector posts record profits while, with a few notable exceptions, turning a blind eye to those who discover, nurture and develop the artists that generate that revenue for them.”

Mark Davyd CEO of Music Venue Trust said, “Enough is enough, this report speaks for itself and we will not allow this to continue. We must either find a way to act collectively to get these venues and the artists who rely on them the financial support they need to survive or we will seek legislation to compel it.  The idea that we, as an industry, cannot voluntarily create a levy to support our grassroots sector, unilaterally and without government intervention is absurd but we cannot escape the fact that we are simply not acting fast enough. For that reason, Music Venue Trust is asking all of the main political parties for manifesto commitments ahead of the forthcoming General Election that state that there must be a contribution from the most successful parts of our industry into the grassroots research and development carried out on their behalf. It’s time to stop the excuses - we can no longer accept complacency from those in a position to help prevent the annihilation of our sector.”

To access the full Annual Report please click here



For further information 


Consumer Media:

Sue Harris

Republic Media

Tel: +44 (0) 777 568 5376 /


Music Industry Trade Media:

Andy Saunders

Velocity Communications

Tel: + 44 (0) 7939 133050



About Music Venue Trust 


Music Venue Trust is a UK registered charity which acts to protect, secure, and improve the UK's Grassroots Music Venues.

Created in January 2014, Music Venue Trust aims to secure the long-term future of GMVs in England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland, whether they are iconic venues such as Hull Adelphi, Exeter Cavern, The 100 Club, Band on the Wall, King Tut’s, and Clwb Ifor Bach, or lesser-known venues that are equally important to their geographical or musical community. These venues play a crucial role in the development of British music, nurturing local talent, providing a platform for artists to build their careers and develop their music and their performance skills.

MVT works to gain recognition of the essential role these venues fulfil, not only for artist development but also for the cultural and music industries, the economy, and local communities. The geographical spread of GMVs provides access to live music, for both performers and audience members, in many locations that do not have alternative cultural venues. The charity provides advice to the government, the cultural sector, and the music industry on issues impacting GMVs and is the nominated representative that speaks on behalf of the Music Venues Alliance, an association of venues from across the UK. 


Music Venue Trust is a charity registered with the Charity Commission of England and Wales: Charity Number 1159846


Music Venue Trust (Scotland) is a charity registered with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator: Charity Number SC052001

WAO Canada

 WACKEN METAL BATTLE CANADA Announces 2024 Battle Rounds

- One Band To Rule Them All & Play Wacken Open Air 2024 -

WMBC Trailer -

One band to rule them all! With hundreds of submissions from bands across the country, Wacken Metal Battle Canada is proud to announce a majority of their 2024 battles with more to follow with dates and bands. All the battles are listed by participating cities (please note Ottawa bands will be hosted at Montreal rounds). The national final will be held in Edmonton, AB on May 25th.

Bands that have been selected to participate in the battles will have the chance to win their performance slot as the only independent Canadian band to be crowned champion and perform at International Battle at one of the world's most prestigious and largest metal festivals Wacken Open Air (July 31st – August 3rd) (Attendance of over 80,000 people in Wacken, Germany for over 30 years).

The winning band receives the following:
- A slot at the 2024 Wacken Open Air Festival.
- Full professional backline provided.
- $1,000 CAD towards flights to Germany.
- VIP camping at the festival.

Wacken Metal Battle Canada 2024 Battle Rounds:



Malicious Intent, Fall of Earth, The Usual Suspects, Heir To Ash

Boneyard, All Was Lost, Ashes of Yggdrasil, Age of Ashes

Reket Betties, Burried Beneith, The Judge The Jurror, Call of The Siren


Divide The Dead, Mors Sanctorum, Passing Pluto

A Mile West, Hooker Spit, Reduced To Rubble, Victoria Lies

Goar, Infrastrvctvre, Neon Detour, and Rising Tempest


Beguiler, Gravearth, Incarnatus, Divine Curse

Atria, 30 immolated ; 16 returned, Kings In Graves, Savelene, Flidais


Phantom Lung, Out of Spite, Bloody Monroe, Deafened

Rippr'd, Devilwitch, LÜZR, Reformatory

The Ocean Cure, Xephyr, Kozen, Jaodae












The 2023 battles hosted over sixty participating bands from across Canada with Trois-Rivières, QC's STRIGAMPIRE being selected to represent the country at the international battle that hosts 29 other participating countries at Wacken Open Air. At the 2023 WMBC national final, STRIGAMPIRE performed alongside Western Canadian finalist NECHT (Calgary, AB) and Ontario finalist EATEN BY SHARKS (St. Catharines, ON).

