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Tuesday, July 25, 2023


OCTOBER 8, 2023

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London: Tuesday 25 July 2023: Fifty years after making the original with Pink Floyd, Roger Waters today announced that he is to premiere his new recording, The Dark Side of the Moon Redux, live at The London Palladiumon October 8, 2023.  

Joining Waters on stage will be Gus Seyffert: Bass, Joey Waronker: Drums, Jonathan Wilson: Guitars, Johnny Shepherd: Organ, Via Mardot: Theremin, Azniv Korkejian: Vocals, Gabe Noel: Strings, Jon Carin: Keyboards and Robert Walter: Piano. 

The show will be designed by Sean Evans, Waters long time Creative Director.

Waters said:

“We’re going to do it live at the London Palladium, in October…we look forward to that…hopefully performing it live on other occasions in the future”.

Pre-sales for Roger Waters live performance will start Wednesday, July 26, 10am, with general on-sale following on Friday, July 28, 10am (local time) via

The re-imagined album, The Dark Side Of The Moon Reduxis set for release on October 6, 2023. Album pre-order at

Lyric video of Money, the album’s lead track, out now. Watch here.

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Thursday, July 6, 2023

ROX Network is a media partner of Metal United World Wide


Metal United World Wide is returning once again in 2023!

ROX is a proud media partner!

After several successful years, with exception during that pandemic we’d all rather forget, Metal United World Wide is continuing its quest to unify metalheads around the globe.

This year on September 30th, metal bands and fans across the world will once again converge on venues to celebrate the greatest genre of music there is.

In case you have been sleeping on this incredible concept, let’s get you up to speed.

In 2014, Michael Lüders bought to life Metal United Down Under. This involved 14 shows across Australia being hosted on the same night, under the Metal United banner. Nine years on, the event has cemented itself within the Aussie heavy scene, and year after year, bands and fans gather on a specified date to give the country a taste of metal. Some say the rumbling of bass amps, and thundering of double kicks can be heard from the remotest of remote cattle stations in the outback*.
(*possibly be a complete fabrication)

As if this project wasn’t ambitious enough, Michael set his sights on going bigger. If Australia could be united by metal, why couldn’t the world? And thus, Metal United World Wide was born. In 2018, Metal United World Wide made it’s debut, being hosted in a staggeringly impressive 43 countries, with 64 cities presenting shows, and around 400 bands participating.

MUWW 2023 is gearing up to be as momentous as its predecessors, holding fast with its objective of overcoming distances between the widespread individual communities of the world of metal. On September 30, 2023, metalheads the world over will be gathering to hail the metal, and bands from across the spectrum of metal subgenres will showcase their talents. 

The MUWW team are tirelessly, but excitedly, working away in preparation for this year’s event. You’re probably thinking by now, “This sounds so badass, I wish I were involved!” and you can be! If you’d like to jump aboard the event as an organiser, media partner or supporter, let us know! After all, unity is the vibe we’re all about, and we encourage everyone with a love for metal to participate and contribute.

There are so many exciting details yet to be revealed. MUWW 2023 is coming, and you’re going to want to be ready for it!

For media contacts, email

So, let's get to it. United We Stand, Divided We Fall! \m/


Fresh Blood! Marching Out say Rock Will Never Die!


Check out this exciting album from Marching Out.
The band's founder and vocalist Kazu Rock and guitarist show great promise!


Vo. Kazu Rock

Dr. Kozo Suganuma

G.  Tsuyoshi Hayashi

B.  Keiichiro Fujita

Key. Akira Ishiguro

Band Profile:

 MARCHING OUT is a Japanese hard rock band formed by Kazu Rock (vocals) in May 2012, joined by Kozo Suganuma (drummer) in October the same year. Based in Osaka, the band has been actively touring all over Japan. Their sound and music can be described as neoclassical hard rock with a British hard rock flavour. 

In June 2013, the band successfully organised a live event at a long-established hall in Osaka, Royal Horse, without any supporting acts. Following that, the band performed in Izumo, Shimane in July. In September, they played together with the celebrated guitarist of Dead End, Yuji Adachi. 

In 2014, the recording of their first album began with Kazu Rock and Kozo Suganuma as producers. The album, Rock Will Never Die, was released on December 11, 2015. Currently the band is preparing for an Album Release Tour starting in March 2016. 

Member profiles: 

Vo: Kazu Rock

Started singing in rock bands during his high school days. Later, with his original band Heaven and Hell, Kazu started performing live shows in the Kinki region. Influenced by Ronnie James Dio, Graham Bonnet, Rob Rock, David Coverdale, Genki Hitomi. Kazu Rock also sings with an emotional shouting style. He has been a songwriter, arranger and band leader since his youth. 

In his late 30s, he performed a vocalist of Saints & Sinners, a Whitesnake tribute band. 

In 2012, the year he formed MARCHING OUT, he performed as an opening act for Kyoji Yamamoto and Shake. His vocal technique has been praised by many musicians, among whom are Kozo Suganuma, Minoru Niihara , Masayoshi Yamashita., Hiroyuki Otsuki, Yuji Adachi, SHAKE,Doogie White. 

Dr: Kozo Suganuma

Joined  MARCHING OUT in October 2012.

Born in Osaka, Kozo started playing drums at the age of eight and made his professional debut at 15. Since then, he has taken a part in a number of studio projects, tours and jam sessions.

