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Friday, February 17, 2023

Another NEW show on ROX Radio! Sounds of The Seventies with Gary Jackson


Gary Jackson is coming to ROX Radio with his Sounds of The 70s Show on 
Thursdays from 11pm
Stream whenever and wherever ya like!


Like many radio presenters, I started as a mobile DJ. In 1976!! From there I went on to hospital radio, and when the FM frequency beckoned I jumped at the chance to join Skyline Gold in Southampton.

It soon became apparent that other stations were sometimes short of presenters, and the norm in those days was to play automated music. In 2011 I offered a show to Forest FM – Sounds Of The 70s – which I still present there to date, and I soon realised that here was a gap that needed filling elsewhere.

Other stations followed including the legendary 1260KYA in San Francisco, Castledown Radio in Wiltshire, and the Bigl, today’s equivalent of 60s pirate station Radio London. (I have been broadcasting live on the BigL from my south coast studio six days a week since 2013).

Soon stations all over the world started airing the shows. Some have used the shows for a while then replaced them with live presenters when available, others have given them their own permanent slots.

Many people have asked who was my favourite interviewee, and the answer has to be Stu Cook of Creedence Clearwater Revival. Not only did Stu give me around twenty minutes, he was happy to talk about the days when things weren’t good, and after all, Creedence was my all time favourite band in the 70s.

For the 60s, it has to be The Searchers who are friends, and I have published their official website since 1997. As I have often said “On the rare occasions when things were hard going I went to see The Searchers. Their sheer hard work and professionalism put me to shame and gave me the kick up the backside I needed”.    

My shows often feature guests, and interviews have included chats with Frank Allen of The Searchers – always a delight, Mike Rutherford (Genesis), Paul Carrack (Mike and The Mechanics, Squeeze), Justin Hayward, Alan Clark (Dire Straits), Tom McGuiness of Manfred Mann, Deborah Bonham, Simon Townsend, Stu Cook (Creedence) Dave Clark (Dave Clark Five) and just about every other 60s band still working!

Not only that but household names like Jenny Eclair and Toyah Willcox have also joined me!

My live radio work has taken me to California, and my shows now air from Tenerife to Tasmania!

Very much a fan of personality radio, I try to remember that the listener comes first, I try to give my shows a live feel and keep listeners interested with features like the “A side B side”, “same difference” and the “slipped disc” song.

One of my favourite write-ups came from Ace FM in Spain – sadly now long gone:

Gary started his DJ career back in the days when half a dozen singles from Saturday Night Fever were guaranteed to fill the dance floor. Hospital radio beckoned in the early 1990s and he now finds himself on a Spanish station, surprised that it’s the English speaking population that listens, having always thought the most suitable audience would be those who hadn’t a clue what he was on about.

He fell in love with beat music in the 60s, and in 1997 he was approached by The Searchers to publish their official website which he does to this day. 

The Gary Jackson Show is packed with special features – not for the audience’s benefit, but because at his age just staying awake for two hours is tough enough, and every little helps!

Gary Jacksons Website

Thursday, February 16, 2023

New show coming to ROX Radio! Grunge Garage


Starting this Saturday from 9pm!
3 Hours of grunge with Bob Stei!
On ROX Radio to stream whenever 
and wherever ya like!

Syndicated on FOUR Continents
Across 25 networks in 12 Countries
Bolivia, Brazil, The BVI, Chile, Italy, Kenya,
Mauritius, The Philippines, S. Africa, 
UK, USA,  and New Zealand

We left the hairbands soaking in their Aquanet and started a music revolution unlike no other. Expect to hear the best of Britpop and 90’s Alternative with artists like Blur, Oasis, Live, Pearl Jam, STP, Offspring, Bush, Hole and beyond. Don’t forget your pager, ink and piercings as you 

The weekly syndicated show features 90’s Modern Rock and Bripop, including a “MANDATORY MORRISSEY” song played each hour
STEI is based in PHILADELPHIA and just celebrated his 30th year in the industry. He continues cyber hosting mornings at ASO Inc. Classic Hits KKDJ/FRESNO and working as a Radio Recruiter and headhunter for ROOS ADVISORS. BOB STEI’s GRUNGE GARAGE is syndicated and produced by RHETT BUTLER. The show now airs on over 30 affiliates and is available for free to affiliates via barter. Reach out to STEI at for more information and samples.