The Wacken Metal Battle Canada national final was held in Toronto, ON on May 13th at Lee's Palace where the three final bands from Western, Central, and Eastern Canada were judged on various categories of professionalism and musicianship by a panel of experienced industry professionals that included Pedro Almeida (A&P Reacts), Antonio Almeida (A&P Reacts), Noel Peters (Inertia Entertainment), Tim Henderson (BraveWords), Thorsteinn Kolbeinsson (Wacken Metal Battle Iceland), Sarah Lutz (Looters), Kevin Michaud (Front Row Promotions), Luc Laine (CFLX 95.5 FM - Alerte Metallique), Rae Chatten (Rock'n Roam, Live Nation), Mark Tremblay (Metal on Metal Podcast) and JJ Tartaglia (Wacken Metal Battle Canada).

Since 2013, with a pause year in 2017 and 2020 due to COVID-19, Wacken Metal Battle Canada has hosted battles across the country to send one independent metal band to perform at the world’s largest metal festival Wacken Open Air in Wacken, Germany. 2019 saw the festival celebrate its 30th anniversary, but due to Covid, the 2020 and 2021 editions were both canceled. As the metal community regains its strength, Wacken Open Air 2024 will be the 33rd edition of the festival and will be held from July 31st – August 3rd. The 2024 event is already sold out with a line-up that includes Scorpions, Amon Amarth, Blind Guardian, In Extremo, Pain, Beast In Black, and many more. Details here.

Strigampire joins the list of previous winners The Slyde (Toronto, ON - 2019), Centuries of Decay (Toronto, ON - 2018), Profaner (Hamilton, ON - 2016), Vesperia (Toronto, ON - 2015), Mutank (Montreal, QC - 2014), Crimson Shadows (Toronto, ON - 2013).

2023 battles were hosted in Vancouver, BC, Edmonton, AB, Calgary, AB, Toronto, ON, Hamilton, ON, Ottawa, ON, Montreal, QC, and Quebec City, QC.

Tuesday, January 23, 2024

In Profile: Inherently Lost



Formed: 2017
Locale: Ohio
Label: Indenpedent

Current Release: Single: "Unraveling Sanity"
Last album released 2020 "Our Last Midnight"


Let's start at the beginning then. When did the band form?

 -It's honestly been so long that I had to reach out to Mark to find out haha!  It was 2017 that we found our first round of members, and actually started to become a band.

Who's in the band?

- We have Mark on keys and male vocals, Joe on guitar, Drew on bass, Mikey on drums, and me Noreen on lyrics and female vocals.

Were any of you in bands before? 

- And The Weak Lie Frail, One Hit Kill, Orwellian, and Torso Murder are a few of Mark’s previous bands. Khai and All In for Joe. She’s In Pain, Tilt 360 and Iron Brigade for Andrew.

How would YOU describe your sound?

-We are all influenced by different types of Metal, so we just pretty much put them all together haha!  I typically say Black/Death/Melodic Metal.

What are your musical influences?

-Oh so many haha!!!  I guess the first artists that got me interested in singing was TLC and Celine Dion.  When Evanescence came out I was mesmerized haha!  I found my favorite genre Symphonic Metal while searching for other bands like them.  That's when I found Within Temptation, Nightwish, Xandria, Eluveitie, and fell in love with Epica!  I'm not only influenced by these powerful ladies as a vocalist, but also the bands writing abilities, and lyrics.  Mark, Tuomas, and Chrigel are musical and lyrical geniuses.  I feel every note and word.  An absolutely breathtaking experience.

What have been up to lately? any new stuff to delight our ears?

-Oh yes!  We are working on quite a bit of new stuff at this time.  I've been going through a lot of things in my personal life, and write to process my thoughts and feelings.  I have two new songs that we still need to put music too, but I have the vocal pattern in my head already haha!  Mark got me some new equipment to help with practice and live sound production.  Now if only the weather could pick a season, so my sinuses could settle down would be great haha!  In the meantime just working on my vocal strength, techniques, and confidence.  That's a hard one for me though haha!

How about live dates? What have you been doing and what ya got planned for 2024?