Due to his marvellous hand speed and control, with frequent use of irregular tempos, he is known as Te-Kaz-Oh, the King of Many Strokes, and has released a number of drum manuals and instruction DVDs. Kozo administers a drum school, Drum Dojo, which has six branches in Japan. 

As a drum clinician, Kozo is enthusiastic about participating and playing at festivals and clinics both inside and outside Japan. He has performed, while sitting on the panel, at the Asian Beat Band Competition three times. Other festivals he has performed at are the world’s biggest jazz festival, Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland; Drum Summit 2 (2014) in Beijing; and Drum Festivals in the Chinese cities of Wenzhou and Dalian and the Taiwanese cities of Kaohsiung and Taipei in 2015. Through these, he has played with some of the world’s top-notch drummers, such as David Garibald, Billy Cobham, Dave Weckl, Sonny Emory, Steve Jorda, Jerry Brown, Simon Phillips, Benny Greb, Tommy Igoe, Peter Erskine, Russ Miller etc. 

He has also supported many very well-known Japanese artists, such as LOUDNESS、 TOSHI(X JAPAN), DREAMS COME TRUE, CHAGE&ASKA, GACKT etc. 

He has released four solo albums. The guest musicians who played on his  albums are Billy Sheehan, Scott Kinsey, Lincoln Goins,  Bob Malach, Akira Takasaki, Thomas Lang, Jeremy Cloake etc. 

G: Tsuyoshi Hayashi

Joined  MARCHING OUT in November 2014.

A graduate of MI (Musicians Institute) Japan. At the age of 19, Tsuyoshi won a prize in a contest held by the Japanese music magazine Young Guitar. At the age of 22, he became a guitar instructor at MI Japan. Later, with his original band, Peeping-Pig, Tsuyoshi started seriously working on his own songs, and wrote theme songs and interval songs for radio drama series and theatre performances (he himself performed live for several theatre performances) while appearing on DVDs released by Young Guitar. Currently, in addition to teaching at music school, he is active as a guitarist in local Aichi FM radio DJ James Haven’s James Band, technical fusion band Mi Gente, anime song band Odessa, etc. 

In 2012, he released a solo album entitled Mighty Warrior. He started running guitar lesson articles/DVDs issued by the Japanese music magazines Young Guitar and Guitar Magazine. He also sat on the panel at Git Masters, an guitar audition for new faces held by MI Japan and Young Guitar. In 2014, he secured an endorsement deal with ESP Guitars, a Japanese guitar manufacturer. In 2015, Tsuyoshi joined MARCHING OUT with Kozo Suganuma on drums. He arranged and recorded the guitars on the first album, which was released on December 11, 2015. 

B: Keiichiro Fujita

Joined  MARCHING OUT in June 2014. 

Started playing the violin when he was still a child. During his high school days, Keiichiro came to realise the pleasures of band music. After graduating from high school, he flew to the US to study music and mastered subjects including jazz and Latin music there. Besides jazz and funk, which are his fortes, Keiichiro plays a wide variety of music, from pop to heavy metal. 

In 2009 he won the grand prize at the Best Player's Contest held by Ritto Music, and can truly be called the best bass player in reality as well as in name. As a part-time bass instructor, he has taught at Hokkaido High School of Art and Sapporo School of Music, devoting efforts to raising the next generation of great musicians. 

He has played together with il Bosstino (Tha Blue Herb), Luis Valle, ZOOCO, Akira Jimbo, Joe Yamanaka etc.

Key: Akira Ishiguro

Joined  MARCHING OUT in July 2015. 

Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music with a bachelor’s degree in Composition. After working as a demonstrator at Korg, he has taken a part in a number of jam sessions, tours and studio projects, playing together with musicians from various genres.  

In 1992 and 1993, he was an associate member of Seikima-Ⅱ ( He called Lecter H earl). 

In 1999, he played again with them at their last concert, The Ultimate Black Mass, and in 2015 on their 30th anniversary Zenseki Shikei reunion tour. 

Various leading guitarists in Japan have great trust in Akira. For example, he has collaborated with Akira Wada/Prism for about 10 years. He also supported Hiroaki Tagawa, Kyoji Yamamoto and Kenji Kitajima at their 30th Anniversary Concert, and Guthrie Govan—a top-notch American guitarist—on his Japan tour in December 2015 and January 2016. 

New occassional series arrives on ROX Radio!

 Announcing new shows coming to ROX Radio!
These occasional shows are specially selected by the ROX crew to ensure they're playing the kind of music 
we know you're gonna love!

Love the 80s and 90s? Yeah don't ya just!
Here's 2 shows you gotta catch on ROX Radio...!

2 shows, 2 decades. All the hits with Gary Hopkins

Gary has worked in Radio since 2011, presenting live shows for a couple of stations in various slots.
But In 2018 he decided to host his own pre-recorded show, His first was called A Blast From the Past, which looked at old charts from the UK and US, this stopped in 2020..but is still heard on some stations to this day.
A Blast From The 80s was also born in 2018, A Blast From the 90s was introduced in 2020, and then in 2022 A Blast From The 00s was launched.
During this time Gary have been very fortunate to have spoken to many musicians from these decades.
They have chatted about their previous and current work, tours, the music industry and personal life too, He's even made one musician cry during an interview.
All 3 shows also have your input too, and without your messages and emails, it wouldn't be the same...So thankyou, and keep them coming.


