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Monday, October 24, 2022

Incoming! Pollyanna Blue

Polyanna Blue to release Haunted

Bristol-based alt-rock two-piece Pollyanna Blue are pleased to announce the release of their upcoming single ‘Haunted’, due for release October 24th.

Formed in the summer of 2019 by Zoe Collins (guitar and vocals) and Rich Earle (bass and vocals), the duo released their debut single Saviour during 2020’s lockdown, being forced to utilise the digital age to share song ideas online before being able to get together in a room to piece them together.

The band’s name was inspired by a self help book ‘Feel The Fear And Do It Anyway’, which talks about a nickname ‘Pollyanna’, typically given to a person who is deemed overtly optimistic.  That ethos, combined with their ability to connect with the more difficult waves of emotions life throws at you, comes together to form the overall 90’s / 00’s alt-rock band vibe that they strive for; powerful and painful.

Their latest single Haunted, taken from their upcoming EP due in 2023, was one of the first songs Zoe had written before starting her Masters in Songwriting and Production in 2017. Feeling like it didn’t have the life in it that she’d anticipated, she took the song to Rich who helped break the song down to its bare bones and fleshed it out with a raw, heavier sonic and darker influence.

Recorded by Ash Scott (Memorist, Harper), Haunted is a tormenting track that lyrically explores processing and mentally fighting against anguish and the pressures of repetitive situations.

Speaking of the inspiration for the song, lyricist and vocalist Zoe Collins says, “In this song trauma is depicted as an unforgiving evil spirit that will come at you at night and relentlessly try to tear you down.  The impactful delivery of the lyrics harnesses the real range of emotions of someone experiencing immense feelings of emptiness, sadness and anger. The lyric ‘like a headache’ depicts the side effects of dealing with large and repetitive amounts of trauma and stress to the brain, painting an unpleasant experience for the person being Haunted by their own predicament.”

The track’s music video, due on Halloween (October 31st) was directed, filmed and edited by Kieran Gallop (Phoxjaw, Sleep Token) and reflects the lyrical themes of the track. 

Haunted is due for release October 24th 2022 and will be available on all major platforms.


The music video will follow shortly after on October 31st 2022.




  • Zoe Collins - Guitar, vocals

  • Rich Earle - Bass, vocals







  • Nothing But Thieves

  • Audioslave

  • Vukovi




Friday, October 21, 2022

New series on ROX - Rock DNA


Coming to get ya next week!
Brand new series on ROX TV and ROX Radio!
Rock D.N.A.
Each special show we feature a band or sound and look back at its origins.
First its the mighty Iron Maiden with archive footage, interviews from the early years and brand new interviews with ex-members of the band.
Catch it next week!! 

Monday, October 17, 2022

Incoming! Triskelyon


Canadian Thrashers TRISKELYON Unleash New Music Video "Balance of Terror"

New Album "Downfall" Out October 2022 via Moribund Records

Canadian melodic power thrashers Triskelyon will be unleashing their debut album "Downfall" on October 28th, 2022 via Washington state-based extreme metal label Moribund Records.

Today, the band presents their latest music video for the single "Balance of Terror". The song features vocals from Amanda Marie Jackman (Category VI). Band founder Geoff Waye explains the track:

"'Balance of Terror' is primarily a nod to the best classic Star Trek episode (Star Trek: The Original Series: Season 1, Episode 14). It's also about the balance of power that has been built up over the decades. The music video was filmed along the coastline in the area of Cape Spear Newfoundland. There's a couple of shots from with the large guns that were a part of Newfoundland's coastal defense during WWII."

Watch and listen to "Balance of Terror" ft. Marie Jackman (Category VI) -

Founded by Geoff Waye, guitarist for Artach and Category VI, Triskelyon was conceived in late 2021 as a studio-only project. By January 2022, the band featuring contributions from vocalists Pete Healey and Marlee Ryley (Hyperia), along with drum programming by Raul Marques (Burning Torment) made their introduction to the metal world with a 3-track self-titled EP.

