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Sunday, June 28, 2020

ROX Network Newsblast 28 June 2020

Enhailer/ Black Pyramid
Full Length Split
Burnout Records
Enhailer was formed in 2014 and hail from the desolate war fields of Akron, Ohio. Previously baptized in battle during other tours of duty such as 'Mockingbird', a battle hardened Enhailer bring forth a mix of doom, thrash metal and Black Metal to unleash on the world. Their latest campaign of carnage will mark their 4th release to date and they have teamed up with Massachusetts monuments of metal, 'Black Pyramid' for maximum devastation!

Black Pyramid hail from western Massachusetts and play rumbling down tuned tones similar to bands like Sleep, Electric Wizard and The Obsessed. This will mark their 5th album and they are excited to unleash it on their deserving fans!

The album was released digitally on May 9th and pre-order for physical copies is available now. Physical copies will be available on June 5th in vinyl, cassette and CD.

Enhailer is:
Michael Gilpatrick - Bass
Chadd Beverlin - Drums
Coler Riffle - Guitar/ Vocals

2014 Demo.
2015 Enhailer -Grisaille Lp.  
2017  Enhailer-Dumb enough to care album.
2020 Enhailer / Black Pyramid

Connect with Enhailer:

Black Pyramid is:
Andy Beresky - Guitar / vocals
Eric Beaudry -Drums
Andy Kilvela- Bass

Connect with Black Pyramid:

UK symphonic metal band DAMNATION ANGELS have released their new lyric video for  ‘More Than Human‘ featuring Lauren Francis (ex Devilment). The track is taken from their impending third album 'Fiber Of Our Being', which is due for release on 31st July 2020. The video can be viewed on YouTube here: 

DAMNATION ANGELS have recently released a music video for the title track 'Fiber Of Our Being':

The album is the first to feature vocal powerhouse Iggy Rod (Azeroth) and bassist Nic Southwood who joined after the release of the album “The Valiant Fire“. Alongside the release will be the bands first ever music video, directed by Sitcom Soldiers (The DarknessFeeder). 2020 promises to be their biggest year yet.

The new album can be pre-ordered here:

Digital pre-order links:

Google Play:
Apple music:

This will be a definite favorite of the yearHeavymetalresource

Elegance of workmanship, thrilling melodies, a combination of tradition and modernity is something that distinguishes the composer's genius
10/10 - Metal Melodic Sound


Track list:

1. More Than Human
2. Railrunner
3. Fiber Of Our Being
4. Our Last Light
5. Rewrite The Future
6. Fractured Amygdala
7. Greed And Extinction
8. Remnants Of A Dying Star
9. A Sum Of Our Parts

In 2020 DAMNATION ANGELS returns with their highly anticipated new album “Fiber Of Our Being” which was mixed and mastered by Scott Atkins at Grindstone Studios (Cradle Of FilthVaderAmon Amarth). The cover art was made by Sabercore23art.


William Graney – Lead Guitar, backing vocals, synth/orchestration
Iggy Rodriguez – Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
John Graney – Drums
Nic Southwood – Bass, Backing vocals

With a nifty brand of gothy symphonic metal, I sense that greatness awaits” Bruce Dickinson

Formed in Britain late 2006, DAMNATION ANGELS set out to create a new benchmark in symphonic metal.

The band began by releasing their debut e.p Shadow Symphony in 2009, receiving rave reviews from critics stating that the band are “the brightest spark to emerge upon the UK scene in a very long time” and are “comparable with mega acts such as Avantasia and Blind Guardian“. Following the release the band struck a deal with Radtone Records (Japan) and released their debut album “Bringer Of Light” in Japan. A worldwide release followed in 2013 when the band struck a multi album deal with Massacre Records (Germany).

Bringer Of Light gained acclaim and topped Amazon charts worldwide, breaking into the top 100 downloads for all music in Germany. The success and reception of Bringer Of Light propelled the band to play outside of the UK for the very first time at the prestigious ProgPower USA Festival and a European tour with Andromeda.

The bands follow up album “The Valiant Fire” was released in 2015 followed by back to back European tours with progmetal legends Threshold. The album again received rave reviews, featured in magazines and press with Metal Hammer‘s Dom Lawson stating “The gleaming grandeur of new album “The Valiant Fire” marking them out as meticulous masters of the form“.