Keep 'em peeled on ROX Network to see when these

 shows are online!

Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Passion for metal! Virgin Steele

Virgin Steele  formed in New York way back in 1981. The distinctive vocals of singer and keyboard player David DeFeis was a great fit in the days of operatic, dramatic metal from that era. The classic album was self-titled and rocked the world in 82 and over the years DeFeis and the boys have seen different line-ups but their music has remained consistant, heavy and well written. Of note is the album from 83 "Noble Savage" which was a classic from the Jack Starr era of the band.

Fast-forward to 2023 and Virgin Steele are back with a great new album "The Passion of Dionysus".

The new album ‘The Passion Of Dionysus’ was released on June 30, 2023 worldwide through SPV/Steamhammer as CD DigiPak (incl. poster and 24 pages booklet), 2LP Gatefold (in purple-violet vinyl), CD/LP bundle with shirt (only at the Steamhammer Shop), download and stream:

At a time when cultural innovation is being side-lined as never before and many unusual forms of music are succumbing to the temptation of the commercially more lucrative mainstream, Virgin Steele are the shining silver lining. For over 40 years, mastermind David DeFeis has kept one of the most imaginative bands in the power metal genre on track with his excellent songwriting and charismatic voice. At the same time, DeFeis has never stopped evolving as a composer, musician and producer, updating his symphonic-tinged sound with exciting new influences. He has already accomplished this many times over with classics like ‘Invictus’ (1998), ‘The House Of Atreus I & II’ (1999/2000) or ‘Visions Of Eden’ (2006). In his current album ‘The Passion Of Dionysus’, DeFeis surpasses himself in his unbridled creativity. Eight years after the acclaimed studio opus ‘Nocturnes Of Hellfire & Damnation’ (2015), DeFeis` brilliant signature maneuvers the album through a gripping parable about control and freedom, creating another highlight of the Virgin Steele career.

 As usual, David DeFeis has chosen a downright epic theme that delves deep into the annals of human history, while maintaining a concrete reference to the present: „The album deals with the concept of duality. Where something is both one thing and its opposite simultaneously“, he explains the underlying message of the new record. „It obviously has to do with Dionysus and, as the title suggests, his “Passion” or suffering, and his coming to Thebes to avenge the slander of his mother, as well as punish the King of Thebes for denying his worship there. But that being said, more is going on. “ In ‘The Passion Of Dionysus’ DeFeis tells the epic struggle between the twin forces of control/restraint and freedom/release, as well as dealing with the question of “whether or not there is room in society for the irrational, the wild, the letting-go aspects of ourselves.”

 There is no doubt that David DeFeis is not only an ingenious composer and musician, but also a true visionary who – with his band – has the perfect medium at his disposal to evolve both humanly and culturally: „I see Virgin Steele as a way of life. The band is my vehicle with which I traverse vast oceans of experience. We are always doing things our own way, on our own specific terms.“ Looking at the grandiose ‘The Passion Of Dionysus’, it’s no wonder at all that his fans accept this approach unconditionally.

We caught up David in June 2023...

When did you first form Virgin Steele?

In October of 1981, and after 3 weeks of rehearsal we went into the studio and recorded & mixed our first album in less than a week...

What were your musical influences?

At that time it was QUEEN, LED ZEPPELIN, UFO, BLACK SABBATH, T.REX…the list goes on…

 What made you become a musician?

I grew up in a house where there was Theatre (my father was a director, producer and actor of Plays)…we had Opera…from my oldest sister, and there was Rock music from my other sister and my brother. It was all so incredibly exciting and inspiring and I had to be a part of it all…so I dove in head first and synthesized and combined and cross-pollinated all those various musical & theatrical elements until what came out was this Barbaric-Romantic music that I do with VIRGIN STEELE. I started singing in bands at the age of 11, and I started piano lessons at the age of about 8…


You have been cited as musical influences by bands such as Metallica. That must feel great?!

Yes it is very gratifying to learn that we have been an influence, an inspiration, and have had a positive effect on other musicians. 


 After the 80s early albums Virgin Steele seemed to be on hiatus, what happened?

We finished recording the album AGE OF CONSENT in late 1988 and it was released in early 1989. The next album LIFE AMONG THE RUINS was recorded in 1992 and came out in 1993…so it was about a 2-year absence. We had some management issues that needed sorting out. We fired the old management and I took the job upon myself and I am still essentially doing it. 

 In the 90s you made a come back. How did that go?

 It went very well. We issued LIFE AMONG THE RUINS, then recorded and released THE MARRIAGE OF HEAVEN & HELL PART 1, then shortly after we issued THE MARRIAGE OF HEAVEN & HELL PART 2, then INVICTUS…then THE HOUSE OF ATREUS ACT 1, THE HOUSE OF ATREUS ACT 2…MAGICK FIRE MUSIC…and the first re-issues of NOBLE SAVAGE & AGE OF CONSENT. 

Since then you have been releasing work and doing live shows but sporadically? Why?

ANSWER: Actually we did quite a bit of touring all through the 90’s and up through to the mid and later 2000’s. Around 2011 or so we started doing more one offs in the way of live gigs, in order to try to accommodate the various members life styles and availability. We began spending more time in the studio than onstage and we were therefore super productive, and we were able to release a lot more music than any band would if they were constantly touring all the time. 

 Tell us about your side projects?