 -No live shows at this time.  We are focusing on creating new stuff right now.  We are about to start recording them soon, so we hopefully are going to have our new album Art of Corruption out in the next few months.  Then yes we will have lots of live shows!

 Name something about yourselves that fans won't know

 -Hmmm something that no one knows about us.  I can only think of two things.  I drive the guys crazy, because I don't know their language when it comes to the musical parts.  Can sometimes make writing a challenge,  but they are patient with me  ;)  Usually ends up comical or in playful banter.  The other is Mikey owns a banana mask hahaha!!!

 What's the most embarrassing moment you've had?

- In my whole life, or just with the band?  I have an answer for both haha!  I'm not one that gets embarrassed easily.  I will gladly make an a** out of myself if it brings a smile to someone's face.  I will share the more appropriate one.  I was in Junior High I do believe.  It was years since I last went bowling at that time.  My ball got stuck, and my friends mom jokingly told me to run after it and push it.  Well I didn't know it was extremely slippery and I did as I was told.  Did a flip in the air and landed on my tailbone hard!  I contribute that day to why I have no butt hahaha!!!!

Do you have any superstitions? Any things you do before a show?

- No superstitions for the show, but I do knock on wood when you don't want something to come true when I or someone says something haha!   Things I do before a show is usually work haha!  I will make sure I play my strong female vocalists in my car, so I can practice as much as possible, try to watch what I eat, be very careful with what I drink, and the most important is the facial and vocal warm ups.

Are there any musicians or bands you'd love to work with?

- Pretty much all the ones I mentioned as my influences.  That would be amazing to just talk to them let alone collaborate!  From what I have seen in behind the scenes, interviews,  and read about personal experiences with them, I think any interaction would be life changing andat times pretty hilarious haha!!!  Now locally it would be Storms Within and Animus.  Those ladies have such stage presence, vocal talent, and the bands are just all around amazing.

Any final thoughts?

-Not really thoughts.  I just want to say thank you for reaching out to us, Check out our 2 singles from our new album Unraveling Sanity and Red Hot(Motley Crue cover) available on all platforms,  and I want to apologize for being wordy.  I am a writer though, so maybe that just comes with the territory

Monday, January 22, 2024

Lutharo tour and new music details!


The powerhouse metal band LUTHARO is thrilled to announce the release of their latest single, "Reaper's Call." This release is a tantalizing preview of their upcoming album, Chasing Euphoria, slated for release on March 15th via Atomic Fire Records.

Vocalist Krista Shipperbottom enthuses, "Hey there! You look like you could use a fix and we've got just the thing! Our newest single 'Reaper's Call' is out now and ready to scratch every itch you need. Do you fancy soaring falsettos and gutturals that will make your stomach turn? What about a heavy dose of screaming guitars and adrenaline pumping drums? Well then, pick your poison and get ready for a thrill."
In celebration of their new album, LUTHARO is hosting an exclusive release show on March 15, 2024, at the Corktown Pub (Upstairs) in Hamilton, ON, Canada. This electrifying event will mark the official launch of Chasing Euphoria, offering fans a firsthand experience of the new music. Tickets are available HERE for this must-attend event.
Adding to the excitement, LUTHARO is set to embark on a monumental tour across America, starting on March 22 in Cape Coral, Florida. Titled "All Hell's Breaking Loose Across America," the tour will show LUTHARO supporting legendary band RAVEN, with LUTHARO delivering their signature high-octane performance. The tour is in support of their eagerly anticipated album Chasing Euphoria.

LUTHARO's unique blend of power and melody, combined with raw energy, makes them one of the most exciting acts in the metal scene today. The band will perform songs from Chasing Euphoria, showcasing their evolution and artistic depth.

The tour, with more than a month of relentless energy and unforgettable performances, will culminate in Pompano Beach, Florida, on May 4th. WICKED will join on select dates, promising each concert to be an extraordinary experience for metal fans.