Composed and written mostly by Geoff Waye, with drum programming provided by Raul Marques, “Downfall” sees the band's next evolution as their first full length and it utilizes a myriad of both male and female guest vocalists from Oberon, Hyperia, Catagory VI and Incidium. “Downfall” has a range and depth of sound unique in today’s modern thrash metal scene, setting the band ahead and apart from the hordes of young new acts. Triskelyon also features guest bass appearances from members of Afterforever and Category VI, making Triskelyon a veritable supergroup of the Canadian metal scene.

Depicting a nature taking over post-apocalyptic view of our ever-screwed-up world, Triskelyon keeps with 80’s thrash tradition employing world-ending yet self-empowering socially conscious lyrical themes. From straight-up 80’s thrashers like “Odyssey (Blessed by Steel)”, to the power metal laced “Find A Way”, and more anthemic thrash tracks such as “Hunger” and “Willful Ignorance”, “Downfall” is sure to satiate even the most discriminating old-school and modern thrash metal fan alike! The album even features a unique and thrashing rendition of the Billy Idol song “Nobody’s Business”.

Album was mixed/mastered by Michael Small with the post-apocalyptic cover art by IvaanMR11.

With “Downfall”, Triskelyon deliver an amazing headbanging album that harkens back to the old-school days of such luminaries as Forbidden, Agent Steel, Sentinel Beast, Détente, Overkill, and Testament.

Pre-orders for Triskelyon's debut album "Downfall" are available at the following links:

CD -

Digital -

Track Listing:
1. Hunger (3:01))
2. Find a Way (4:05))
3. Odyssey (Blessed By Steel) (3:34))
4. Willful Ignorance (4:14))
5. A Time of War (4:03))
6. Balance of Terror (4:22))
7. Apex Predator (4:12))
8. Indifference (4:37))
9. Nobody's Business (Billy Idol cover) (3:54))

Album Credits:
Tracks 1-3 are originally from self-titled demo/EP, the new versions have all been re-recorded bass and have been remixed and remastered.
All songs and lyrics written by Geoff Waye.
All guitars by Geoff Waye.
All drum programming by Raul Marques.
Additional guests:
Dwayne Pike – Bass (tracks 1, 2, 3, 5, 6, 8, 9)
Pete Healey - Vocals (tracks 1, 2, 5, 9)
Marlee Ryley – Vocals (tracks 3, 7)
Amanda Jackman – Vocals (tracks 4, 6)
Des Mason – Vocals (track 4)
Keith Jackman – Bass (track 7)
Darrin Pope – Bass (track 4)
Ellim – Vocals ( track 8 )

For more info:

Incoming Everfrost


EVERFROST's New Video Is "Hacking To The Gate" ft. Shironeko

New Anime Cover Song EP "Frostbites" Out November 2022

Finnish symphonic power metal band Everfrost is sharing their next single "Hacking To The Gate" ft. Shiro Neko from their forthcoming EP of anime cover songs entitled "Frostbites", which is due out on November 11th via Rockshots Records.

Music Video -

Digital -

The band adds about the track:

"Steins; Gate is one of the highest-ranked anime series of all time and its opening song ‘Hacking to the Gate’ has become one of those unskippable OPs beloved by many anime fans. We chose this track for our anime covers-EP ‘Frostbites’ as a nice surprise and also a chance to explore our capabilities as a band, as the song contains some quite unorthodox stylistic elements. This is an emotional show centered around science fiction, electronics, and most importantly time travel, so the song’s mix of colorful chords, strange sounds, and sci-fi-inspired effects create a thick, melancholic aesthetic that fits the theme perfectly. Our goal was to capture this and revamp it authentically in our powerful style. This definitely made it the most intricate and time-consuming track to put together, such as a piece like this deserves.

