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Saturday, June 27, 2020

ROX Network: Eddie's mini Reviews 28 June 2020

A very good album very much in the vain of Nightwish ,very tight and professional band who play together  rather well.the vocalist has an amazing voice ,she uses it to full force on all of the tracks.there are no bad tracks on this album,the band show their full potential.all in all a brilliant album,well worth a listen.   9/10

Old school thrash makes a return,with a fuck you attitude.very much in the vain of true Bay Area thrash,from the heavy chug of the guitars,to the precise guitar solos.these make this album rather special .the voice ,the drums ,the bass there are no faults.put this album on you player and turn it up loud,you will not be disappointed.      10/10

A mini album with a lot of similarity to what is out on the scene now a days,if you like the grunt of a voice changing into a melodic chorus,this is for you.they have taken what is happening on the metal music scene at the moment,and have done it a bit better.very professional musicians,who can play their instruments well.the tracks are quite different and gives you an insight into what this band are capable of.would be interesting to listen to a full album,whether they can hack it or put fillers in.not a bad listen,they leave a big question mark good or not,that’s up to you .             6/10

Bloody hell these guys are fast,speed played at its very best.on this mini album from the first track to the last,the band go no less than 100 mph and give 100%.very accomplished speed metallers,with surprisingly very intricate solos.a great album ,cannot wait for a full album to be released.well done guys,you fucking rock.           9/10

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