PERFECT BLUE SKY 'Darkness meets light’ song craft duo featuring Swedish black metal guitarist Pontus (PNA) Andersson from Netherbird and Australian alt-rock vocalist Jane Kitto. Combining their influences as songwriters, their sound is a hybrid between 70's psychedelic rock meets 90's grunge. They have performed in various constellations with guest musicians throughout the UK, Australia, Scandinavia, France and the Baltic states. Their current British line-up features James Frost on drums and bassist Jon Middleton. During Covid 19, all of PBS main shows had been cancelled until 2021. In the meantime the duo have kept up their presence making occasional on-line acoustic appearances. Andersson and Kitto together have released 2 full length albums and 5 singles. Perfect Blue Sky’s 1st single/video ‘Oh Pretty One’ is out June 26, 2020 via Record Union in Stockholm Sweden. The video can be viewed here:

'Oh Pretty One' is a song about a girl on the autistic spectrum somewhat trapped inside her imagination. The video was inspired by American photographer Francesca Woodman who lived in New York City until her death in 1981. She was an artist who created a beautiful, exploratory and imaginary world within her art whilst outside her door, the world appeared grey, alien and mundane. She constantly redesigned her inner world theatre until there was nothing left to discover. Based on a true story!

The video was made during lock down in our apartment staircase here in Newquay Cornwall with Pna's newly aquired 3D Animation skills and the video was shot with Jane's iPhone, its pretty hilarious.

Oh Pretty One (Single) can be ordered here: [The Silver Ark (B-Side)]


Pontus (PNA) Andersson Vocals - Guitars
Jane Kitto Vocals - Acoustic guitar
James Frost - Drums
Jon Middleton - Bass
Frank Bessard Studio Drums
Danny Oakhill - Keyboards
Plus additional guest players

PERFECT BLUE SKY making a series of consecutive digital singles over the year (along with the B-Sides) and will compile them perhaps into a possible album later on. More info at Wiki:

Two Gratitude Albums released to thank the NHS for all they've done during the COVID19 crisis - Full Review

No-one can question the hard work and dedicated the NHS has proven during the COVID19 crisis here in the UK. Selflessly working to make and keep us all well. It is then very fitting that not one but two music compilations have been released as a way for musicians to say a big, warm thank you all those involved.

The Gratitude compilation was an idea brought to life by Deadfall Artist/Band Management, Secret Sin Records and The Cage Studios to show support for and to raise money for NHS Together Charities during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Over 80 bands from the alternative music scene worldwide got involved and supplied tracks for the compilation. A renowned artist and friend, John D’Anter, volunteered to do the artwork which is a poignant portrayal of the Covid -19 situation, and the heavy burden fallen on the NHS in the United Kingdom.

Due to the overwhelming response from the bands in the scene, the compilation had to be split into two parts in order to accommodate the number of tracks used.

Gratitude part 1 & 2 is available to download via Bandcamp and has a minimum suggested donation of £ 7.99.

There's something for everyone with the music across these two compilations from metal and punk to dark wave and indie. A fantastic idea that we're sure the NHS will appreciate. There's 87 songs to play which is great value for more from bands like The Arch,  System of Hate and Rome Burns.  Go to the bandcamp page and show your support 9/10 

Saturday, June 27, 2020

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ROX Network: Eddie's mini Reviews 28 June 2020

A very good album very much in the vain of Nightwish ,very tight and professional band who play together  rather well.the vocalist has an amazing voice ,she uses it to full force on all of the tracks.there are no bad tracks on this album,the band show their full potential.all in all a brilliant album,well worth a listen.   9/10

Old school thrash makes a return,with a fuck you attitude.very much in the vain of true Bay Area thrash,from the heavy chug of the guitars,to the precise guitar solos.these make this album rather special .the voice ,the drums ,the bass there are no faults.put this album on you player and turn it up loud,you will not be disappointed.      10/10

A mini album with a lot of similarity to what is out on the scene now a days,if you like the grunt of a voice changing into a melodic chorus,this is for you.they have taken what is happening on the metal music scene at the moment,and have done it a bit better.very professional musicians,who can play their instruments well.the tracks are quite different and gives you an insight into what this band are capable of.would be interesting to listen to a full album,whether they can hack it or put fillers in.not a bad listen,they leave a big question mark good or not,that’s up to you .             6/10

