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Monday, June 22, 2020

ROX REVIEWS: 22 June 2020


Mini review round-up for June 22

E.P.  2020 via Noisegate Records

Danish four-piece rockers The KillerHertz have put out this excellent EP as a follow up to the previous album "A Mirror's Portrait" upon which this EP shows a strong development in musicality and production insight. The four songs on here are all very catchy and rocking but with a great sense of melody and space. The production has an almost 80s vibe to it at times, thick and lush. Thomas Trold has a real rocker voice - gritty and yet melodic and his own guitar forms part of the musical landscape with lead guitarist Jonas Roxx to great effect. It's nice to hear good, smooth and well recorded rhythm section too. Not a bad thing to say about this EP except - we wanted more! 9/10

2020 Independent Release in digital formats

"Auto Da Fe" is Scrollkeeper's first full length album and it shows great promise. Fans of traditional, epic and bombastic metal will lap up the Texan's music. With elements of Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and even King Diamond the band's sound, while not unique, is a good example of how metal was before all the time-coded, auto-tuned drivel flooded the metal market. Production could certainly be better but this is an independent release remember from musicians who wanted to stay as close to the original NWOBHM and thrash classics that obviously inspired. Vocalist  Justin McKittrick has good range like classic era Rob Halford and Alexander Kamburov plays guitar in a traditional way like Maiden. The album's subject matter is thought-provoking too and tells stories like metal should. Stand-out tracks are opener "Event 201" and "Blood and Sand", but their cover of "Hellion" is terrible, Not bad metal fans 6/10.

2020 Digital formats and CD from band. Independent release

The second release from Greek rockers Leftover Bullets is a rocker! A fuckin' rocker!
The five-piece are such capably musicians and know how to rock, playing songs that are catchy and full of style and grit. There's an 80s sound here (which they proudly aren't shy about their inspirations) and this comes through in production. A good job indeed - rounded and with space and loose free-flowing drums by George Dimitridis.  Yiannis Vogiatzis seems capable of shaping his voice to any style from sleazy rock to grunge and epic sounding ala Midnight and even a li'l Billy Idol. With twin guitars from George Karathanasis
and Vasilis Mpagas they're plenty to keep air guitarists happy too. Some well crafted songs on this album that will get under your skin including the brooding "Trailess Smile" and punk-rocker "Nancy". 

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