Which ones do you mean? I don’t currently have any side projects. 

What about 2023 and your new album " THE PASSION OF DIONYSUS" on Steamhammer Records?

What would you like to know about it? As regards the recording aspect, it went relatively quickly. I always lay down the piano first and then we begin to build up from there, with the guitars being the second thing we record. And on this album I wanted the guitars to have the richness in harmonic vocabulary that the piano has, so there is quite a bit of layering going on even if at times that is not so obvious. The mixing took the longest to do as it always does, because I hear things one way in my head and trying to bring that out into reality can sometimes be difficult, but in the end…I think it is a very good sounding record that accurately captures all the emotions, and all the violence and beauty that was intended and was built into the songs. 

Who's in the band now?

ANSWER: Same people as the last 20 years or more…me as always, plus Edward Pursino on 6 string guitar, and Josh Block on 7 string guitar, and now Matt McKasty on drums. 

  How did recording the album go?

ANSWER: Great! There were no problems…it was all very inspiring. What Dionysus embodies and what our tale here concerns, is an epic struggle to the death between the twin forces of control/restraint and freedom/release, and whether or not there is room in society for the irrational, the wild…the “letting go” aspects of ourselves. Ultimately it concludes that a space or a place for the irrational must be allowed in order for society to exist, function properly and continue to thrive. When one opposes or denies a place for the irrational like King Pentheus does in our tale, then the person, place, thing or society will be ripped apart…exactly like what comes to be the ultimate fate of Pentheus. 

Science has shown us that even rats need escape from absolute reality! 

 “THE PASSON OF DIONYSUS” album depicts an epic struggle, between the twin forces of control/restraint and freedom/release. It depicts the passion or suffering of the God…his struggles, his great betrayal at the hands of those he trusted…his rage, his frustration, his death, & his resurrection, and on another level this Work also portrays and expresses what the God dearly loves…or is most “passionate” about. That being said, as I hinted at earlier embedded within this offering lurks another duality…something else is also simultaneously going on.

You've released 2 songs already from the album, "The Gethsemane Effect" and "Spiritual Warfare"?

 Yes that is correct, and there will be one more single issued right before the album is released on the 30th of June. 

 How do you feel the sound of today's Virgin Steele differs or echos that of earlier line-ups?

 I have been very fond of all the various line-ups we have had and all the various “eras” of VIRGIN STEELE history, but I am probably happiest with where we are at, right now at this particular moment in time. The albums are quite a bit darker now…and have been getting progressively darker with each release, and I have also been able to bring in more of my “classical music” side with each subsequent release. 

 Any live dates planned?

Yes. We have Spain and Crete and Italy confirmed and more dates are being discussed so more dates will be added in the weeks ahead. 

What do you think of the music industry now compared to the 80s and 90s?

 It was more fun in the 80’s and 90’s and I think people took the music more seriously and were more committed back then. Today there is too much fragmentation. 

 Have you got any advice for any vocalist or band starting out?

Never sign away or give up your publishing or songwriting rights! If you are a composer or a lyricist…protect your Works…join the various songwriter, and publisher societies that protect your creations! 

Current Band Lineup and info
David DeFeis – vocals, keyboards, bass, drums and orchestrations
Edward Pursino – 6-string guitar
Josh Block – 7-string guitar
VIRGIN STEELE live 2023:
12.08. ES-Villena/Alicante - Leyendas del Rock
26.08. GR-Crete - Over The Wall Festival 


Monday, July 3, 2023

Esprit D’Air uk tour dates

Tuesday, June 27, 2023

Incoming! Dress The Dead


Hailing from Oakland, CA, DRESS THE DEAD released their debut EP AEther on June 27th via Blood Blast Distribution. Craig Locicero, from Forbidden, originally formed DRESS THE DEAD with The Haunted vocalist Peter Dolving in 2017. When Dolving left the group, the band struggled to find the right vocalist. While going through vocalist tryouts, Locicero received a text from Kayla Dixon.