Bloody hell these guys are fast,speed played at its very best.on this mini album from the first track to the last,the band go no less than 100 mph and give 100%.very accomplished speed metallers,with surprisingly very intricate solos.a great album ,cannot wait for a full album to be released.well done guys,you fucking rock.           9/10

ROX Network Newsblast 27 June 2020

Dublin’s finest new rock/metal quintet JET FUEL CHEMISTRY have streamed their video for new single 'War', taken from their forthcoming EP Sign of the Times, released on 7th August.

Watch the video, premiered on Distorted Sound, here:

And pre-save the single here:

Elements of I Prevail, Nothing More, While She Sleeps and modern Bring Me The Horizon come together to create an EP far more than the sum of its parts. Opener ‘War’ is an absolute lungburster of a track and at no point throughout the five-track salvo do JET FUEL CHEMISTRY let up.

An impressive collection of songs from such a young band, JET FUEL CHEMISTRY first came together three years ago. The entirety of the band’s EP was recorded, mixed, and mastered in guitarist / producer Danny’s bedroom, for a grand total of £0.

A scintillating mix of anthemic alternative rock and modern metalcore mark this new group as ones to truly take attention of.

The sounds of Dublin are fully embedded in Sign of the Times. As bassist Lorcan states:
"Dublin is a city notorious for phenomenal indie music and there's a lot of positives to that, but what's overlooked by that movement is the misery endured by Dublin's young people for the last decade as more and more of their lives and identities shift to social media. We love the music coming out of our city but most of it does not capture the spirit of dread and aimlessness that's become the norm here. We want our songs to not only acknowledge these issues, but to give a two fingered salute to the enablers of our collective unhappiness and offer a source of strength to anybody feeling as lost as we do."

Such a thoughtful, considered approach is typical of JET FUEL CHEMISTRY and a true acknowledgement of their calibre, carried throughout the five songs. The EP’s eponymous track satirises our modern culture of self-worship, with the cry ‘it’s just a sign of the times’ signalling the forfeit of redemption in favour of nihilism. The track opens with a Greta Thunberg quote that perfectly encapsulates how self-involved we have become: a young woman speaking at the UN, begging them to take responsibility, and yet she becomes the target of abuse.

Who cares about public approval when you have integrity?

The spotlight on JET FUEL CHEMISTRY has grown steadily brighter following a whirlwind of live shows across Ireland, more than holding their own as support to a string of powerhouse US rock bands from Halestorm to Hundredth.


Danny Bochkov - Guitarist / Producer
Ed Orr - Guitarist
Lorcan Macken - Bassist
Dan Cusack - Vocalist
Ross McDermott – Drummer

3:Sign Of The Times
5:Use Your Eyes

Desert groove rockers PATRÓN have released new single/video 'Jump In The Fire', featuring Barrett Martin on drums, Alain Johannes on bass and guitar, and Aurélien Barbolosi on guitar.

Premiered via Visions magazine, watch 'Jump In The Fire' here:

'Jump In The Fire' is the fourth single taken from their debut self-titled album, Patrón, out now via Klonosphere.

PATRÓN is a new project fronted by Lo (aka Patrón) frontman of the band Loading Data. The self-titled debut album was produced by Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Eleven, Them Crooked Vultures, Chris Cornell Band) and also happens to be the last album ever recorded in his legendary studio 11AD, in Los Angeles.  

Lo had some well known friends record the album with him: Joey Castillo (Danzig, Queens of the Stone Age, The Bronx), Barrett Martin (Mad Season, Screaming Trees, Tuatara), Nick Oliveri (Kyuss, Queens of the Stone Age, Mondo Generator), Aurélien Barbolosi (Aston Villa) and Monique St Walker (Blackbird Days).

PATRÓN is a melting pot of influences, a new entity, a sort of Frankenstein creature, borrowing as much from stoner rock, 50s rock n roll, the Rat Pack as from 80s pop. It's sexy, it’s groovy, it’s loud and heavy. Heady melodies that will stick to your skin like a thirsty alcoholic tick.