More info on Bob Stei and 
The Grunge Garage Show:

Tuesday, February 14, 2023

Tinnitus advice

Coming next week on ROX Network!

make sure you check out our interview with an Audiologist from RNID about tinnitus! 

Your ears will thank you for it! 

Up Close and Personal;Andro Coulton

Check out our brand new interview with Andro Coulton of Witchfynde.  In this deeply personal interview he talks about his autism diagnosis, the paranormal, Paganism and more!

Thursday, February 9, 2023

Womens History Month: Bonnie Raitt Interview from the archives


Rock and Roll Hall of Famer and multiple Grammy winner Bonnie Raitt talks with Paul Ingles about her life and career in this extended interview.  The interview was excerpted for Paul's 2012 program THE EMERGENCE OF BONNIE RAITT.  This presentation focuses on the Raitt interview alone with music excerpts sprinkled in.  Bonnie talks about her early influences, her early days as a 20-something blues phenom, her brush with addiction and obscurity, then her rise back to the top with a string of Grammy awards and commercial success.

Tuesday, February 7, 2023

The Electric Highwat returns


The Electric Highway was one of the first festivals to be shut down at the beginning of the Covid pandemic in Alberta. Everyone watched as things unfolded, struggling to comprehend that life as we knew it was being suspended as the world started to lock down. What we all thought was going to be a short-term, temporary measure dragged on for months.

Many months later after much uncertainty with health and travel restrictions as well as personal health issues for one of the festival organizers, The Electric Highway is finally a go! The festival returns to Calgary, AB, Canada as a 3-day event on March 23, 24, and 25, 2023. The full event will take place at Dickens in downtown Calgary. Dickens has been a cornerstone in the Calgary live entertainment scene for the past 16 years. With great food, a terrific atmosphere, friendly staff, and one of the best stages in the city, Dickens hosts many live music events including Terminus Festival and various Sled Island events. The Electric Highway is excited to be working with Dickens to make this event a great experience for bands, expo vendors, and most of all festival attendees.

A big thank you to FACTOR Canada for the support via a festival restarting grant. After the pandemic cancellation and financial losses, the boost has really allowed the festival to continue and move forward.

Buckle up for The Electric Highway Festival!

Three days of killer bands, rad artists, and fuzzy vibes at Dickens in downtown Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The 2023 edition of the festival focuses on desert rock and metal, doom, sludge, heavy psych and has expanded to include some punk and hardcore bands as well.

The 2023 lineup brings an electric offering of bands including some of the bands previously booked for 2020 and new acts to replace bands that were unable to attend this year or are no longer in existence. The festival features Californian headliners Sasquatch, one of the festival’s past favourites, laying down their brand of fuzzy, kick-ass desert rock and heavy psych with direct support from Vancouver’s La Chinga returning for their fourth appearance on Saturday, March 25th. Black Mastiff returns to headline Friday, March 24th with Calgary’s Gone Cosmic, and HypnoPilot headlines the Thursday, March 23rd show with support from Citizen Rage. These are just a few of the wicked bands that will be playing at The Electric Highway. The full lineup can be found below.

3-day festival pass holders can pick up their wristbands at Dickens at any time during the event. Pre-order merch sales will also be available for pickup throughout the weekend too. Don't be disappointed. Order your merch ahead of time.

The Electric Highway is a fully immersive festival experience and offers much more than just music. The festival also features an art and vendor exposition during all three days at Dickens, March 23 - 25, 2023.

Festival passes are on sale starting Jan 25th - 10AM MT; check to purchase and for more festival information.

All tickets and pass holders will be receiving instructions by email on how to transfer their 2020 tickets for 2023 ones. As well, all vendors will receive an email to confirm their attendance. Anyone that cannot attend this year - both ticketholders and vendors - can transfer their attendance to a future year.

The Electric Highway looks forward to bringing this year's festival to you, and can't wait to see everyone in March!

