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Monday, March 27, 2023

Fresh Blood! This River

Check out what Stargazer Magazine said about this hot new Welsh band…

Based in Swansea, South Wales, here in the UK, this collaboration of great minds are most certainly reading off the same page when coming together to add their ingredients to this super-hot boiling pot of Rock genius. With attention to detail being second nature, the boys have almost breezed through the whole album with ease, educating us further to what can be done in this genre.
There have been a great many Welsh artists and bands who have graced our screens over the years, who have taken that all important leap of faith to make a difference in their music careers, with 90% of them still achieving today. The secret is determination, belief in yourself, and an undying passion to succeed, something that This RIVER have done wholeheartedly, with a line-up consisting of -
Idge on Drums, Dabs on Bass and Rich on Guitar.

In any musician’s career, it’s all about the journey, contacts made and the good friends you meet along the way. Success comes in many guises, riding the roller-coaster, and braving many a storm over the years before you make it.
Many artists come and go over the years due to trends changing, and this cut throat industry dictating your demise, and yet, if you stay true to yourself and ride the wave, the lessons you learn and experience you gain makes you stronger as an individual, leading you to meet many like-minded musicians along the way with similar stories to tell, and more often than not, your paths crossing for a reason.
It does surprise me that these boys haven’t been signed before, and already up there with the greats in the industry today. But, like a good fine wine, good things come to those who wait, letting things sit for a while to mature, before uncorking to the masses.
And that brings me nicely to the album in question here -
“Lower Your Expectations.”
This band of brothers have cut their teeth in the industry for a great many years, individually, and as a group, and have ingrained themselves in many hearts along the way, and I feel now is their time to shine with a debut album that’s bursting at the seams with originality, and versatility.
Perfectly enunciated throughout, Idge strikes the airwaves with a certain style and grace that leaves the listener hanging on to his every word, as he walks you through the storyboard with ease, leaving you in a more thoughtful frame of mind, before laying you to rest on a sea of tranquility and depth of thought. What’s even more incredible is the fact the vocals are performed by the drummer, not an easy task, but something Idge does to perfection.
Musically proficient, this album comes complete with all the right ingredients for the perfect listening experience, with a rich tapestry of sound, ambient textures, syncopation and dynamics from Dabs and Rich, all lovingly wrapped in this compendium of creativity.
In all, if it’s relatable lyrics that you are after that take you on a reflective journey through your mind, this is the album for you, and won’t gather dust in any collection, and will keep feet tapping and heads bouncing from sofa to stage.

At ROX Network we like what we hear too!
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