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Friday, May 8, 2020


Blowtorch is 2014 founded Finnish Hardrock band from the city of Pori. The band is known from it's energetic live performances that are usually full of surprises. The line-up has changed a bit during the history and the only original member of the band is the bass player. Band has already announced deceased on 2018. Well, it didn't take that long that the band came back stronger than ever with the current line-up.


'Hangoverdose' -album's recordings started on summer 2019 and the album was finished in autumn. But things didn't go exactly as planned. The hard drive of the studio computer broke down. But after different turns they were able to save the album master and here it is!


11 tracks filled with alcohol flavored hard rock!


Blowtorch is:

Niko Laaksonen - vocals, guitar

Eetu Kauhanen - guitar

Tero Korkeakoski - bass, vocals

Juha-Tapio Anttonen - drums

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