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Behind The Music

Explore the lives and issues of being a musician in today's world with unique insights to the past of the music industry, what it is like to be a working musician today and the future of the industry.

Peek behind the curtains and see what's beyond the music!

Musicians and people in the music industry are human beings just like you! They have needs, desires and dreams but also face problems, set-backs and failures. Musicians and those who work with them need to share the things that matter to them and work together in order for the industry AND music to thrive and grove in these ever-changing times. Now more than ever!

ROX Network's Behind The Musid aims to do just that. Help the music industry workers to share best practice, issues, ideas and tips so that everyone can be happy, safe and do well. Helping others mean feels great and others will help you. 

We also feature exclusive and insightful videos, interviews and information that both musicians and fans will find helpful and interesting from behind the scenes at gigs, making videos, recordings and the personal lives of musicians. 

Got something you wanna share with the music industry? Got something ya gotta get off yer chest? 

Let us know!

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