For the vocals on this track, we had the pleasure of working with the insanely talented Shiro Neko, known for her incredible anime vocal covers on Youtube and working with other artists. Her vocal tone and impeccable Japanese pronunciation were essential in delivering this song. One aspect of the Frostbites EP we haven’t talked about much is the larger investment made in production this time around. From the time put into pre-production to the studios we used, up until the mixing and mastering processes, care was taken to bring the EVERFROST sound to a whole new level. Hacking to the Gate proved to be the song to showcase perhaps the best of all the tracks."


First Single - Flyers -

Second Single - Gotta Catch 'Em All -

EVERFROST is a Finnish symphonic power metal band known for incorporating Japanese anime and manga influences into their music, visuals, and storytelling.

Metal fans and anime enthusiasts alike have described EVERFROST numerous times as the band they were always looking for as the music is created from a passionate desire to energize you, make you happy, and take you away from the struggles of everyday life.

The familiar influences of classic and modern Finnish heavy metal (Nightwish, Beast in Black, Sonata Arctica, Wintersun, etc) are present in the EVERFROST sound, however, the band’s trademark wintery style combined with elements from non-metal genres such as Eurobeat, dance-pop and anime music bring a unique freshness to the mix. The result is an addictive cocktail that has proven to find its way into a wide variety of playlists, DJ sets, parties, and live events.

Another big reason people fall in love with EVERFROST is because of how immersive the band’s universe is. Each album features ongoing stories of a group of characters living in a cursed city, sealed off from the world. The concept is inspired by the ‘secret cities’ experiments established during the Cold War.

The band’s latest full-length album ‘Winterider’ was in particular quite a unique release in the metal world, being a concept album featuring this world and characters in a fully coherent manga comic, following the story and working in tandem with the songs. It received critical acclaim and high scores from multiple well-known metal media outlets such as Kaaoszine, Powerplay Magazine, Bravewords, and Tuonela Magazine.

9/10 The next great power metal band.” - BRAVEWORDS

The album also made it to Disk UNION Japan’s top 10 charts for two weeks, charting at number 1 for the first week.
The band also won Tuonela Magazine’s ‘best new discovery’ award for 2019.

While the music may sound energetic and cheery, the lyrical themes are usually dark, melancholic, and vulnerable, dealing often with escapism through fantasy and entertainment, death and loss, social isolation, and hardship. These feelings and ideas are manifested in the stories and characters, however, the core inspiration stems from how cruel and cold the real world can be at times. This combination of happy music with sad lyrics empowers listeners in whatever stage they are going through or have been through in their lives.

The band features keyboardist and songwriter Benji Klint-Connelly, guitarists Samuli Heiskanen and Joose Ylianttila, bassist Roi Partanen and drummer Jope ‘James’ Salminen. Past members have included vocalists Hew Wagner and Mikael Salo (Thy Row, Dyecrest). The band has also featured and worked with many other esteemed musicians such as Rob Lundgren (Mentalist, Reveal), Yannis Papadopoulos (Beast in Black), Asim Searah (Damnation Plan, ex-Wintersun), Sara Strömmer (Shereign, ex-Fear of Domination) and Bini Silvennoinen (Blame Me!).

For more info:

Incoming Obsidian Skies


Step Into Colorado's OBSIDIAN SKIES' Distant World Through Their Spacey Melodic Death Metal Debut “Saturnian”

Debut EP "Saturnian" Out October 14th

Mixed and Mastered by Tom MacLean (ex-Haken, Athemon, Brutta)

Colorado’s Obsidian Skies, an intrepid duo of Logan Dougherty (guitars/piano/orchestration) and Tim Watervoort (guitars/basses/vocals) are pleased that their debut EP “Saturnian” is now streaming for listeners around the world to enjoy as they explore other worlds and the challenges that come with them.

Lyrically, the album takes place on Saturn’s moon, Titan. In this story, Earth became inhospitable to life and a portion of humankind left the planet to settle on Titan. After colonizing the moon, society began to take shape. Many people could not let go of the thought of all the people left behind on a dying Earth and began to riot. As a result of this, the military presence on the colony dispatched the instigators and enforced a strong, almost dystopian order on the moon. People were at peace, but were not able to live a fulfilling life.