Stream and purchase DRESS THE DEAD:
Craig Locicero, "I'm proud of the vast catalog of music I’ve compiled over the last 3+ decades. Some of the very best material has come in the last 5 years with Dress the Dead. It seemed at times like the cards were stacked against us. Our timing never quite panned out. In great part because of the pandemic scrapping bigger plans. Regardless of that, we kept our heads down and put the art first. Created some amazing music that sounds unlike any other band out there. I believe collective visions of Kayla, James, Mikey, Mark & myself contributed to something that will eventually be discovered and looked upon favorably. My hope is that people will see this sooner than later. This collection of 5 songs does the talking."
James Walker, "I think from the beginning we had a we don’t give a shit we’re gonna play what we wanna play attitude. That means writing the most heaviest parts right next to the most beautiful part. If it was artistic and we wanted to do it, then we did it. These five songs have a perfect combination of emotions in them. It’s an in your face fuck you your beautiful vibe."
Mikey Rowan, "I’m happy to share with everyone some of the first compositions that I collaborated on with my friends in Dress the Dead. These songs were all conceived in 2021-2022, a period in which we were instrumentally experimenting with various different arrangement and composition theories and tools. It was immensely interesting to witness our sound develop as we collectively gained and applied intel from our own experiences as well as showing no apprehension to lean on and be inspired by the legends and giants of rock and metal music that came before us. These 5 songs provide a serviceable snapshot or time capsule documentation of a period in Dress the Dead that will be looked upon as a bridge to what’s coming next. Aggressive, dynamic, eclectic at times, chaotic, and peaceful, this is the sound of our band learning to harness and control our collective creative energy. The journey is the destination. Thank you for being a part of it, I hope you enjoy the music."
Kayla Dixon, "I'm very proud of the work we all put in to getting this EP out. We all bring differing musical backgrounds to this project and we worked our asses off to try to encapsulate a sound that combines all of our influences. I hope that lands for everyone who listens to this EP. In regards to the lyrics and vocal melodies, I took a very straightforward approach and tried to remain conversational in tone which I feel really comes through on "I Want to Know You". Personally, I wanted these songs to feel like I was sitting and having a conversation with the listener. I sincerely hope you all enjoy and can't wait for feedback from everyone who listens!"
Track List
1. Sinking in Ether
2. I Want To Know You
3. Tickets To The Brawl
4. Hallowed Head
5. Painless Injection
Dress The Dead
Craig Locicero - Lead Guitar
James Walker - Bass
Kayla Dixon - Lead Vocals
Mark Hernandez - Drums
Mikey Rowan - Guitar
Produced by Craig Locicero & Zack Ohren
Recorded by Zack Ohren & Michael Rosen
Mixed by Matt Winegar
Music by Dress the Dead
Lyrics Kayla Dixon
About Dress The Dead
Craig Locicero’s pedigree is well established: guitarist for Forbidden, one of the pioneering bands in the Bay Area thrash metal movement, and more recently guitarist for Manmade God & SpiralArms. Locicero longed to do something that wasn’t tied to any genre and that’s when he began to put the pieces of Dress the Dead together.Many of those pieces came from Locicero’s musical past.

The first piece was drums. In recent years, Locicero had rekindled his relationship with one-time Forbidden drummer Mark Hernandez, who played with the band from 2008-2011. The early chemistry was still there, and he had just the right feel for the music. Mark is one of the most well respected and versatile metal drummers to come out of the bay area having sat behind the kit with Testament, Vio-Lence, Social Unrest and Re-Ignition.

Next up was bass. James Walker and Locicero played together in rock act Manmade God, which was signed by Rick Ruben to American Recordings in the early 2000s. The mix of creation between veteran bassist Walker and Locicero is instrumental in the band’s sonic assault and its groove. Listen to a song that is written by Walker, as he is notorious for writing a song within a song.

A second guitarist was now needed to round it out. Dan Delay of the post-rock band Drawing Heaven had the versatile chops that expanded the band’s accessible but experimental sound.

With Peter Dolving on vocals, this version of Dress the Dead fine-tuned its sound and performed live at the end 2016 introducing everyone to the newest band formed by Locicero and this carefully selected group of veteran musicians. Peter eventually decided to return to his home in Europe and the search for a new vocalist was on.

Enter…… Kayla Dixon

Dixon has a pedigree that, at first, seems more appropriate for a professional theatre career than a frontwomanof a metal band. She was exposed to artists like Marilyn Manson and Tool from her half-sisters when growing up in suburban Maryland. When her sisters moved out of the house, Dixon moved on to other pursuits like musical theatre. Dixon eventually auditioned for and enrolled in the prestigious
Duke Ellington School of The Arts in Washington, D.C.

Dixon started working professionally in her junior year and finished high school via home study. She then decided to immerse herself in theatre and was soon working professionally. During her freshman year in college, she emerged to front a death metal band. Just as she mulled moving back to the East Coast to pursue more theatre work, she heard the doom band Witch Mountain was looking for a new vocalist.
She nailed the audition and moved to Portland.

Having relocated to the West Coast, Dixon was recommended to Locicero through a mutual friend. She initially worried that she was so different from Dolving she might face backlash from fans who wanted a certain thing. "In my mind, I thought I was going to be trolled, and I didn't know if I was ready to face that,” she says, “But surprisingly there has only been positivity from the first song."

"I want to be continually creating," Dixon adds. "When I heard '1969' I thought it was great. When Craig sent me the other songs like 'Promises & Kisses' I was really in.
I wanted it to be in a band that was heavy emotionally and sonically.”

One of the interesting components of the band is the musical experience gap. Dixon is 23, whereas Locicero and the rest of the band have been in signed recording projects for some time. This dynamic allows the sound of the band to blend generations of auditory power together.

The missing piece …… Mikey

In 2019 Dan Delay had to step away to dedicate more time to family life. Dress the Dead were now on the hunt for a new guitarist. That didn’t last long at all as this presented the almost instant addition of Mikey Rowan.

“Within 5 minutes of our announcing that Dan decided to walk” Craig recalled, "both Mark and I were getting texts from a number of our mutual friends and Mikey himself saying that he was the guy for the band!” It was indeed a sign from the Gods of Rock n Roll.”

Most metal and rock musicians in the Bay Area had been aware of Rowan for many years. As a 16-year-old kid, he got the gig with metal act Insolence after which they were signed by Maverick Records. He immediately made a name for himself with his advanced playing and high energy stage presence.

