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Wednesday, June 3, 2020

Assignment return

The prog metal outfit ASSIGNMENT is back with its new album "Reflections"! 

As usual, the band follows its credo "metal without boundaries" and offers ten tracks with different atmospheres and epic melodies. The album also introduces the band’s new drummer, Michael Kolar (exVictor Smolski's Almanac, Horsemen) as well as guest vocalist Inés Vera-Ortiz. SONGS "Trilogia Balkanica" and "Mercyful Angel" belong together and are dedicated to the remembrance and 20th anniversary of the NATO bombings in Serbia. The NATO mission was sometimes also called "Merciful Angel" - a rather cynical, sarcastic, and inhuman name for it. The song perfectly represents the hypocrisy of the Western civilization, especially of the USA. "Mercyful" in the song title is misspelled on purpose, and a little homage to the band Mercyful Fate. "Corporate Men" tries to look behind human behavior in today’s business world – how far do you go to achieve some kind of recognition, and financial advantage? "Reflections", the album’s title track, takes a deeper look at the life of people like Panić’s father, who were forced to leave their homes due to poverty and move to a different country to earn some money. People, who just stayed for a couple of years, to save some money to live a better life in their home countries. People, who are now old, still living in the country that does not feel like home while carrying their "real homes " in their hearts. "Endlessly" is about and the connection between a father and daughter, and the feelings and consequences following the break-up of a family and how children suffer due to decisions that are and were not theirs to make. "Unknown Hero" and "Silent Nation" kind of pick up the story that ended on the album “Inside Of The Machine”: The lyrics deal with the development of society and the critical point when things obviously go wrong. And the will to sacrifice that is needed to change anything that would help most people – and this sacrifice is, as history clearly shows, paid by blood

ASSIGNMENT – Reflections out on August 21, 2020 
1. Trilogia Balkanica 2. Mercyful Angel 3. Obsession 4. Corporate Men 5. Reflections 6. Submission 7. Timeline 8. Endlessly 9. Unknown Hero 10. Silent Nation Line-up Diego Valdez - Vocals Goran Panić - Guitars Heiko Spaarmann - Bass Gert Sprick - Keyboards Michael Kolar - Drums

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