Musically, in order to convey the story, they avoided a repetitive song structure. The songs move through many sections with motivational references throughout to tie them together. Many different instruments carry the melody, including fretless bass and piano. As a whole, the most technically complex part peaks in the middle of the EP as the story climaxes. Their guitars are tuned in drop C, but they didn’t let that limit the tonal centers that they could explore. The band continues to explain the album:

“During the COVID-19 pandemic, working on this album was one of the things that kept us sane. We went through job losses, large life changes, and mental health struggles during this time. The writing was very therapeutic for both of us and it feels amazing to see this EP come to life. We’ve both always seen music as an escape and we bring that into our lyrics. We’ve both challenged ourselves with this album, both as songwriters and as instrumentalists. It’s resulted in something we’re beyond excited to share with the world, an EP that really shows who we are as musicians.”

From heavy rhythmic sections to sweeping orchestral melodies, Obsidian Skies feel they’ve touched on a large part of the musical spectrum with this release. The 25-minute EP consists of three tracks that run together to tell this epic tale of humanity’s battle with adversity. It was produced by Obsidian Skies and mixed and mastered by Tom MacLean (ex-Haken, Athemon, Brutta).

Recommended for fans of melodic death metal and sci-fi, “Saturnian” will especially be of interest to those who enjoy Opeth, Fleshgod Apocalypse, and Epica.

“Saturnian” is streaming now in full ahead of its release on October 14, 2022, via its premiere on TheProgSpace HERE.

Pre-order -

Track Listing:
1. Celestial Age - 6:58
2. Rebirth in the Stars - 11:19
3. Home - 5:52
EP Length: 24:10

EP Recording Credits:
• All songs performed by: Obsidian Skies (Logan Dougherty and Tim Watervoort)
• All songs written by: Obsidian Skies (Logan Dougherty and Tim Watervoort)
• All Lyrics written by: Tim Watervoort
• Produced by: Obsidian Skies (Logan Dougherty and Tim Watervoort)
• Mixed by: Tom MacLean
• Mastered by: Tom MacLean

EP Band Line Up:
Logan Dougherty - Guitars, Piano, Orchestration
Tim Watervoort - Guitars, Basses, Vocals

For more info:

About: Obsidian Skies was founded amidst the turmoil of 2020 by Logan Dougherty and Tim Watervoort. The two had worked together before, but not since the breakup of their previous band Endlight, in 2017. Logan and Tim wrote much of Endlight’s music, with Logan on guitars and Tim on bass and vocals. They performed throughout Colorado, sharing the stage with bands such as Unleash the Archers and Archspire until the band’s end. While they remained close friends, Tim and Logan’s musical and professional paths diverged for a time at this point.

Incoming! Bring The Hoax


Alternative rock outfit Bring the Hoax are set to release their debut, self titled EP on Lövely Records. Combining sweet melodies with fuzzed out guitars into colorful, energetic, and dynamic rock music, the EP ”Bring the Hoax” offers 5 crackling tracks that, among other things, take you on a road trip to Mexico, a jungle trip in the deepest Guyana and all the way back to 1993. Taking inspiration from the massive soundscapes coming out from the punk-, indie- and grunge-era of the 90s and blending it with their own distinct, fresh sound, ”Bring the Hoax” includes everything you want in an action-packed 2022 indie rock record.

