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Monday, June 1, 2020

Album review: Rough Grind - Pieces of Resistance

Rough Grind
"Pieces of Resistance"

Out now in the usual ways via Inverse Records

It's hard to believe, but this is Rough Grind's first full album! The Finland four-piece have released a polished and very impressive album of 10 non-stop rockers that any well-established band would be proud of.
Describing themselves as "dark roasted rock", the band have created a hard-edged rock sound that fuses metal, rock, grunge and blues to great effect. From the fast paced metal fest of "Corporate God" to the album's straight-ahead rock n roller ending track of "Only Don't  Fools Like Rock n Roll" (not sure if this was the right choice for the video as its a nice end song but doesn't show the band off as well)  the band stretch their capable music muscles to produce a well-rounded and exceptionally catchy and rocking album. Never do they conform to modern production norms either. With lush effects and soundscapes and plenty of space in the mix this is well produced and professional.

The dual guitar sound of Ville and Arg works well and the vocals of Sami (who also plays bass) is distinctive and has a retro vibe to it which just hints at modern vocal techniques. Refreshing.

The standard song has to be "Corporate God" for me and there's only one song that is a little weaker than the others, third track "State of Play" which is a little off. Overall, this is an excellent debut album from a band that I'm sure will go far. Another feather in Finland's metal cap! 9/10 Roxy.

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