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Carrie-Anne Grove (nickname Roxie Roxx)
Cert. H.E. Humanities, Cert. Social Sciences
Cert. Freelance Journalism, Level 3 TV Presenting
Level 4 Cert. Journalism,Cert. Music Production, 
Dip. Public Relations, Cert. Art in Therapy, Cert. Music For Therapy
MASC (Ad.C.S.), Dip, Psych, Dip Mental Health, Dip Ind. Psych. SAC Dip
Cert. Press, Publicity & Profile Raising, NCFE Cert. Digital Photography
Fellow of Mantic Arts (MMNAF)

CEO & Journalist

Carrie-Anne has studied music at degree level and is qualified in IT, humanities. Social science, Psychology, music theory, journalism and photography.
Her main music area is 80s rock and metal. She is also a qualified counsellor and Psychologist

John Grove
AKA Eddie Roxx
Head Researcher & Journalist

John is a Fellow of Mantic Arts and is a true metalhead.
His main music are is thrash and 80s metal.

Audrey Smith
AKA Hattie
AKA Audrey Smith

Live Reporter

Hattie is an avid concert goer. She is 
one of our main reporters in the West Midlands.
Her music is 60s and 70s.


Live reporter and gig news

Years of experience in the entertainment industry and she knows good music when she hears it!

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