03/15/2024 CA Hamilton, ON - Corktown Pub (Upstairs) [TICKETS]
All Hell's Breaking Loose Across America« w/ RAVEN, VICIOUS RUMORS, WICKED Presented by Tone Deaf Touring, GLM Artists, Silver Lining Music, Steamhammer & Global Rock Records:

03/22/2024 US Cape Coral, FL - Nice Guys* [TICKETS]
03/23/2024 US Panama City, FL - Mosey's Downtown* [TICKETS AT DOOR]
03/24/2024 US New Orleans, LA - Southport Music Hall [TICKETS]
03/29/2024 US Austin, TX - The Lost Well [TICKETS]
03/30/2024 US San Antonio, TX - Fitzgerald's [TICKETS]
04/02/2024 US West Hollywood, CA - Whisky a Go-Go [TICKETS]
04/03/2024 US San Francisco, CA - DNA Lounge [TICKETS]
04/05/2024 US Portland, OR - Hawthorne Theatre* [TICKETS]
04/06/2024 CA Vancouver, BC - The Wise Hall* [TICKETS]
04/07/2024 US Seattle, WA - Substation* [TICKETS]
04/08/2024 US Boise, ID - The Shredder* [TICKET INFO COMING SOON]
04/09/2024 US Salt Lake City, UT - Aces High Saloon* [TICKET INFO COMING SOON]
04/11/2024 US Denver, CO - Marquis Theater* [TICKETS]
04/13/2024 US Lincoln, NE - Cosmic Eye* [TICKETS]
04/14/2024 US Chicago, IL - Reggies [TICKETS]
04/18/2024 US Detroit, MI - Sanctuary* [TICKETS]
04/20/2024 CA Toronto, ON - The Hard Luck Bar [TICKETS]
04/22/2024 CA Ottawa, ON - The Rainbow Bistro* [TICKETS]
04/23/2024 CA Québec City, QC - La Source de la Martinière* [TICKETS]
04/24/2024 CA Montréal, QC - Piranha Bar* [TICKETS]
04/25/2024 US Sayreville, NL - Starland Ballroom [TICKETS]
04/26/2024 US Providence, RI - Alchemy* [TICKETS]
04/27/2024 US New Hope, PA - John & Peter's* [TICKET INFO COMING SOON]
04/30/2024 US Raleigh, NC - Lincoln Theatre* [TICKETS]
05/04/2024 US Pompano Beach, FL - Piper's Pub [TICKETS]
More from LUTHARO:

Melodic metal outfit LUTHARO returns with a cacophony of all that is metal! The Canadian metallers bring forth their signature mixture of traditional heavy metal, melodic death metal, thrash metal and more on their latest effort, Chasing Euphoria, the follow-up to their critically lauded debut full-length Hiraeth. Due out March 15th 2024 via Atomic Fire Records, Chasing Euphoria is as destructive and violent as it is soaring and captivating. Pre-orders are available HERE. 

Chasing Euphoria features dynamic production from Lasse Lammert of LSD Studios (ALESTORM, GLORYHAMMER, WIND ROSE, SVARTSOT & more!) and striking cover art from Niklas Sundin (ARCH ENEMY, DARK TRANQUILLITY, DELAIN, & more!), with orchestral arrangements from Elliot Vernon (ALESTORM).
Chasing Euphoria will be available in various formats, including CD-digipak, 1LP in different colors (red-transparent/blue/white for EU and US, pink/blue as a band shop exclusive), and digital formats.

More From Chasing Euphoria:

"Ruthless Bloodline" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: Watch Here
"Born To Ride" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: Watch Here
"Time To Rise" OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO: Watch Here

Formed in 2014, LUTHARO strive to sculpt an epic sound that sees aspects of power and death colliding, combining artfully crafted melodies, harmonies and precision with hard-hitting power and force. Members Krista Shipperbottom (vocals), Victor Bucur (guitar), John Raposo (guitar), Chris Pacey (Bass) and Cory Hofing (drums) may have found their groove on this new record, but don’t expect them to fall into a rut. LUTHARO opens the throttle all the way and barrels forward into new territories.
After releasing two EPs, LUTHARO pulled out all the stops on Hiraeth, the debut full-length album that was released on October 15th, 2021. Following their 2018 debut EP UNLEASH THE BEAST, and 2020 EP WINGS OF AGONY, Hiraeth saw the quintet push their compositional and performance skills further than ever before. What Hiraeth brought forth, Chasing Euphoria now amplifies. Expertly balancing hauntingly beautiful atmospheres with raw power and aggression. A fantastically epic journey that needs to be experienced to be believed.
Recorded by drummer Cory Hofing at Coho Studio, with additional recording by Thomas Ireland and mixing and mastering by Lasse Lammert of LSD Studio, Chasing Euphoria is out March 15th, 2024, via Atomic Fire Records. The band partnered with Niklas Sundin for the stunning artwork featured on the cover. 
Prepare your necks for a maelstrom of windmills as Chasing Euphoria is certain to provoke headbanging, boisterous pits and chanting singalongs. An aggressive touring schedule will give you plenty of opportunity to join them for an electrifying evening as the riffs and raucous beats pummel you. 