“Mikey brought exactly what we needed at the perfect time with boundless energy and musical vocabulary. He fearless! We love that and welcome any challenges.” Locicero continued

Collectively, these pieces allowed the band to upend expectations. “From the first day I started this I wanted something that would be unafraid to mix in any influences I had and not worry at all about chasing something or trying to fit in,” he says. “We just want to play music. We have enough influences from all angles, so we don't need to call it anything. I figure other people will do that for us. We have freedom with this and that is our main objective - write great songs and don't worry what you call them.”
Management / Bookings Contact: Tim Healy -
Links to Website and All Socials

Incoming! Johnny O'Neil


MINNEAPOLIS, MN (June 21, 2023) — Johnny O'Neil announces the release of his third album "Brand New Day". Following on the heels of 2021’s Truth Or Dare, O’Neil’s ambitious debut solo album featuring hard rock tunes that showcase his impeccable songwriting abilities, and the five-song EP, LIVE at the Southern Theater (released in 2022), Brand New Day looks at the world through a slightly different lens. Following the tumultuous events of 2020-21 including the global COVID-19 pandemic, the murder of George Floyd in O’Neil’s hometown of Minneapolis that sparked the largest racial justice protests in the United States since the Civil Rights Movement, and the insurrection on the U.S. Capitol, O’Neil wanted to create an album that sparks rejuvenation and celebrates the fact that we made it through alive, looking ahead optimistically – but without rose-colored glasses – to what comes next.

You can stream and purchase Brand New Day at:
There aren’t many musicians who cut their teeth as a founding member of a rock band that performed five nights a week, 50 weeks a year, for 11 straight years, often for an audience of thousands, just as there aren’t many musicians who hold a Ph.D. in clinical psychology. But Johnny O’Neil is a rare artist who combines expert musicianship with astute observations of the human condition gleaned as a therapist and forensic psychologist, all brought to bear on his third solo album, Brand New Day.
“Following such difficult times, I thought it was important to put out a record that rejuvenated people,” O’Neil says. “Although we’re still struggling in many ways, I wanted to say that it’s time to move on and look forward to a better day. Some rock can be really dark, but there’s already a lot of pain and suffering in this world – singing angry songs doesn’t seem to be the way to deal with that. We try to reflect positivity and hope.”
O’Neil’s third solo effort, Brand New Day, covers broad musical territory, taking elements from the past and adding a decidedly modern twist, combining guitar-driven hard rock and R&B with hooky choruses that get stuck in your head for days. Recruiting the talents of John Funk on lead guitar, Benny Craig on bass, and Joachim Baecker on drums, as well as engineer/co-producer Brian Bart – O’Neil’s former bandmate in Dare Force – O’Neil and his full band spent months writing and rehearsing before hunkering down to record with Bart atWinterland Studios in Minneapolis, as well as the legendary Pachyderm Studios in Cannon Falls, Minn., where Nirvana famously recorded In Utero.
Title track “Brand New Day,” with its soaring chorus, “I’m alive, I’m feeling fine” is about “getting through one of the weirdest eras the world has ever seen,” O’Neil explains.
“My Mona,” one of three tracks on the album co-written by Johnny and his blazing lead guitarist partner, John Funk, has a distinct R&B, honky-tonk, Rolling Stones vibe, and tells the story of a touring musician sleeping in a roach-infested motel who’s missing his companion back home, even though she “treats him so cruel.”
Arguably the album’s magnum opus, “Tell Me Your Story” clocks in at almost eight minutes and features soaring, majestic string arrangements swirling around the blistering dual lead guitars of O’Neil and Funk. It was inspired by O’Neil’s experience as a forensic psychologist and therapist. “It’s about someone who comes through a therapist’s door and has been mistreated, but is reluctant to tell their story, even though they desperately need someone to listen, but fear gets in the way. The goal of the therapist is to establish rapport with clients and get them to open up, so it’s a song about hope.”
Johnny O'Neil is excited to announce a show on July 20th at the Moondance Festival in Walker, MN. Show info and tickets can be found at
ARTIST: Johnny O'Neil

1. BRAND NEW DAY (J. O’Neil)
2. TAKE ME DOWN (J. O’Neil, J. Funk)
3. MY MONA (J. O’Neil, J. Funk)
6. IN SEARCH OF (J. O’Neil)
8. HANDS UP (J. O’Neil, J. Funk)
9. DON’T BELIEVE A WORD (P. Lynott)**

Band Members:
JOHNNY O’NEIL: All Lead and Harmony Vocals, Guitars
JOHN FUNK: Guitars
JOACHIM BAECKER: Drums and Percussion

Saxophone on “My Mona”
Piano & Organ on “My Mona,”
“Hands Up” & “Tell Me Your Story”

Backing Vocals on
“Brand New Day” & “My Mona”

Violin on “Tell Me Your Story”

Pachyderm Studios
Cannon Falls, MN
Assistant Engineer:
Nick Tveitbakk

Winterland Studios
Minneapolis, mn
Assistant Engineer:
Todd Fitzgerald

Logic Recording
Minnetonka, MN
Engineer: Brian Bart

String Arrangement on
“Tell Me Your Story”
by Johnny O’Neil & Brian Bart

Johnny O’Neil

The Blood Brothers –
Johnny O’Neil & Brian Bart

Brian Bart

Michael Brandvold

Graphic Design & cover photo:
JoBa Visuals

Band photos:
Tommy Sommers & Kyle Hansen
O’Neil has been in practice as a Ph.D.-level clinical psychologist for over two decades, quite a feat considering he dropped out of high school at 16 to focus on his burgeoning music career. After more than a decade of achieving many of his musical dreams, including the ‘80s with Dare Force, O’Neil decided to go back to school at the age of 28 to get his GED. He went on to earn his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Minnesota, followed by a Master’s degree and eventually a Ph.D. in clinical psychology from The Ohio State University.