The Electric Highway Official 2023 Lineup:

Spotify Playlist of 2023 Lineup -

Saturday, March 25th - Festival headliner: Sasquatch (Los Angeles, CA) with direct support from La Chinga (Vancouver, BC)

Friday, March 24th - Headliner: Black Mastiff (Edmonton, AB/Vancouver, BC) with direct support from Gone Cosmic (Calgary, AB)

Thursday, March 23rd - Headliner: HypnoPilot (Lethbridge, AB) with direct support from Citizen Rage (Calgary, AB)

All other festival bands are:

Brown Dwarf (Red Deer, AB)

Buffalo Bud Buster (Calgary, AB)

Destroy My Brains (Lloydminster, AB)

Empress (Vancouver, BC)

Father Moon (Calgary, AB)

Garuda (Cranbrook, BC)

Hombre (Calgary, AB)

Iron Tusk (Siksika, AB)

Molten Lava (Vancouver, BC)

Musing (Calgary, AB)

No More Moments (Siksika, AB)

Owls & Eagles (Calgary, AB)

Set & Stoned (Crossfield, AB)

Space Queen (Vancouver, BC)

Tebby & the Heavy (Edmonton, AB)

The Astral Prophets (Calgary, AB)

The Basement Paintings (Saskatoon, SK)

The Sleeping Legion (Winnipeg, MB)

Full daily lineups will be released on February 9, 2023.

Ticket Information:

Advance 3-day Festival Passes are $75. Advance passes go on sale from January 25, 2023, until March 22 or while quantities last.

Regular Festival Passes are $95 at the door if quantities are available.

Limited 2-day passes will be on sale from February 13 until March 22 or while quantities last.

Advance single-day tickets will be available from March 1 to March 22 or while quantities last.

Watch for corporate packages coming soon. Please contact us immediately if you would like to customize a package.

Please note: All ticket/pass holders from the canceled 2020 Electric Highway can redeem their tickets and passes for 2023 festival tickets and passes or can choose to hold on to them to use at a future edition of The Electric Highway. You must contact the festival via email to arrange the transfer of your passes before attending the festival. They are holding spots for all previous pass holders until February 28, after that tickets and passes are on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Social Media Links:



Facebook Event:



Hashtag #BuckleUp

Festival Press Materials Dropbox HERE.

Business Partners/Sponsors:

Asher Media Relations

Athena Bookkeeping Services Inc.

Black Collar Manufacturing

Calgary Metal Scene Events

The Celestial Agency



High Voltage TV

Loud as Hell Festival


Tourism Calgary

Travel Alberta

Business partnerships and sponsorship opportunities are available. Contact theelectrichighwayfestival[@]gmail[.]com for more information.

Incoming! The Bad Bones


Rockshots Records - The "Bandits" Are Coming! BAD BONES New Album "Hasta El Final!" Out March 2023

Rockshots Records is proud to announce their signing of dirty rockers Bad Bones for the release of their sixth album "Hasta El Final!" on March 17th, 2023.

Influenced by NWOBHM to the LA street rock scene, Bad Bones was formed in 2007. The band has made a name for themselves with tours across Europe along with making the move from Italy to LA in 2009 to make a foothold in the USA until returning to their home country in 2010. Over the years, the band has consistently toured the USA and Europe with appearances at events such as the Hollywood Rock Convention, Italian Gods of Metal, and Metalitalia Festival along with supporting bands like Steel Panther, Hardcore Superstar, Crucified Barbara, Entombed, Gotthard, Crazy Lixx, Strana Officina and more.

True Metal Magazine named "Bad Bones" the Best Hard Rock band of the year for 2010 along with Metal Hammer Italy awarding "Demolition Derby" the Best Album of The Year for 2016.

A musical amalgamation of blues, punk, classic rock, and heavy metal, Bad Bones' latest offering "Hasta El Final!" is a powerful record, that shakes your bones and must be listened to in one go, in its entirety, just like taking a shot of whiskey, throw it down and then enjoy it while it warms your guts.

"Hasta El Final! hits you like a punch in the face, we thought it like this, compact and powerful, we didn't use samples, nor quantized/triggered fake drums, everything was played live, even the overdubs were kept to a minimum, and we wanted to keep the fierce spirit of our first albums." adds the band.

Making uncompromising rock that is meant to be loud in volume and make ya sweat in the pit, Bad Bones give listeners classic old-school rock n' roll fun. Their lyrics reflect the things they see and hear, from memories, and life experiences, but also from movies or places they've been, there have many sources of inspiration that fans can clearly relate to.

Today, they share the first single "Bandits", a song that hammers fast, between Motorhead and Iron Maiden, to sum up street life and bad intentions in the alleys of a big city.