”We’re constantly striving for the perfect blend of coarse-grained oversteered guitars that
meets sweet melodies in some sort of asymmetrical harmony. And I think we did a pretty
good job on hese tracks! - Hasse Karlsson
”Dynamic energy, soft aggression and distorted harmony, all in the same package” - Karl
”Bring the Hoax” was recorded by the band themselves, in rehearsal room and studio, and mixed by Markus Ingberg. The EP is released by Lövely Records on all streaming platforms on the 28th of October, 2022. 
The four piece Bring the Hoax infuse their indie rock songs with strong fuzzy guitars and delicately sweet melodies. The songs are held together by an unapologetic force that hardly leaves anyone untouched. It's clear that the band members take their influences from the finishing decades of the 20th century. You can hear hints of Sonic Youth, Dinosaur Jr, Built to Spill and Smashing Pumpkins to name some. 
Bring The Hoax is a rowdy, but yet polished and pleasant companion in the world of indie rock. Gritty dynamics are key in the songs of Bring the Hoax and the balance between the dirty and beautiful guitar tones versus the mountains of distortion and fuzz can be heard in pretty much every song they ever written. The lyrics are poetic and tell suggestive tales about politics, relationships and the everyday struggle that is life.
“Ever since we were kids we have adored a sweet and catchy melody wrapped in a big fuzzy blanket of guitar distortion” - Hasse Karlsson

Karl Nordahl and Hasse Karlsson both grew up in Viksjö, north of Stockholm, Sweden, and were probably destined to become friends since they both were equally unable to resist the mesmerizing pull of the massive soundscapes coming out from the punk-, indie- and grunge-era of the 90s.
When they many years later had their apartments just shy of a 100 meters apart, it was time to start making music together. The first light the band name Bring the Hoax saw was of the fluorescent kind in a dark hotel room without windows, in the basement of a cheap bed and breakfast in Rhodos, Greece, in 2010. 
They asked Mark Petterson (My God Damn Territory, Washing Machina) – who Hasse had played with in a couple of bands and projects earlier - to join them on bass. A bunch of drummers later Mark took the seat himself behind the drums when Sara Engström (Washing Machina, Dag och Natt, Tam Tapir) was able to join on bass.
Bring the Hoax has recorded and produced 2 eps during the years prior to the 2022 signing with Lövely Records. Many great things are going to be revealed in the present future.
Karl Nordahl - guitar and vocals
Hasse Karlsson - guitars and vocals
Sara Engström - bass
Mark Pettersson - drums 
“We'd like to think of our selves as business class indie rock” - Karl Nordahl
Connect with Bring the Hoax:

Sodom best of


Sodom release best of!

What came into being in 1982 in Gelsenkirchen-Buer has lost nothing of its authenticity and rawness, not even four decades later. Tom Angelripper and his men still belong to the spearhead of a music style that draws its energy from pure determination, intransigence and relentlessness. What’s more, Sodom never fail to surprise their fans all over the world. They managed especially well with ‘40 Years At War – The Greatest Hell Of Sodom’, a more than worthy anniversary album that – in various formats – sums up the band`s history in an unusual and highly ambitious way. “Our goal was to re-record one song from each of our previous albums,” Tom explains. “Not necessarily the most obvious ones, we wanted to go for rarities or tracks we`ve never or very rarely played live.” ‘40 Years At War – The Greatest Hell Of Sodom’ will be released on October 28th, 2022 via Steamhammer/SPV as CD, double vinyl record, digital download and as a lavish, richly stocked and extremely limited box set including a bunch of surprises. 

The CD and vinyl double LP with their martial cover artwork penned by Eliran Kantor (Kreator, Testament, Gwar, among others) include 17 tracks, all newly recorded by the current Sodom line-up. Tom: “We cover the songs unaltered, that’s to say: in exactly the same key and with the original lyrics. We’re better musicians now than we were back then, of course, so the new versions sound tighter and more up-to-date. But the arrangements of the songs were deliberately kept unchanged.” Obviously, the highlight of the new album is the richly equipped box set, plus an additional 4-track EP (artwork by Koloss-Skateboards-graphic artist Sebastian Feld aka. Besil Wrathbone) that includes the brand-new song ‘1982’ (the first single/video, release date: August 5th, 2022), in which Tom reminisces about their beginnings: “At first, we just wanted to be a band, the music was almost an afterthought. We were against everything and everyone, wanted to shock the world and the more people hated us, the more motivated we got. Nobody would have expected that 40 years later, we’re still alive and playing. Those 40 years have gone by in a flash, but we continue to look forward.”

