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Monday, May 25, 2020

ROX Interview: Minatox69

Italian metal band Minatox69 are a five piece from Vicenza. Their sound is aggressive, loud and fast. They've been around for a while now perfecting their audio assault and we though it was high time we pinned these guys down for an interview.

  1. So, Tell us a bit about your latest project Minatox69?

We formed in 2010 but reached the final line-up in 2018, giving birth to our current and typical sound.

The core of the project is to propose an aggressive style of metal music, shaped by different influences (death-black, thrash, hardcore, rock), with mathematical approach to the rythm and many changes in melodies. All this is related to psycho-social issues in our lyrics.

  1. And you’ve done a new track “Nothing new under the sun”. Tell us About that, Who’s involved and what’s the music all about?

We chose this song as first single and video to promote our upcoming album Collapse because we wanted to start with a strong sound impact and straight fast beats, as well as for the social meaning in lyrics. The theme is about the human ineptitude to changes, blinded by the utopia of a fairer society, we're destroying each other due to our greed. "Nothing new under the sun" means that we shouldn't be surprised by this drift, because the moral and social corruption has remained unchanged for centuries, if not millennia, and so it will be forever, it is in our human nature...there will always be victims!

  1. Have you done any full album?

In the last years, we produced some demo cds in 2010 (La foca nel deserto), 2012 (Hot Line) and 2019 (Zero) , but we can say that Collapse, recorded in January 2020 and coming out next month, is our first full concept album!

We tried to create a massive heavy sound that could embrace different melodies for different kinds of emotions, depending by the themes in the lyrics, from social criticism to psychological investigation.

The title Collapse represents the physical and moral collapse of This humanity,

still harnessed between hatred, greed, economic interests and social alienation…but, only by collapsing, everyone of us can learn to get up and change, overcoming difficulties ...

this album spread a message of distrust but also of hope: the coolest illusion of any living being!

  1. Are you all Metal-heads at hearth?

We grew up togheter playing music, having fun, becoming friends since we were kids, thousands of party and concerts, also strong and bad times, always listening and playing Metal, venting ourselves through music... surely we are not normal people... just if you see us together a few minutes and it seems a madhouse of idiocy, jokes and pranks (the Italian melodrama)! Hahaha

We don’t need to be Metal-heads, we live Metal-lifes!

  1. Any live shows planned?

Unfortunately it seems that the Corona Virus has screwed us all, both artists and fans, at least for this year 2020.

However, we're working hard to get back on stage hopefully by autumn-winter…we'll see, we're ready!

  1. what's next then for the band?

we are confident for the future, both for Minatox69 both for the situation about Corona Virus.

In June we will release our new album, promoted on many different channels

(webzine, radio, tv, streaming). We are also working on new videos that will be released in this

summer, waiting to return on stage when we will get the opportunity...some of us have already

started working on new riffs for a probable next album.

  1. You’re stuff has some obvious influences but who would you say was your biggest inspiration?

Let’s say we don’t have a favorite band for inspiration. We try to draw from all our musical

background, we always tried to create sounds and melodies that are a mix of

many sub-genres, death, trash, newmetal, groove, hardcore, sometimes punk or rock...the aim is to

mash the different styles and tastes that characterize everyone of us Minatox69.

If we really have to make some names, let’s say pillars like Sepultura, Pantera, Slayer, Slipknot,

Meshuggah, Tool & Faith No More.

  1. Favourite album?

It’s hard to name one, certainly an important album for us is Vulgar Display of Power: outspoken, powerful, without compromises.

  1. Who would you love to work with on another project given the chance?

It’s a very difficult question... we hope to work with artists and producers who can inspire the best of us…maybe it could be cool to work with Mike Patton for his fool-minded research of melodies and sonic atmosphere.

  1. Any advice for a musician or band just starting out?

We can just say that you have to put a lot of passion and willingness to make things work ... it takes tenacity, long time to devote, patience and trials. You have to manage the band like a family team, in which if everyone does their best, satisfaction and maybe success will come.

By the other side, It is very important to work with Professionals both in management and promotion, both in sound-technicals.

Never forget to thank the fans and involve them in every possible activity, in the social media or during the live performances.


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