Listen to "Bandits" at the following link:

Album pre-order -

Track Listing:
1. Bandits - 3:13
2. Behind The Liar's Eyes - 3:58
3. Rattlesnake - 3:54
4. Wanderers & Saints - 3:43
5. Sand On My Teeth - 3:58
6. Libertad - 4:45
7. To Kill Somebody - 3:33
8. Home - 2:14
Album Length: 29:21

Album Credits:
Recorded @ Rima Maia Studio - Dronero ( CN) - December 2022 by Riccardo Paravicini
Produced by Bad Bones
Mix & Mastering by Riccardo Parravicini @ Rima Maia Studio
Words : Steve Balocco
Music : Bad Bones
Cover Artwork: Christian Wallin
Dedicated to the memory of Andrea "Benny" Bernini a true rocker! Miss ya!

Bad Bones is:
Mekk Borra - Vocals & Guitars
Steve Balocco - Bass & Vocals
Lele Balocco - Drums

2009 - Smalltown Brawlers (Red Pony Records)
2010 - A Family Affair ( Nadir Music)
2012 - Snakes And Bones (Bagana Records)
2016 - Demolition Derby (Sliptrick Records)
2018 - High Rollers (Sliptrick Records)
2023 - Hasta El Final! (Rockshots Records)

For more info: | | |

Motley Crue cash-in on tour success with box set of early albums


On the heels of MÖTLEY CRÜE’s highly successful THE STADIUM TOUR with Def Leppard and playing to over 1M fans in North America this year, BMG announced today the release of the limited edition box set, Crücial Crüe: The Studio Albums 1981-1989 featuring MÖTLEY CRÜE’s first five platinum selling landmark albums pressed on colored vinyl – ­Too Fast For Love (White/Black Splatter), Shout At The Devil (Yellow/Black Splatter), Theatre Of Pain (Hot Pink Magenta/Black Splatter), Girls, Girls, Girls (Cyan Blue / Black Splatter), and Dr. Feelgood (Coke Bottle Green / Oxblood Splatter) – housed in a solid black slipcase with foil imprint and only available in this box set. The Crücial Crüe box set will also be released on CD with only 10,000 units of each configuration available globally and can be pre-ordered, HERE.

Crücial Crüe:   The Studio Albums 1981-1989 includes MÖTLEY CRÜE’s first five platinum selling albums and features some of their massive hits and essential CRÜE tracks. 
Too Fast For Love (White/Black Splatter)
In 1981 MÖTLEY CRÜE released their platinum selling debut album Too Fast For Love which hit No. 77 on the Billboard 200 and ranks No. 22 on Rolling Stone’s 100 Greatest Metal Albums of All Time list. The album features MÖTLEY CRÜE live staples and fan favorites such as “Live Wire,” “Take Me To The Top” and ”Public Enemy #1.”
Shout At The Devil (Yellow/Black Splatter)
MÖTLEY CRÜE continued to gain global steam with their second studio album Shout At The Devil debuting at No. 17 on the Billboard 200 and now certified four times platinum in the US, as well as reaching No. 18 on The Official Finnish Charts. The album features the single “Looks That Kill,” which hit No. 12 on Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart and No. 54 on the Billboard Hot 100, the title track “Shout At The Devil,” which hit No. 30 on the Mainstream Rock chart, and “Too Young To Fall In Love,” which reached No. 17 on the Mainstream Rock chart and No. 90 on the Billboard Hot 100. 
Theatre Of Pain (Hot Pink Magenta/Black Splatter)
Released in 1985, the band’s Top Ten album Theatre Of Pain debuted at No. 6 on the Billboard 200 and is certified four times platinum in the US. As well as this, the album had international success debuting at No. 5 on The Official Finnish Charts, No. 44 on the German Album Charts, No. 7 on the Swedish Album Charts and No. 36 on the UK Official Charts. The album features their power ballad “Home Sweet Home,” which hit No. 38 on the Mainstream Rock chart and No. 89 on the Billboard Hot 100, and the MTV staple “Smokin’ In The Boys Room,” which hit No. 7 on the Mainstream Rock chart and No. 16 on the Billboard Hot 100.
Girls, Girls ,Girls (Cyan Blue / Black Splatter)
1987’s Girls, Girls ,Girls debuted at No. 2 on the Billboard 200 and is certified four times platinum. Girls, Girls, Girls also debuted at No. 14 on the UK Albums Chart, No. 3 on The Official Finnish Charts, No. 8 on the Norwegian Albums Chart and No. 46 on The German Albums Charts. Included are the tracks “Girls, Girls, Girls,” which hit No. 12 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 20 on the Mainstream Rock chart, plus CRÜE staples such as “Wild Side” and “Bad Boy Boogie.”
Dr. Feelgood (Coke Bottle Green / Oxblood Splatter)
Released in 1989, MÖTLEY CRÜE’s hit album Dr. Feelgood has sold over 6M copies, debuted at No. 1 on the Billboard 200, and remained in the charts for a total of 109 weeks. The album also debuted at No. 4 on the UK Albums Chart and was a top 10 album in Finland, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland. Included are their Top 10 hits “Dr. Feelgood,” which hit No. 6 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 7 Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart, “Without You,” which went to No. 8 on the Billboard Hot 100 and No. 11 Billboard’s Mainstream Rock chart, “Kickstart My Heart,” which reached No. 17 on the Mainstream Rock chart and  No. 27 on the Billboard Hot 100, and “Don’t Go Away Mad (Just Go Away),” which hit No. 13 on the Mainstream Rock and No. 19 on the Billboard Hot 100.
After a highly successful U.S. tour, MÖTLEY CRÜE and DEF LEPPARD will once again reteam for THE WORLD TOUR in 2023, hitting Latin America in February and March, and the U.K. and Europe in May, June, and July.