Aside from the CD and a differently coloured double LP with all their songs, the heart of the box set is a large-format hardcover book with a gripping introduction by Tom about their beginnings in 1982. In addition, each album to date is honoured on a double page spread, depicting its original artwork and all production information. One of the highlights of the book are the numerous fan statements, which Sodom had reached out to fans for last year, asking for anecdotes and memories. Tom: “We have always put special emphasis on our fan culture. That`s why there’s a number of photos where our fans have had their picture taken with us.” The icing on the cake – or in this case the box set – is an audio cassette (!) containing each and every song from the CD/LP plus an exclusive bonus track: the re-recorded version of ‘Equinox’, originally featured on the 1986 album ‘Obsessed By Cruelty’. Tom remembers: “When we started 40 years ago, we weren’t even sure about who should be playing which instrument. In the end, I was left with the bass. We rehearsed in the auditorium of a secondary school and later on in the basement of a family home that belonged to the parents of a buddy of mine. We were on fire, everywhere you went, you experienced new awakenings.”

The band`s 40th anniversary festivities will be carried over into their concerts in the coming fall. “We’ll not only play the Sodom classics, but also consider fan requests. We`re launching a poll about songs we`ve rarely or never played live on a tour to find out which ones the fans want to hear.” That's exactly what Sodom are about: being close to their fans, full of ideas, burning for action while keeping their eyes on the goal ahead. Tom: “If you want to draw a summary of the past four decades, it can only be this: 40 years later, and we’re still here!”

Tom Angelripper – bass, vocals
Frank Blackfire– guitars
Yorck Segatz - guitars
Toni Merkel– drums

Incoming! Seventh Station


Prog Metallers SEVENTH STATION’s Next Single "The Ruthless Koba" Reflects A Soviet Union Childhood

New Album "Heal the Unhealed" Out November 7th

Slovenian progressive metallers Seventh Station will be presenting their second album “Heal the Unhealed” this coming November. The record is an international effort - rehearsed and recorded through five different studios on three continents ranging from the United States, Slovenia, and Turkey. Full of magnificent sweeps, heavy riffs, and intricate melodies, the band creates an eclectic progressive experience.

For this sophomore effort, band founder and guitarist Dmitri Alperovich wanted to bring his personal point of view from his roots growing up as a Soviet Union child before his family moved to Israel, before finally settling in Slovenia.

"I went through a lot of different circumstances and the processes of adaptation for each country - also resulting in anxiety and panic attacks after all these significant paradigm shifts. Heal The Unhealed is a personal reflection on these experiences and the psychological states they brought, voiced through different characters, including the primary actors of the conditions I had back in the Soviet Union," adds Alperovich.

Today, Seventh Station presents a studio video for their third single "The Ruthless Koba", which is an original arrangement of Dmitri Shostakovich's 10th Symphony - 2nd Movement (op. 93).

Alperovich explains the song in further detail:

"This instrumental track is an original arrangement of a classical orchestral epic, Dmitri Shostakovich’s 10th Symphony, second movement. The arrangement was written by Dmitri Alperovich and it’s the second part of the Soviet Union / Stalin trilogy. The original movement is a description by Shostakovich, of the circumstances and conditions through Stalin’s evilness as the ruler of the Soviet Union. It was very important for us to represent the atmosphere of the original work, so we made a great effort to both respects and celebrate it through the arrangement decisions. Koba was the nickname that Stalin was given by his close friends and the name of the track is an attempt to show the duality between the “friendly” Koba and the ruthless dictator."

Watch and listen to "The Ruthless Koba" via its premiere on MetalInsider HERE.