PATRÓN are: 
Lo aka Patrón : Lead Vocal / Guitar / Keyboard
Joey Castillo : Drums
Nick Oliveri : Bass
Aurélien Barbolosi : Guitars
Alain Johannes : Bass, Guitar, Keyboard, Vocal
Barrett Martin : Drums
Monique St Walker : Vocals
Aurelia : Vocals

Purchase Patrón here:

Live plans for 2020 have been postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic. More news on this soon.

For more information:

German metalcore quintet RISING INSANE have released a metal cover of Michael Sembello's Flashdance hit 'Maniac'. The track is out now on all digital platforms and follows the band's album Porcelain, which was released last year via Long Branch Records. 

Check out the video for 'Maniac' here:

Stream/purchase 'Maniac' here:

RISING INSANE deliver music in a dualistic manner: post-hardcore inspired rage is coupled with melancholic overtones, creating a sound that is irresistible to fans of melodic and aggressive modern metal.

A band with hardworking DIY roots, RISING INSANE released debut album Nation in June 2017 which quickly earned them shows with the likes of The Devil Wears Prada, For Today, Stray from the Path and more. The DIY struggle further inspired the band and fuelled their determination, which paid off with them earning a German and Austrian tour with Annisokay at the end of 2018 and a slot at Impericon Festival 2019.

Strengthened by the energy of this ride, they produced and recorded their second album, Porcelain, which was released on 1st November 2019 via Long Branch Records. Still inspired by self initiative and DIY work ethic, Porcelain is the most honest, inspiring and haunting music RISING INSANE have ever written.

Purchase Porcelain in various formats here:


Aaron Steineker - Vocals
Ulf Hedenkamp - Bass
Sven Polizuk - Guitar
Florian Köchy - Guitar
Robert Kühling - Drums

FORE; punk band featuring ex-KREATOR bassist and VENOM INC, MASSACRE members release two new songs!

FORE, the punk band featuring ChristianSpeesyGiesler (ex-KREATOR)Jeramie Kling (VENOM INC, MASSACRE, THE ABSENCE), Taylor Nordberg (MASSACRE, THE ABSENCE) and Brian Stephenson (OLD JAMES, SKULL FIST), have released two new songs, “Song For A Friend” and “Pet” on the band’s Bandcamp page.


The group previously released their debut songs “What’s Right For You” and “Today We Rise (No Tomorrow)” last month to a positive and response. 


Regarding the first stages of the band’s existence and the response so far, Stephenson said: “So inevitably stoked to be on board with such fine gentlemen on a project I’d never have imagined could have come to fruition. A real punk rock group with heavy metals A-team. DIY, in your face. More than a band. A movement. Stoked is not even close to how this feels for me. Surrounded by legends, and to be a part of something so special is truly and uniquely a gift. The riffs and playing on these songs are in a league of their own. Only something the finest craftsmen in their respective fields could create and to put my voice to it is a high honor. Punks not dead.”


Kling added, “The world needs a punk, it has been far too long without. If you know a punk, then hand them this music. They will rejoice, I know because I was there.”

The debut FORE album is being mixed and mastered by Nordberg and Kling at their own Smoke & Mirrors Productions in Spring Hill, Florida.


Lehighton, PA Hard Alternative Rock Band ANOTHER DAY DAWNS has released the official music video for their newest single, "Forget Me Not." Directed by Cyrus Entezam, "Forget Me Not" features Josh Balz (Formerly of MOTIONLESS IN WHITE.)

“The song ‘Forget Me Not’ boils down to being in love with someone so much that you become crazy about it. You want to leave a memory or imprint in them so they don’t forget you, stop loving you & all the things you did for them”. - Dakota Sean

BFB 1053

Formed in 2010 the Lehighton, PA based band Another Day Dawns continues to be the most talked about up and coming rock act in the Northeast to Mid-Atlantic region of the U.S. Led by Lead Singer and front man Dakota Sean, Guitarist Tyler Ritter, and Drummer Nick McGeehan, the band released their EP A Different Life in February 2018 which landed them a charting spot on Billboard which solidified their foundation in the active rock market. In December 2019, early member Jerome Betz returned to filling out the rhythm section on bass.