Hailing from Los Angeles, CA, the quartet —Vince Neil (vocals), Nikki Sixx (bass), Tommy Lee (drums) and Mick Mars (guitars) — has commandeered the rock pantheon for 41 years. The band has sold over 100 million albums worldwide, garnered 7 USA platinum and multi-platinum albums, 22 Top 40 mainstream rock hits, 6 Top 20 pop singles, 3 Grammy nominations, 5 New York Times best-selling books, a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and a Netflix hit movie. 

Mötley Crüe have amassed over 5 billion streams across digital platforms and the band has over 8 million followers on social media. Known for their iconic live performances, the band has sold-out countless tours across the globe in front of millions of fans with groundbreaking production highlights such as Tommy Lee's drum-rollercoaster and Nikki Sixx's flame-throwing-bass. They  pioneered the Las Vegas rock residency with a sold out run in 2012. Mötley Crüe's hit songs such as “Kickstart My Heart” and “Home Sweet Home” are frequently licensed by major brands such as NASCAR, Dodge, Coldwell Banker, Carl's Jr. and KIA to name a few and their music can be heard on TV hit shows such as Stranger Things and Cobra Kai amongst many others.

The band’s biography “The Dirt: Confessions of the World’s Most Notorious Rock Band” became a New York Times best-seller in 2001 and has sold over 1 million copies worldwide. Members of the band have authored 4 additional New York Times best-selling books since. In 2019 Netflix premiered “The Dirt” biopic based on the bestselling book which became a global hit movie scoring a 94% positive audience score on Rotten Tomatoes. As a result, Mötley Crüe gained an entire new generation of young fans who discovered the band through the movie and further solidified their iconic status, relevance and the timelessness of their songwriting. 

Mötley Crüe remains a huge global draw 41 years into their career and, in the summer of 2022 co-headlined a nearly sold out North American stadium tour with Def Leppard. The tour is set to travel to the rest of the world in 2023. 


Official Website

Facebook / Instagram


Monday, February 6, 2023


We’re doing an article on tinnitus and how it affects musicians .

Are you affected by the condition?

What do you find helps?

How worried are you about getting it?

We wanna hear from you! 

Thursday, February 2, 2023

ROX Alive Interviews Psychologist and Author Tamsin Embleton

ROX Alive Interviews Psychologist and Author  Tamsin Embleton

(photo courtesy of Tamsin Embleton)

What is your background and experience in Psychology and The Music Industry?

I started off working in the music business as a club and venue booker, then started booking a festival, and ended up running events at a large recording studio. On the side, I managed artists and tour managed, too. It was on the road in Europe in 2010 when I first figured out that being a therapist who works with musicians might be a job I could pursue. I was at a post-show dinner with Anna Calvi, Nick Cave and their respective band members (we were on the road with Grinderman), and Nick and I were sharing therapy stories. A couple of years later, when I was working at Metropolis Studios I knew I needed to get out of music - I wasn’t happy doing what I was doing, and my therapist at the time, and my coach suggested I retrain. So I did!
I was a couple of years in to training in 2016 when I started to research the psychological impact of touring. That original research gave me the impetus to write the book. There was a lot of research detailing the scale of the problem, and stressors, but not much by way of guidance. I crowdfunded thinking initially I would self-publish, then Michael Rapino at Live Nation spotted the crowdfunder and offered to sponsor the book, which he did (without any editorial input). That budget facilitated me bringing on board a team of writers - all of whom are specialists in their respective fields. And from there I managed to get a publishing deal with Omnibus.
3 years of writing later, here we are, with Touring and Mental Health: the Music Industry Manual.