Following their debut album 2016's "Between Life and Dreams", Seventh Station's sophomore record “Heal the Unhealed” comes out after two years of delay due to the Covid pandemic, and the band is excited to share its six creative and inventive progressive influenced metal songs. Ready to be discovered, it's a hidden gem that was on the shelf way too long and its timing couldn’t be more appropriate. Overall, the album reflects historical events and their psychologies throughout its listening experience. From dreamy atmospheres to technical madness', it’s a musically diverse record.

Vocalist Davidavi Dolev, who was involved for the first time with writing lyrics and vocal lines, explains the full length:

"I wanted to find the right ‘voice’ for the lyrics, trying to voice Dmitri’s musical ideas through surrealism and through the absurd. So, lyrically the point was to magnify even more the panic attacks Dmitri was trying to describe, through the light of harsh and incomprehensible historical events. This album could very much be a progressive assault on the ear, very much for the open-minded, not at all for the weak-hearted. Musically this album is choosing the long path rather than quick gratification but at the same time very satisfying for those who manage to go through this entire orchard."

Applying the knowledge and techniques from classical music in to progressive metal, Seventh Station is an artistic progressive metal band that makes personal storytelling into an auditory event that must be experienced from beginning the end.

Recommended for fans of Dream Theater, Symphony X, and Opeth, Seventh Station's “Heal the Unhealed” comes out on November 7, 2022.

The album pre-order is available at

Music Video - All Hail the Moustache -

Music Video - The Heart of a Nation (Nadia) -

Track Listing:
1. Unspoken Thoughts (07:37)
2. Seven Digits (07:36)
3. The Heart of a Nation (Nadia) (12:27)
4. The Ruthless Koba (05:19)
5. All Hail the Moustache (12:04)
6. A Final Bow (13:41)
Album Length: 58:47

Album Recording and Live Band Line Up:
- Dmitri Alperovich - Guitar
- Eren Basbug - Keyboards
- Davidavi Dolev - Vocals
- Jure Lopatic - Bass
- Grega Plamberger - Drums and Percussion

For more info:

About: Seventh Station is a progressive metal band based in Slovenia, led by Israeli Guitarist Dmitri Alperovich and Turkish Keyboardist Eren Başbuğ. Constructing their sound by fusing progressive metal with contemporary classical music, the band’s new album Healed the Unhealed is their second full-length record, released independently. Featuring an international lineup, Davidavi “Vidi” Dolev (Vocals), Jure Lopatic (Bass), and Grega Plamberger (Drums). On their new record, Seventh Station adds to their “on the edge” performances and compositions more blood, more sweat, and more tears.

Formed between the Academy of Music & Dance in Jerusalem and Berklee College of Music in Boston, Seventh Station released its debut album Between Life and Dreams in 2016. After relocating to Europe and a few line-up changes, Alperovich and Başbuğ knew no borders in the search for uncompromising compositions and musical executors, progressive and challenging. After several tours between the Middle East and post-Yugoslavia, the band gathered together on recording ‘Heal the Unhealed’. Inspired by the Second World War and the Soviet Union, the album is an hour-long reflection in the eyes of Alperovich, who was born in Minsk, Belarus, moved to Israel and eventually found his way to Slovenia. Featuring surrealistic epos, harnessing the band’s skillful abilities in order to express Kafkaesque situations, Heal the Unhealed examines resemblances between dictatorships and the personality disorders of an artist.

Seventh Station is now gearing up for their upcoming record Heal the Unhealed released on November 7th, 2022, along with a supporting tour through Europe and the Middle East, to be announced later this Fall.

Thursday, October 13, 2022

Maiden DNA Interviews

The Iron Maiden DNA interview series on ROX TV. 3 great interviews with the people who helped shape Maiden into the band it became…

Gypsys Kiss.

Terry Wapwrams Buffalo Fish.


