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Tuesday, July 14, 2020

ROX Network Newsblast 14 July 2020


The new, and second, full length album from Italian band Constraint has been released, called 'Tides Of Entropy'.  This album has been released as an Independent Release.

Constraint was founded in 2011 as a symphonic metal cover band. Their first release is the demo
"Illusion of a Dream" (2012), followed by their first full-length "Enlightened by Darkness" in 2016.

They have been performing in various venues and festivals, including: OFF, MO (April 2012), Red
Lion Pub, MO (April 2012), Borderline, MO (February 2013 with Sleeping Romance) Alchemica,
BO (February 2015 with Nightland), Dark Mysterious Fest, TO (April 2015 with Cadaveria and
Whyzdom), Borderline, MO, (February 2016, Enlightened by Darkness release party with
Revenience and Sailing to Nowhere), Wings of Bea, Almè, BG (May 2016), Vampyria, RE (May
2016), Milady Metal Fest MN (May 2017 with Cellar Darling and Kalidia), Straevil, BS (June
2017), MK Live Club, MO (June 2017), Isola Rock, VR (August 2017 with Kaledon), Busto
Arsizio, VA (September 2017 with Nanowar of Steel), La Tenda, MO (May 2018), Vox, MO
(November 2018 with Living Theory), Arci Tom (January 2019 with Arcana Opera), Condor
(February 2020 with Kalidia).
After an important line-up change in 2018, Constraint released the single "The Big (B)End" in June 2019, then the second single "Golden Threads" and a cover of "Slave" by Leprous. They began a Kickstarter campaign for their second album, which has been successful. The self-produced album was released on 23.03.20 independently and distributed digitally via Sepulchral Silence. The new songs show a musical and stylistic maturity seasoned with progressive undertones.
More about this band can be found at:  

FROM THE RUINS new album " Into Chaos"

From the Ruins is an unadulterated and unapologetic thrash metal band! Formed in Reno, Nevada , USA in 2016, the band quickly exploded onto the scene and began obliterating clubs across the West Coast. The bands sound is built around the machine gun riffing of Chuck Reyome and Scott Schlingheyde, as well as the powerhouse vocals of Isaac Wilson and the lethal rhythm section of Jim Wilson (bass) and Robert Landers (drums).
"Into Chaos" is six songs of razor-sharp thrash metal with influences from Death Angel, Kreator and Slayer as well as some of the melody and progressive tendencies of early Savatage and Metal Church . Fans of heavy metal and thrash can rejoice in yet another band flying their metal freak flag proudly. From the Ruins are metal through and through.

Having spent a few months building tracks, and forming a direction for the band, it was decided that the skills of a vocalist might be worth a shot. After a long and varied search, (and a small twist of fate) Dan Golding was etched into the Fabuliste ranks as the resident vocalist/lyricist.

We have since gone on to record and release two singles, with the third single 'Left for dead' due for release at the time of writing, and plan to release either a full album, or E.P for 2020. We have to date performed in various venues in Dublin , including a slot at one of the 2020 Bloodstock metal to the masses shows, with further live dates postponed for this year, which hopefully will go ahead in the near future. It is early days for Fabuliste , but we do hope to continue to carve a path for ourselves in some form within the European live festival, and touring scenes, to continue to record our own material, and to grow a further reaching fan-base to the people who love the music, that we ourselves would cherish to be a part of. 



HOLE DUG DEEP Live With The Fear Of Being ‘Buried Alive’

Buried Alive brings a heavy melodic groove metal Seattle style hard rock from Hole Dug Deep, coupled with their dark view of life as we know it. With Buried Alive, the band look at the world through the eyes of a dark soul traveler into the mind of evil and death. There you will find Hole Dug Deep’s signature heavy guitar melodic bass and dark vocals. It is truly a journey to the pits of hell.

