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Sunday, June 28, 2020

Two Gratitude Albums released to thank the NHS for all they've done during the COVID19 crisis - Full Review

No-one can question the hard work and dedicated the NHS has proven during the COVID19 crisis here in the UK. Selflessly working to make and keep us all well. It is then very fitting that not one but two music compilations have been released as a way for musicians to say a big, warm thank you all those involved.

The Gratitude compilation was an idea brought to life by Deadfall Artist/Band Management, Secret Sin Records and The Cage Studios to show support for and to raise money for NHS Together Charities during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Over 80 bands from the alternative music scene worldwide got involved and supplied tracks for the compilation. A renowned artist and friend, John D’Anter, volunteered to do the artwork which is a poignant portrayal of the Covid -19 situation, and the heavy burden fallen on the NHS in the United Kingdom.

Due to the overwhelming response from the bands in the scene, the compilation had to be split into two parts in order to accommodate the number of tracks used.

Gratitude part 1 & 2 is available to download via Bandcamp and has a minimum suggested donation of £ 7.99.

There's something for everyone with the music across these two compilations from metal and punk to dark wave and indie. A fantastic idea that we're sure the NHS will appreciate. There's 87 songs to play which is great value for more from bands like The Arch,  System of Hate and Rome Burns.  Go to the bandcamp page and show your support 9/10 

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