Monday, October 10, 2022

Incoming! Upon Your Grave


Quebec City's UPON YOUR GRAVE Now Streaming “Gold & Decay” On NoCleanSinging

New EP "Gold & Decay" Out October 7th; mixed and mastered by Chris Donaldson (Cryptopsy)

NoCleanSinging is now streaming the latest EP from Quebec death metal act Upon Your Grave. With the help of a successful GoFundMe campaign, the band was able to record “Gold & Decay” with producer Chris Donaldson of Cryptopsy in March. This collaboration was the perfect fit that would elevate their performances to a more genuine and aggressive sound. Vocalist Jordan Jolicoeur shares his thoughts on the theme of the EP:

“The theme exposes the duality of beauty and horror and their relation to each other. Nothing is black or white, everything is a nuance of grey living independently in every distinct mind. The heart also represents the revival of the band from the ashes, beating a creative flow in each of our personal lives. The golden heart also represents the power of creativity unphased by the passing of time and the withering of leaves. Instead beating stronger and renewed like the passing seasons. Its creative, aggressive and more mature than any other effort we put out until now.”

The EP is five tracks that each show off the capabilities of this band that has been around since 2009. Over the years, they have experimented with their sound and are now steady and impressive. A live show involves energy, full on impact with the crowd, funny moments and overall a tight performance, that is true to the recordings.

Proving that work ethic and perseverance can truly refine a band’s sound to what they had always been striving for, this new release will be a fresh start for great things to come and is only the beginning of a flourishing career.

Upon Your Grave delivers everything discerning metalheads look for in an album, they incorporate crushing vocals blended with catchy melodies, bad ass guitar riffs and memorable solos, the album is recommend for fans of Daath, Lamb of God, and The Black Dahlia Murder.

The EP “Gold & Decay” is being released on October 7, 2022 and be heard in full before its official release via its premiere on NoClenSinging HERE.

Fun Fact: Main composer/guitarist Sim Diamond was a finalist on Banger TV's Shredders of Metal Season 1 -

EP pre-order -

Music Video - “Supremacy”

Music Video - “Pandora” -

Lyric Video - “Transcend” -

Show Dates:
Nov 12 - Bar Paradox - La Baie, QC
Dec 10 - La Source de La Martiniere - Quebec, QC (EP launch show)

Track Listing:
1. Revived (0:40)
2. From Beyond (4:57)
3. Pandora (3:04)
4. Supremacy (4:59)
5. Transcend (5.02)
EP Length: 18:01

EP Lineup:
Yan Pelletier - Bass
Sim Diamond - Lead Guitar
Jordan Jolicoeur - Vocals
Sebastien Gagné - Drums
Alex Bussieres - Rythm Guitar

EP Credits:

For more info:

Quick EPK -

Established in 2009, Quebec, Canada-based death metal act, Upon Your Grave, is finally back swinging.

In 2019, at the dawn of the band’s 10th anniversary, Sim Diamond, Alex Bussieres and Jordan Jolicoeur grasped the opportunity given by the lockdown to start writing and rehearsing for a new album. This is their first effort since the Eponym debut album back in 2013. During their time away from Upon Your Grave, each member stayed active by releasing albums with other projects like Vibrant Heels and Universal Minds. Lead guitarist Sim Diamond also got to be part of Sam Dunn's Shredders of Metal season 1 and made it all the way to the finals in Toronto. Now adding two new members to the mix, Sebastien Gagné on drums and Yan Pelletier on bass, two good friends from the local band Scars Of Disgrace, the band had found their perfect lineup to go forward.

With the help of a successful GoFundMe campaign, the band was able to go record a new EP with Chris Donaldson of Cryptopsy in March of 2022. this collaboration was the perfect fit that would elevate their performances to a more genuine and aggressive sound. Incorporating crushing vocals blended with catchy melodies, bad-ass guitar riffs and memorable solos that remind us of bands such as Daath, Lamb of God, Sylosis and even All Shall Perish.

Gold & Decay proves that work ethic and perseverance can truly refine a band’s sound to what they had always been striving for. This new release will be a fresh start for great things to come and is only the beginning of a flourishing career.


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