Hitting the road with bands such as Hinder, Issues, Cold, and Buckcherry, the band has created an established following in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states. Throughout the last two years the band has performed in multiple venues with 400-1200 capacity, filling hundreds of seats, and grossing over 13K in followers on their social media accounts.

Friday, June 26, 2020

Roxie Show 26 June 2020

Roxie Show 26 June 2020 is now on Youtube incl. music by Massive Wagons, UFO, Megadeth and the new songs for charity by Electus and Journey!


Raw, ballsy rock is the name of the game with Union Kain.

ROX Interview with Stevie Westwood of Bad Touch

ROX TV Interview with Stevie Westwood from Norwich rockers Bad Touch

Thursday, June 25, 2020

ROX Network Newsblast 25 June 2020




Due to the pandemic and uncertainty when live concerts can take please, regretfully the decision has been made to reschedule the King King October 2020 UK Tour to October 2021. All tickets remain valid for the new dates. Tickets are available via and

King King, who have been going from strength to strength in recent years, release their fifth studio album “Maverick” on Friday 16th October 2020 via Channel 9 Music – King King’s new independent label. The 10-track album, released on CD, vinyl and various bundles, is available for pre-order from

The first single ‘I Will Not Fall’, which has been A-listed on Planet Rock, and will be available as an instant grat track with all pre-orders, plus exclusive content including track by track commentary by Alan Nimmo.

“Maverick” follows 2017’s critically acclaimed album “Exile & Grace” and includes the new line-up featuring Alan Nimmo (vocals/guitar), Stevie Nimmo (guitar), Jonny Dyke (organ/piano), Zander Greenshields (bass) and Andrew Scott (drums). The album was engineered and mixed by Liam McCluskey at Morsecode Studios in Glasgow.

Produced by Alan Nimmo, Jonny Dyke and Liam McCluskey at Morsecode Studios in Glasgow, the new album is co-written by Alan Nimmo (guitar, lead vocals), Zander Greenshields (bass), Jonny Dyke (keyboards), Andrew Scott (drums), with all lyrics co-written by Alan Nimmo and newest member Stevie Nimmo (guitar).

INCOMING!  Meteora.    After we finished writing songs for our second album, we thought squeezing in one more track as a bonus was possible with the time we had left. ’Tragedy of Delusion’ was 10 songs long already, so we weren’t really forced to do it, we just had been toying with the idea of doing a cover for quite some time, and this seemed to be the ideal time. We threw music at eachother in our facebook group, had a few really strong contenders, but in the end Numb won.

With the name Meteora we were thought to be a Linkin Park tribute a few times, especially in the beginning, so it was just fitting to do a song of theirs from their second album, ’Meteora’. When giving the name we didn’t have that record in mind to be honest, but the Meteora temples in Greece. Máté was studying architecture at university, and he presented this idea for us some weeks before our first live show. By now it grew on us, and it represents a quiet place above everything, where you can draw back to, and calmly observ the world beneath.

We were planning to do a different kind of video for this song, but along with the concerts these ideas were made impossible aswell. We didn’t want to keep people hanging though for an undefinite amount of time, so we joined the ’lockdown video movement’. We really hope that people will be open minded about the music, and like the minimalist approach of the video.

Meteora: Numb (Linkin Park cover) (Lockdown Music Video) 

Listen to “Tragedy of Delusion” online here:

Meteora: Tragedy Of Delusion

2020 / Nail Records / NAILCD312

01. Common Enemy

02. Memento Mori

03. My Reality

04. Stay Among Us

05. Die, Live, Forgive - My Reality, Pt. II

06. Tag the Truth

07. Black Rose

08. When Angels Fall

09. Tragedy of Delusion

10. Beautiful Oblivion - My Reality, Pt. III

11. Numb (Linkin Park cover) (Bonus Track)

Order “Tragedy of Delusion” CD here:

Meteora online:


French Alternative-Rock Revenants PERSEIDE streamed new album 'The Only Thing' for full // Out now on CD & Digital through all legal platforms.
A couple of days after the official release of their debut full-length album 'The Only Thing', French alternative-metal/rockers from Lyon PERSEIDE just shared the whole record for free streaming on YouTube.
For reminder, 'The Only Thing', is still available on CD & Digital trough Bandcamp and the  main legal platforms.
PERSEIDE delivers a modern metal ranging from pop to metalcore, with heavy rhythms and old school guitars, catchy choruses, all tinged with electro synths and intense vocals…”

...For the record...

