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Monday, June 6, 2022

Live Review: Alice Cooper plus support at World Resorts Arena, Birmingham, 30 May 2022

Alice Cooper plus support 

from The Cult and Creeper
World Resorts Arena, Birmingham. 30 May 2022

Mr Cooper's no stranger to Birmingham. He has played there in many line-ups over the years and is always killer. Tonight was no exception...

Monday evening was an odd choice for a concert which may explain why the show wasn't sold out and why the arena took a while to fill up as people fought to get across Birmingham during week-day rush hour traffic.

Southampton rockers Creeper, however, did a fine job of warming up the crowd, happy to play at such a great venue for them. Their brand of gothic rock n roll works well as a taster of things to come. Catchy songs and a like-able band, Creeper look set to go far.  7/10

The Cult were the band many had come to see as well as Alice Cooper judging by the number of Cult t-shirts in the crowd.  With an impressive stage show of their own and a set list full of classic songs and new stuff, we could see why. Who doesn't know "Rain" or "She Sells Sanctuary"?!  

The three piece sure make some noise and were on fire tonight as they delighted both their own and AC fans. Ian Astbury's vocals let him down in parts but no-one cared when the songs are as catchy as the Cults and Billy Duffy played outta his goddamn skin! He was on fire tonight! 8/10

And now, my was time for the nightmare to commence for real....It was time for Alice....

Alice Cooper and the band did not dissapoint. Bar the odd duff note, they were bang on and although it could've done with being a tad louder, the sound was great. Close your eyes and just the music was enough. The on-stage theatrics, however, really make the Cooper show what it is. It seemed a little cramped and patchy on the Arena stage (and no screens!!!) but they stage crew did an admirable job of creating the show for Birmingham. All the hits were here: Poison, Teenage Frankenstein, Eighteen, Dead Babies, I could go on! With a couple of new songs in the set and a ressurected classic "Roses on White Lace" (complete with Nita Strauss solo) the set list was not the longest or most complete but hey, it was a Monday night I guess and Alice ain't getting any younger!

Nita was here usual speedy self on the fret board (though less physical at moment - how's the knee hunny?) but she didn't make Ryan Roxie seem a slouch. Over the years his playing has gotten tighter, more complex and stylish. Great stuff. Drum solo - check. Bass solo?! check! Theatrics....check....

It wouldn't be an AC show without the stage tricks now would it? It has of course been toned down over the years to make it more kid friendly which is a shame personally but we did get the frankenstein monster, big baby and guillotine as gotta be good. Calico Cooper was also great as usual especially during her murder scene on "Roses...". 

With no screens it wasn't great for those with less than perfect visability was, nowadays, unforgiveable.  Why go to all that theatrical trouble if only a few could see it well?!

On the whole, a great night. 3 bands on a Monday. Can't complain. Cooper was awesome. His voice still great and how is so active at his age is astonishing. We do hope this means he won't be stopping live shows any time soon. If the nightmare comes back, so will we! 8/10 CAG & AS.

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