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Sunday, July 19, 2020

ROX Interview: Abby K. is making waves and she's here on ROX....

1. What made you pick up the bass and learn to play Abby?

Abby K: I began playing bass around 4 years ago after attending a KISS concert. I was so inspired seeing Gene Simmons and I knew right then that I had to do that too.

2. At what age was this?

Abby K: I attended the KISS concert when I was 12 but didn’t find my way to a bass until I was 13 or 14. I began playing guitar immediately after the concert because it was all we had, but eventually, I found myself on bass!

3. By 2018 you went to GRAMMY Camp in LA. Tell us about it?

Abby K: I was selected out of hundreds of applicants to attend GRAMMY Camp in 2018. It was incredible and what I consider the best week of my life. I had the opportunity to work with industry professionals and this is also where I was introduced to songwriting. 

4. Then you went on to open for another woman who is leading the way "Nita Strauss". How did that go?

Abby K: I have opened for Nita Strauss twice now, once in December of 2018 in South Carolina, the other in May of 2019 in North Carolina. Both of these experiences were amazing, yet totally different. The first time I opened for her, it was more of a star-struck moment, especially when she got on stage to play The Trooper with my band! The second time was after I had signed my management deal and started taking music seriously. That time, I was really there for business.

5. You've signed a management deal with Eddie Z too?!

Abby K: I signed a management deal with Eddie Z of The Playroom in Charlotte, NC March of 2019. It has really been a crazy ride ever since and it has helped me take everything to a new, professional level. I have gotten to record and release three singles and have played all over the east coast of the US!

6. And now you've released single no.3 "Rock the Rock". Tell us about it?

Abby K: Rock the Rock came about a few months ago after a publication released top rock songs of the decade. I was shocked to see that the songs on the rock charts were the exact same ones that were on the pop charts. There were many great real rock songs by artists like Ozzy Osbourne, Tool, Godsmack, and MANY more, but none of these were featured on the top rock song chart. I feel like rock and roll wasn’t given the fair chance it deserves. I wrote Rock the Rock in response to this as proof that rock and roll is still here, and rock and roll will never die. 

7. What's next? A full album?

Abby K: There is a lot of uncertainty in the music industry right now, but one thing that I am sure of, is that we will continue writing, recording, and releasing as much music as possible! We are working on a fourth single right now, but we are not sure where we will take it after that. 

8. Any live shows planned?

Abby K: We had tons of live shows planned… and canceled. We were supposed to tour this summer but we are really hoping we will be able to reschedule for next summer! 

9. Who are your musical influences?

Abby K: I have gone through a few phases of influences. The first musical influence in my life was my dad because when I was little and asked him for a Justin Beiber song on my iPod, he gave me Iron Maiden instead! Gene Simmons was my first musical hero since he was the one that inspired me to play. Currently, I look up to Steve Harris of Iron Maiden, Lzzy Hale of Halestorm, and Nita Strauss of Alice Cooper. 

10. What's next for Abby?

Abby K: I will be doing a free worldwide live stream on Sunday, July 26th from The Playroom. All information, including the link to join, will be posted on my social media @abbykonbass and my website

11. Any advice for a girl just starting out in rock music?

Abby K: Absolutely!!! Never let someone tell you that you can’t do something because of your gender. It will happen, I know that first hand, but you just have to prove them wrong by doing it!

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