PERSEIDE was born from four childhood friends who decided to form a rock band in 2001, as they were just teenagers. Ten years later, they were crossing the frontiers to share their music widely.

After two EP released, a signing to OrageRock label, thousands of gigs across France, Europe and even in the USA, with bands like Soilwork, Betraying The Martyrs, Cancer Bats, We Butter The Bread With Butter, Protest The Hero… The story is still being written today.

In 2018, they decided to go into the studio again to record their debut album, which is going to be released early 2020.

PERSEIDE is still there, stronger than ever and ready to take these four eternal teenagers as far as possible…
For fans of Avenged Sevenfold, Enter Shikari, In Flames, The Used...

INCOMING! MARMALADE KNIVES released their debut LP, Amnesia via Italian label Electric Valley Records. Came on on April 24th, the album is available on vinyl and digital formats. 
Marmalade Knives was formed in the mountains of Santa Cruz, CA, as a collaboration between guitarists Clinton Wilkins and Justin Spivey, exploring the depths of outer-limits psychedelia. Wilkins spent several years studying with David First (acclaimed minimalist/microtonal composer and member of cult 70s/80s NYC no-wave legends The Notekillers) and Spivey is a well-regarded collector/historian of original period psychedelic/progressive music, writer at UK psych rag Moof Magazine, and recent songwriting contributor to the underground cult film The Yucca Sisters by Samuel Casebolt.
The lineup of the band eventually grew to a full-on 5 member troupe of local freak–rock 'n' rollers, including bassist Mark Robinson, drummer Kyle Herrenkohl (of SF acid-folkers TABERNACLE), and keyboardist Nathan Warrick (of APACHE DROPOUT). In the summer of 2018, they tracked their debut album at Loud House Studio in Santa Cruz, CA, and over the following year, the production and mixing of the album were helmed by Adam Kriney (of THE GOLDEN GRASS/LA OTRACINA).
Kriney says of the process: “I used a very ‘Teo Macero’ style approach to the arranging, editing, and mixing of the material the band first tracked at their basic album sessions. And much in the same way that Macero [Miles Davis' long-time producer] approached the editing of material from In A Silent Way up through Get Up With It, I generated new and refined song forms out of those initial recording sessions, reimagining the music to crystallize its vision. We then built further upon those ideas with remote recording/mixing sessions across Santa Cruz, New York City, and Asheville, NC, for over a year until the musical narrative from those sessions was complete and the album was finished.”

Amnesia is a sprawling tapestry of classically inspired progressive psychedelia. A voyage
through a mythical cosmic rock universe, layered with dense squalls of abstract sound collage and fields of freeform freakouts, all coloured with old-world folk melodies/modalities and pulsing with a funky rhythm section!

Available Formats: Transparent Orange Vinyl, 50x Random Marbled Vinyl, 25x ultra LTD “Psych Edition,” and Digital


Clinton Wilkins – Electric & Acoustic Guitar/Synth/Voice
Justin Spivey – Electric Guitar
Mark Robinson – Electric Bass.
Kyle Herrenkohl – Drums/Percussion
Nathan Warrick – Organ
Other Staff:

Adam Kriney – Percussion

Produced/Mixed/Engineered by Adam Kriney.

Basic Tracks Recorded by Ian Tapley Bell at Loud House Studio/Santa Cruz/Ca.

Additional Recording/Mixing at Pook’s Hill, Ben Lomond, Ca, & Iftk Mobile Lab in Asheville, Nc, & New York City, Ny.

Mastered by Myles Boison At Headless Buddha, Oakland, Ca.

Artwork by Lucy Burrows & Clinton Wilkins.

All Songs by Marmalade Knives.

“Rebel Coryell” Borrows A Phrase from And Is Indebted To Larry Coryell’s “The Opening” from The Live At The Village Gate LP.

Order: (Transparent Orange Vinyl) (Random Marbled Vinyl) (Ultra Ltd. “Psych Edition”) (Bandcamp)

For More Info: 


Got the time: the importance of rhythm and time in music

Understanding Time Signatures in Music The Importance of Proper Timing Proper timing is crucial in music as it forms the framework that musi...