How long have you been working in the field of Psychology?

Around 7 years.

 When did you begin working with people in the Music Industry?

From the outset. Friends who were tour managers referred artists and colleagues who were suffering. I work with a lot of people on the other side of the industry too - A&Rs, label managers, production managers etc. I also met other therapists who used to work professionally in the music business before retraining, and so I set up a collective, and we’re now in LA, San Diego, Nashville, New York, London, Oxford, Manchester and Seville.

 What made you want to work in this industry?

I was a music obsessed teen - I followed the only thing that made sense to me and made a space for myself in the music business.

Have you been able to identify the major issues musicians are having in their lives?

Yes - that’s the focus of Touring and Mental Health: the Music Industry Manual.

What can they do to find help?

Depends where they are, in the UK we have helplines by Music Minds Matter and Music Support. We also have peer support groups from the Backlounge and Tonic Rider. Trainings in Mental Health First Aid by Music Support and Tonic Rider. Music Industry Therapist Collective provide therapy and workshops as do BAPAM. Funding provided in the UK from Help Musicians, Royal Society of Musicians and PRS for music members fund.
In the US - Music Industry Therapist Collective provide therapy, as do Backline (who also have various groups), MusiCares are a funding provider, as are Sweet Relief. And there are various state specific services in Nashville, Lousiana, Tennessee, Texas etc.

 What type of therapies are available?

Music Industry Therapist Collective (MITC) offer psychotherapy and counselling, psychology, acceptance and commitment therapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and performance psychology.

Please tell us about your new book "Touring and Mental Health". 

Touring and Mental Health: The Music Industry Manual has been written by psychotherapists, psychologists, doctors and other performing arts health practitioners who are familiar with the unique stressors faced by those who tour. It provides robust clinical advice, cutting edge research and practical strategies to help you improve your health, as well as your living and working conditions on the road, and beyond.
Topics include: anxiety (performance; fear of flying; general), addiction, crisis management, how to hold conversations about mental health, emotion regulation, depression, trauma, anger and conflict, stress, eating disorders, band dynamics, team development, mindset, exercise, physical health (hearing; vocal; sexual; general), nutrition, sleep, optimal performance, dealing with the media, inclusivity, psychological safety, romantic relationships, breathwork, meditation, post-tour recovery and an analysis in to mental health in the music business.
Each chapter is underpinned with advice and personal recollections from artists and touring professionals including Nile Rodgers, Justin Hawkins, Philip Selway, Charles Thompson, Katie Melua, Suzi Green, Kieran Hebden, Jake Berry, Tina Farris, Taylor Hanson, Trevor Williams, Lauren Mayberry, Pharoahe Monch, Jim Digby, Will Young, Debbie Taylor, Jamal Chalabi, Angie Warner, Dale ‘Opie’ Skjerseth, David '5-1' Norman and many more.

 Do you feel that enough musicians release they're struggling and come forward for help?

Often not until it’s quite late and they’re in crisis. Mental health support should be built in at the beginning of their careers as a preventative measure, rather than crisis response. We know the industry is enormously stressful in a number of ways,

How about your Psychotherapy Service? How can people get in touch with you?

Anyone can self-refer to our service via We are not a free or low fee referral service, but we can sometimes support funding applications depending on location and circumstances.

Have you had much input and support from the Music Industry?

The book contains interview material from over 80 musicians and music industry personnel. We’ve had a number of organisations support us through socials and newsletters - Help Musicians, British Association for Performing Arts Medicine, PPL, PRS for Music Foundation, AIM, AFEM etc. And of course Live Nation sponsored us, so yes! Took a while to be taken seriously with the book, but now it’s made - people are paying attention and inviting us to speak at conferences across the world, which is exciting.

 How about the BACP and BPS?

No specific interest shown there, but i wouldn’t expect there to be. As far as I’m aware they don’t support therapy businesses beyond individual practitioners registering with them. 

What five things do you suggest musicians do to help themselves?

Maintain your autonomy, stay grounded, engage in self-reflection, get a mentor, buy this book.
UK -
US and ROW -

Tamsin Embleton
Psychotherapist / Founder / Editor


God Is An Astronaut release new album Embers

  GOD IS AN ASTRONAUT  has mesmerized audiences worldwide with their distinctive sonic tapestry both in dynamic live performances and throug...