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Tuesday, June 16, 2020

Album review: White Crone - The Poisoner

White Crone
The Prisoner

Available on CD and Digital. Independent Lisa Mann Music. 2020

Lisa Mann is better known as a blues guitarist and vocalist so it was a bit of surprise when the release of "The Poisoner" was announced. This is not a blues album; this is a metal album with a distinctive, Pagan sound.  White Crone is an altogether different bucket of metal.

With lyrical content Ronnie Dio would be proud of, White Crone's album is pure classic metal. Epic and bombastic; dark and brooding.  There's a hint of Iron Maiden here to, especially in the bass lines. 

It's not the most complex or challenging of albums but if you like your metal pure then this could suit you. Of course, Lisa's guitar playing is spot on and this is demonstrated in the three (yes three!) short instruments. She is amply supported by drummer Larry London (and Vinnie Appice on "Under Hag Stones"), guitarist Medhi Farjami. For a new project they seem to gel well.

Production (by Lisa and Kevin Hahn)  is, well, a little sparse. Sure it's clear and metal but lacks real depth and polish unfortunately which let's things down a bit. It's also strange that they chose the title track as the lead promo when there are much stronger songs to be had here including the pounding and much more commercial "New Planet Earth" or "Edge of Gone" which is very reminiscent of classic rock song "Mississippi Queen".

Lisa is an impressive musician, no doubt about it and "The Poisoner" is a good example of metal across its 12 tracks. It could be a grower and we do love the instrumentals we have to say. She rocks! 6/10

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