Now a solopreneur in private practice as a forensic psychologist, O’Neil conducts Independent Psychological Evaluations (IPEs) of claimants involved in workers' comp and personal injury cases, and provides courtroom testimony as an expert witness – a fascinating occupation to be sure. In fact, he found himself interviewing dozens of Minneapolis police officers who filed disability claims due to PTSD in the wake of the murder of George Floyd in 2020.

Not surprisingly, for O’Neil, playing music is an invaluable form of therapy and expressing his emotions. “I don’t have a choice, I have to play music,” he says. “It’s how I’m wired and how I preserve my sanity. It’s therapy for me. I’ll be performing until my last gasp.”

O’Neil fell in love with music at the age of five, begging his parents to buy him a guitar after seeing The Beatles perform on The Ed Sullivan Show, which they finally did when he turned eight years old. The stars aligned when his future Dare Force bandmate, Brian Bart, moved in across the street when he was nine. “We had a tussle over something silly in the front yard, then my mom invited us in for a piece of cake; we’ve been thick as thieves ever since,” O’Neil says.

O’Neil and Bart immediately bonded over their mutual love of music (including The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Johnny Winter, Steppenwolf, and Creedence Clearwater Revival), and quickly formed a band together. One of their first gigs was at Sunny Hollow Elementary School in 6th grade, where Bob Dylan’s younger brother, David Zimmerman, was their music teacher and introduced their band to an audience of 500-some fellow classmates.

Infusing his songwriting with his personal values of tolerance, compassion and empathy throughout his career, O’Neil believes that an important part of an artist’s job is to not only reflect what’s going on in the world, but also to comment on it and influence it. To this end, O’Neil’s driving rock tunes go beyond being simply upbeat, feel-good rock ‘n roll, to songs that really have something to say to the world.
DARE FORCE: (Johnny O'Neil's previous band Dare Force)
Dare Force was a legendary hard rock/heavy metal band based in Minneapolis that was initially founded by Johnny and Brian Bart when they were 18 years old. Dare Force released three albums in the 1980s and performed in concert with numerous national acts such as KISS, Ted Nugent, Triumph, Kansas, UFO, the Joe Perry Project, and Ratt, as well as headlining in venues throughout the US, Canada, Puerto Rico, and Venezuela. Dare Force also had several songs that received heavy airplay on rock radio stations throughout the midwestern US in the 1980s. Dare Force released its third album, "Firepower," with a reformed version of the band in 1989. The original lineup performed occasional reunion gigs after the long run of the original band ended in 1987, but the original version of Dare Force stopped performing live altogether after their last reunion show in 2002. Dare Force reformed yet again with a return to a four-piece lineup in 2017, and released its fourth album, “Callin’ Your Name,” in 2018.


Incoming! Dev Crawford


‘Punishment Essay Volume III (Memento Mori)’

Punishment Essay Volume III (Memento Mori) was conceived by Dev Crawford after the sudden loss of his childhood friend Brian. Trying to get a handle on his grief, Dev's thoughts turned to looking back at his life, capturing memories of his past and perhaps looking towards the future with a reminder that you must be mindful that death is coming. The title is latin; 'Tempus Fugit Memento Mori', which translates as 'Time flies, be mindful of death' and was chosen as the album title before writing had even started.

Despite being a record very much about death, there are some very uplifting and energetic rock songs on the album, it being important to show that death is not just a bleak and terrifying occurrence but also a chance to take stock and become energised for the future.

Additional mastering services were provided by Machine the Producer in the USA and the work is phenomenal, a huge and dense sound that crashes through the speakers and cannot be forgotten long after the album has finished.

Track-by-track by Dev Crawford:

Opening with the blistering Born Beside The Sea which is a starry eyed account of growing up near the ocean in a town that offered no future for anyone, least of all some of it's weirdest inhabitants. A celebration of the bond that was shared by these outcasts and a fear that by leaving the town behind, he may have missed how important those days were to him.

Life Says No - Is a riotous and cathartic blast of rockabilly fueled punk rock fury. Revelling in the idea that no matter how hard you try, life can and often will simply say no. There is no shame in giving up, only in letting it win.

Sleep No More - A more introspective and expansive track, sounding close to progressive metal but with a keen melodic edge. Dev has lost two friends to sudden adult death syndrome, where you simply do not wake up and it cannot be medically explained. The claustrophobic middle 8 section is a reflection of the anxiety that attacks you in the darkest hours of the night when you should be resting.

Over It - It is simply impossible to be yourself online without making enemies. The worst thing you can do is worry about it, simply get over it and keep being yourself. Revel in making enemies, it means you are doing something right.

One More Story - An epic, constantly changing odyssey of a song, with so many sections, genres hopping all over the place and challenging you to try and keep up. A mix of Cheap Trick, motorhead, faith no more and pretty much anything else you can think of. This is already a firm fan favourite.

Nation Of Pigs - An incendiary assault on the British government and the vile nationalist filth that follow their hate filled ideology. "A bass riff that can reduce buildings to rubble" ...The accidental music reviewer. "This is a storming track and shows how Punishment Essay do not shy away from delicate subject matter".