The album covers many themes and begins with a strong message to realize self destruction before it’s too late. We then move through odes to the homeless epidemic going on in the US along with almost relaxing instrumentals and even dealing with death as teenager. The group recorded at Soundhouse Studio in Seattle, Washington with Mikel Perkins on production duties. Mastering was by Chris Hanzsek at Hanzsek Audio in Snohomish, Washington.

The album artwork was created by lead man Brian Christensen. The angel of death is the mascot for Hole Dug Deep especially if that Hole is 6 feet Deep!

Buried Alive | Released July 28th, 2020 on Sliptrick Records

Track Listing:

01. Hole Dug Deep | 02. DeadBeat | 03. Mental | 04. Welcome To Hell | 05. Next Time | 06. Brick | 07. Them Bones | 08. Uranus Is Nice

Recorded at Soundhouse Studio Seattle Washington US by Mikel Perkins & mixed by Mikel Perkins | Produced by Mikel Perkins & Hole Dug Deep | Mastered by Chris Hanzsek at Hanzsek Audio

Hole Dug Deep are:

Brian Christensen – Vocals/Rhythm guitar/Lead guitar | Daniel Rathbun – Bass guitar | James Johnson (Clay) – Rhythm guitar/Lead guitar | Thomas Hixon (TJ) – Drums


Rock queen and founder of Hellz Lisa Perry has set the date for the release of Hellz newest single 'Control of the unholy' which officially hits stores on July the 17th, 2020. The single co- written by Perry and Lexx Majik is sure to get audiences ignited with the powerful and addictive energy that Hellz is now known for. This new single follows a year of success for Lisa Perry who has recently celebrated an endorsement by the Legendary RØDE microphones. Perry has also taken number 1 on the South African ITunes Rock Charts with her February hard rock release 'Fire to the sky' and most recent successful release 'Bitch ran away' in June 2020, both co-written with Gorka Alegre  (Death Keepers / ZhenX).  The single currently is still in radio rotation worldwide. Bitch ran away also gained Lisa a nomination in the 2020 World Songwriters Awards in the Rock Category. 2020 has definitely been a busy year for Lisa Perry and she isn't slowing down as she prepares to wow audiences again with Julys release. 
The new single brings more of the ballsy attitude people love from Hellz and has a strong message to share 

"We are in the dawn of a revolution. "We are the frontline of a very new reality." "When i was in the studio writing the lyrics and laying down the vocals to this song, I felt propelled by the spirits and emotions of the unjustifiable fallen souls in this world and everyone still battling life as we now know it." "This song is the voice of the people and its time the people were heard." " There is alot of raw emotion, conspiracy, anger, sadness and uncertainty in this world at the moment." " I feel we the people need a song to relate to about the way we feel." " People are looking for direction but in reality no one really knows where we are headed."  "I hope the lyrics and emotion of this song grips everyone's hearts around the world."

CONTROL OF THE UNHOLY will be released on all major music platforms worldwide July 17th. people can also follow Hellz on Facebook at and at the official website  

Australia's lady of rock, Lisa Perry is a true singing and songwriting force. Lisa embodies a giant 6 full octave range, paired with the power of a freight train. Undoubtedly, Hellz has the voice to make any rock and heavy rock vocal memorable. 

Hellz passion working within the music industry is second to none. Lisa Perry works tirelessly, every day to keep her dream alive and her many baskets full. Lisa is honored to have one of the most legendary vocal microphone companies as an endorsement. RØDE Microphones is helping Lisa create her very own custom studio and stage Mic.  

Lisa's positive outlook and explosive stage charisma is loved by many fans globally. Lisa Perry is a complete package she designs and makes the costumes, creates the photography and music videos, creates digital promotions, campaign's, Makeup artistry, songwriters, produces, manages all social media and websites. Lisa has an amazing energy.

2019 - 2020 brought endless opportunities and collaborations with well known artists such as Jeff Young /Megadeth, Jeff Totoura/ Blue Man Group and Steve Fieldman lead singer of Iron Butterfly. Most recently also working with Baron Rojos Gorka Alegre and Metalium guitarist Tolo Grimalt. Lisa is proudly endorsed by Olympus Custom Guitars. The Australian brand has created one of a kind guitars for artist such as Richie Sambora and Orianthi. Other endorsements by Australian coffee company High Voltage Coffee.

2020 was to be a huge year for Hellz as she considered offers to perform both internationally in the USA and nationally in Australia. Lisa was booked to play at a festival with artists in New York including Joel Hoekstra /Whitesnake, Christopher Caffery /Trans Siberian Orchestra, Bobby Rondinelli (Black Sabbath), Greg Smith (Ted Nugent Band), Anthony Krizan (Spin Doctors).

Various festivals and well known Australian bands have contacted Hellz about performing. In February 2020, Lisa released her third single Fire to the sky which was spoken of highly amongst industry listener's worldwide and received extensive radio rotation and international airplay. The the track also taking the number 1 position on the South Africa ITunes Rock Charts and also taking 16th place on the overall charts. Hellz June 2020 RELEASE, 'Bitch ran away' has received  massive radio play in over 200 countries around the world over 170,000 plays in 2 weeks on Facebook and is the running for an award in the SUMMER 2020 WORLD SONGWRITING AWARDS -  ROCK CATEGORY. The awards are widely recognized by industry insiders giving legitimacy to highly talented songwriters and artists. Lisa is also co writing with Tolo Grimalt who toured alongside some of the world's most successful artists supporting Alice Cooper, Anastacia, Michael Schenker with Temple of Rock (ex Scorpions members). You can hear and see Tolo Grimalt absolutely shredding it on Hellz release Bitch ran away.

Hellz is now focusing on writing and recording during the recent world events.

Hellz, is quickly becoming a known and sought after name within the music industry internationally. Appearing as both front cover and centerfold of magazines such as Flirt Magazine. Lisa is always busy. The latest single due to be released on June 5th, Lisa has Co-written with Gorka Alegre. Alegre is an undoubtedly brilliant musician, well known for his strong bass lines, songwriting and producing skills. Alegre, was the frontline bass player and member phenomenal Baron Rojo and Death Keeper.  Alegre has also worked alongside Steve Adler Guns and Roses, Herman Rarebell of The Scorpion's, Nick Z Marino and Mike Vescera of Yngwie Malmsteen and Manny Charlton  of Nazareth. Together Hellz and Alegre are working on two up coming releases in early 2020. 

Performing is in the blood of Hellz.

As a young child Hellz was spotted and mentored by her dance teacher Ross Hutchison, a successful dancer/choreographer known for his dance performances alongside Liza Minelli and Sammy Davis Jr and choreography for the great Benny Hill.

Her father is a former session musician on the 60s and 70s British music scene. Together they performed as Wooky Hollow for over 10 years performing alongside well known Australian artists such as Johnny Diesel and Mark Seymour from Hunters and collectors.

Single review 'Bitch ran away'


With the wind from their debut EP still strong under their wings, Modern Metal duo "Behind The Horror" prepare to release their first full length album - 'Burn Up This Truth'. Their campaign of carnage will unleash its full wrath onto the world 08/10/2020 and will demonstrate the full power of "Behind The Horror"

After much success from their debut EP - “...And The Horror Begins” which can be heard here: Behind the Horror put pen to paper, fingers to frets to write the album that would present to the world their full range of capabilities. They released their first single in late 2019 to test the waters and had great response which can be viewed here:

About the band:
Behind The Horror is a metal band from Brazil but based in New Jersey, led by brothers Gabriel and Lucas Alves on guitar and drums. An emerging band influenced by Metallica, Sepultura, Death, and Dream Theater. Behind The Horror has taken those legendary sounds and infused them with its own unique take on heavy music to create rock with worldwide potential. The brothers had already played many shows and festivals in Brazil and the time felt right to take a leap of faith and pursue the dream they’ve shared since childhood.

Says Behind The Horror:
Despite sharing many of the same interests and pastimes, we all are inspired by our devotion to the Metal and the great tales from our favourite games like Magic: The Gathering and World of Warcraft things that lead us to work seamlessly in a creative setting. We take turns writing lyrics so we are all invested in each song and its meaning.

The band is poised to break and knows it and soon the rest of the metal community will know it, too. Behind The Horror is coming on strong from the underground with the talent and fury to capture it all. Expect to hear and see a lot more.

Says Behind The Horror:
Our music blends the old thrash-metal, progressive arrangements, and modern tones to create an unique sound. Our lyrics tell our personal histories but mixed and  inspired by our favourite games. We’ve written about the excitement of travelling alone, epic battles, and our passion for Metal.  

Montreal Heavy Rockers PARADISE Share 1st Music Video From Quarantine Series "From The Van"

Watch "From The Van" Quarantine Video "Away From You"

New Self-Titled Album Out Now! via Vega Musique

L-R - Fred Crew Grr (Guitar), Matt Hias (Drums), Fred Kelly (Bass), R.L. Black (Vocals), Frank Kelly ( Lead Guitar)
Photo Credit – R.L.Black

Album and Live Band Line Up:
Fred Crew Grr - Guitar
Fred Kelly - Bass
R.L. Black - Vocals
Matt Hias - Drums
Frank Kelly - Lead Guitar

Like many musicians and bands around the world, members of Montreal's heavy stoner rockers Paradise have been separated from one another as a precaution to the Covid 19 pandemic. Not able to see each other to have regular jams along with postponements of performances, the band has adapted to the state of the world and continues to promote their heavy and winding arrangements of corrosive rock with the creation of a new quarantine video series entitled "From The Van".

For the series, the band has recorded two songs from their latest self-titled album released this past March. Today, the band shares their first video for the track "Away From You".

"Funny enough, we all own our own vans, so we decided to each record ourselves performing our tunes with multi-camera angles. This is Covid 19 style! We couldn’t do it on stage, couldn’t do it for our fans, so we did it in our vans!” says vocalist R.L. Black.

Watch the quarantine van version of "Away From You" on the following platforms:

Back in the summer of 2002, co-founders and fellow guitar players, Frank Kelly and Jet Phil recruited good friends Mike Plant (Sword) and drum god Michel “Away” Langevin (Voivod) to release Paradises 1st album “Rock Anthropologists on the Kon Tiki Voyage”. Summer of 2004, the usual suspects were rounded-up including a collaboration of Voivod’s late but great Denis “Piggy” D’Amour to work on Paradise’s follow-up record “Hotel”. Now in 2020, composed of Frank Kelly (guitars), Fred Kelly (bass), RL Black (vocals), Fred Crew Grrr (guitars) and Mat Hias (drums), Paradise, like a phoenix that is reborn from its ashes, have released a new eponymous album that sways on the line between hard stoner rock and pure heavy metal that was mixed and mastered by Kevin Jardine of  Slaves On Dope. From the opening piece and future classic “Straight From Hell” to the album closer “Free in Exile”, Paradise delivers an album where the balance between catchy riffs, attitude, intensity, and melodies is perfect.

Paradise's self-titled album is available for stream and download on SpotifyBandcamp, and Apple Music.

Music Video "Straight From Hell" HERE.
Music Video "Hitting On All Sixes" HERE

Track Listing:
1. Straight From Hell (3:37)
2. Hitting On All Sixes (3:53)
3. Who Do You Wanna Be (3:35)
4. One Of A Kind (4:34)
5. Never Cry Again (3:33)
6. Low Down And Shaking (4:59)
7. Barn Burner (3:37)
8. Long Gone (2:54)
9. Away From You (3:30)
10. Free In Exile (4:03)
Album Length: 38:20

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