Chasing Euphoria Tracklist: 
Gates of Enchantment    
Reaper's Call    
Ruthless Bloodline    
Time to Rise    
Born to Ride    
Bonded to the Blade    
Chasing Euphoria    
Creating a King    
Strong Enough to Fall    
Paradise or Parasite    
Freedom of the Night

Lutharo Is:
Krista Shipperbottom – Vocals
Victor Bucur – Guitars, backing vocals
Chris Pacey – Bass
Cory Hofing - Drums
Jeff Wilson - Guitar (Live)

Connect with Lutharo HERE or at one of the links below:

Incoming! Riley's LA Guns


RILEY's L.A. GUNS release album 'The Dark Horse', out now on Golden Robot Records. 

You can download the full album from dropbox, please do not post link:

"Get ready to rock" is often said, but this time it's fitting as the legendary hard rock powerhouse, Riley’s L.A. Guns, gears up to unleash their highly anticipated album, 'The Dark Horse,' courtesy of Golden Robot Records. After dominating the music scene with their debut album  'Renegades,' these rock icons are poised to take you on a wild ride with their sophomore masterpiece.

'The Dark Horse' is far from your average album – it’s a sonic revolution. Recorded in the heart of Los Angeles at Stagg Street Studios, this album, led by the incomparable Steve Riley, boldly explores dark and moody melodies that delve deep into the haunting issues of our time.

This isn’t just another album; it’s a testament to Riley’s L.A. Guns’ unrivaled identity and their fearless pursuit of innovation. With each track, 'The Dark Horse' invites you on a journey, urging you to embrace the raw intensity of their music. In a world where conformity reigns, this record is a declaration that, for Riley’s L.A. Guns, louder is always better. So, buckle up for a wild ride because 'The Dark Horse' is about to hit you like a sonic storm.

Riley's L.A. Guns has etched a compelling narrative in the annals of rock history. Their meteoric rise began when they signed with Polygram Records in 1987, leading to the creation of their debut album, 'L.A. Guns,' which soared to platinum status, selling over a million copies. This marked the outset of their musical journey, establishing them as a formidable force in the music industry and fan favorite.
 Following their spectacular debut, the band toured with rock legends like AC/DCIron Maiden, and Def Leppard, solidifying their rock dominance. Their second album, 'Cocked and Loaded' (1989), continued the success with chart-toppers like 'Rip and Tear,' 'Never Enough,' and 'The Ballad of Jayne,' going platinum and paving the way for a global tour. In 1990, they released 'Hollywood Vampires,' another platinum album with the hit 'Kiss My Love Goodbye.' Throughout the years, the band's musical odyssey has evolved, punctuated by memorable albums and electrifying performances that continually capture critical acclaim and foster a devoted fan base. Their journey is a testament to their enduring passion, resilience, and their unwavering commitment to the artistry of rock 'n' roll.

In the year 2020, Riley's L.AGuns underwent a monumental rebirth, reaffirming their unwavering commitment to the pulse of rock 'n' roll. The band proudly embraced its roots with the return of original member Kelly Nickels on bass, fortified by the rhythmic force of the late Steve Riley on drums, the guitar mastery of Scott Griffin, and guided by the commanding lead vocalist, Kurt Frohlich.
 This rebirth marked a significant moment in the band's trajectory, coinciding with a robust multi-album partnership with Golden Robot Records. As they stand on the cusp of yet another triumphant chapter in their storied career, 'The Dark Horse' emerges as the inaugural step on this exhilarating journey. Fans can anticipate nothing short of the high-octane rock 'n' roll prowess that Riley's L.A. Guns has long been celebrated for.
With the sad loss of Steve Riley, this album is a testament to his passion and love for rock and roll and his rich music legacy left behind.

Order 'The Dark Horse' HERE


KRYPTONOMICON Unleashes New Video "Blood For The Fire" from their upcoming album:

KRYPTONOMICON, the Italian purveyors of raw and aggressive metal, are set to release their long-awaited new album, "Daemonolatria,"...