Sickteen - A huge anthem of a track, looking back at simpler times when getting drunk and your favourite bands were the only thing that mattered. Under it's catchy surface, the song is as much about saying goodbye to those times than simply reminiscing.

Rockstar Infamy - Riff after riff after ********* riff. An onslaught directly aimed at several 'rockstars' dev has met on his travels through the industry and he does not mince his words about them.

Covered In Blue - A bittersweet but anthemic rock song, delicately reminding everyone to be their own hero, to not look to others in fixing themselves. They simply are enough.

Just An Enemy - A dark and threatening track, echoes of Mike Patton and Tool in the verses, simply stating that Dev is very aware of your true intentions. You may approach as a friend but he sees your knife in your hand.

The Outside - Recorded live in the studio, an absolute riot of a track and one of Dev's favourites! Often joking that he is "the best kept secret in british rock" is Dev's way of accepting his underground status. Being on the outside is something that doesn't change easily and perhaps that's the best way to be.

Is Nobody Listening? - A huge marauding riff and a slow pounding rhythm underpins this ferocious blast of anxiety and paranoia. A fear that perhaps no matter how much you scream, what if no one is listening?

There Is Nothing Left - The highlight of the album and a complete departure from the songs before it. Clocking in at over 8 minutes, intricate and delicate guitar work with harmonies dripping over them, before a build to a monumental cadence. It is simply the only way Dev could say goodbye to this record and hopefully capture the sound of his heart breaking.


01. Born Beside The Sea | 02. Life Says No | 03. Sleep No More | 04. Over It | 05. One More Story | 06. Nation Of Pigs | 07. Sickteen | 08. Rockstar Infamy | 09. Covered In Blue | 10. Just An Enemy | 11. The Outside | 12. Is Nobody Listening | 13. There Is Nothing Left

Punishment Essay Volume III (Memento Mori) | Released July 25th, 2023 via Sliptrick Records

Dev Crawford are:

Dev Crawford – Vocals/Guitars | Sean Nugent – Bass/Backing Vocals | Brandon Lee Bolt – Drums/Guitars/Backing Vocals


Monday, June 19, 2023

Incoming! Extrema


EXTREMA - release ‘Headbanging Forever’ music video + new album “Headbanging Forever” out now!

Italian groove thrash metallers EXTREMA released their seventh studio album “Headbanging Forever” on May 10, 2019 through Rockshots Records. After playing a string of clubs shows and festivals, the quartet is now working on a tour in Europe. More news will follow soon.

Today, EXTREMA have released a music video for the new record title track ‘Headbanging Forever’, over on YouTube. Watch now: 

Guitarist Tommy Massara states: “‘Headbanging Forever’ I don’t know a better way to explain what the path of this band has been over our long career, we have never reached the international greatness, but the attitude, the energy and the will to keep on doing honest metal is still all here. The words of the song catch exactly the essence of what metal it should be for us. The video - edited by our singer, Tiziano ‘Titian’ Spigno, and filmed by some of our crew members Steve Travaini, Kalo Mazzarisi and Emanuela Giurano, to name few - is a collage of some of the latest shows played from the band over the last year. No special effects, just a metal band on stage at its finest”.

Order “Headbanging Forever” now: 

More on “Headbanging Forever”:

'For The Loved And The Lost’ OFFICIAL VIDEO:


‘For The Loved And The Lost’ drum-playthrough video:

Trailer#1 ‘The Writing Process’: 

Trailer #2 ‘Band’s History’:

Trailer #3 ‘The Songs’:  

For this album, the band enlisted Gustavo Sazes (MACHINE HEAD, ARCH ENEMY, ANGRA, ICED EARTH, GUS G., AMARANTHE, a.o.) to create the album artwork.

Below is the track listing for Headbanging Forever

01. The Call

02. Borders Of Fire

03. For The Loved And The Lost

04. Heavens Blind

05. Pitch Black Eyes

06. Headbanging Forever

07. Believer

08. Invisible

09. Paralyzed

10. The Showdown

EXTREMAs original line-up was established between 1985 and 1986 in Milan, Italy. In a very short time, the band led by guitars player Tommy Massara achieved a huge success. Tommy is the only remaining member of the original line-up, and over the years he also played the role of artistic and executive producer. 

Hundreds of concerts made the band more and more close-knit and open towards a constant growth path, capable from the beginning of welcoming influences external to heavy metal, a consistent choice within an evolutionary framework which saw EXTREMA start from the rebellious attitude of MOTÖRHEAD to later incorporate the style of Californian thrash metal, a scene with which the band shared the utmost care for the technical side of music and a devastating presence on stage.

The bands reputation as musicians and performers kept growing in a perpetual live context, with extensive tours and the participation to prestigious festivals with the likes of METALLICA, SLAYER, MOTÖRHEAD, and KORN, a.o.

Extraneous from the beginning to political and ideological implications of any kind, EXTREMAs lyrics have always strived to alternate challenging and contemporary themes with lighter subjects, true to rock'n'roll form.

In May 2017 the band welcomed the new frontman Tiziano Spigno. Thanks to his entry, EXTREMA can finally release all the creativity repressed in recent years: a violent, direct and engaging approach which is - at the same time - also varied, courageous and experimental, resulting in the new album Headbanging Forever.


Tiziano TitianSpigno Vocals

Tommy Massara Guitars

Gabri Giovanna Bass

Francesco FrulloLarosa Drums

More info: