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Monday, July 20, 2020

ROX Network Newsblast 20 July 2020

American Thrash Legends HAVOK announce special edition vinyl re-issue series

Pre-orders of the three classic albums are now available via Candlelight Records 

Legendary American thrashers HAVOK have announced a vinyl re-issue series which will bring three of the band's classic albums back to stores later this year.

The vinyl re-issue series begins this autumn with albums Burn, Time Is Up and Unnatural Selection hitting the shelves on 16th October via Candlelight Records. Lovingly re-mastered for vinyl by Turan Audio and artwork restored by Dan Capp design, you can now pre-order the vinyl re-issues here:

Comments vocalist David Sanchez"It's been years since these records have been in print, so we're very excited to announce this limited pressing. The new records have an updated layout and are being pressed with brand new colours. There are very limited copies of each album, so get them before they sell out. Every colour swirl is completely unique and these records won't be re-pressed. Get 'em while they're hot!"  

To date, HAVOK has released five studio albums: Burn (2009), Time Is Up (2011), Unnatural Selection (2013), Conformicide (2017) and V (2020). The vinyl re-issue series sees three of these classics re-issued. 

In June 2009 HAVOK released their full-length debut Burn, which received critical acclaim throughout the metal community. The band then returned to the studio to record their sophomore effort, releasing Time Is Up in March 2011. This spread through the metal community, receiving strong reviews from critics and fans alike to become a defining album in what has come to be known as the New Wave of Thrash Metal scene. The success of Time Is Up led the band to join major tours, opening for bands such as thrash metal veterans Forbidden, alongside Revocation and White Wizzard; as well as tours opening for Sepultura, Death Angel and Anthrax.

HAVOK then began recording their album Unnatural Selection in the spring of 2013 and upon its release in June of that year it charted on the Billboard Top 200 in its first week. 

HAVOK are:
David Sanchez - lead vocals, rhythm guitar, Pete Webber - drums, Reece Scruggs - lead guitar and Brandon Bruce - bass.

Pre-order now on Candlelight Records here:

GODSNAKE signs with Massacre Records

German metal outfit GODSNAKE from Hamburg has signed with Massacre Records, and will release its debut album entitled "Poison Thorn" on October 23, 2020!

GODSNAKE have already impressed metalheads with numerous club and festival shows as well as the 4-track-EP entitled "Hellbound Ride".

If you're into straight, heavy and riff-oriented metal with catchy songs and hooks, look no further!

Further album details will be revealed soon.

Greek Power-Prog Metal band, FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE, have announced the release of their new album 'Atlantis' on 9th October 2020 in physical and digital format via ROAR! Rock Of Angels Records under exclusive licence from Metal Mad Music. The official album trailer can be viewed here:

The album was produced and mixed by Fotis Benardo (Septicflesh, Rotting Christ, Innerwish). Mastered by George Nerantzis (Pain Of Salvation, Abbath, Dark Funeral, Gus G). The cover artwork by Yiannis Koutrikas, one of Greece's greater and most famous artists, is an original painting, a real masterpiece.

The new album can be pre-ordered as CD here:

Digital pre-save link:


1. Love Enforcer
2. Lords of Death
3. Atlantis
4. Holding a Breath
5. Silence of Our Words
6. Vengeance
7. Seventh Son
8. Lethe
9. Spartacus
10. Hector's Last Fight
11. Time For Rage
12. The Road Unknown

The Return of the Greek Power-Prog Masters FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE ! 'Atlantis' includes 50 minutes of Power-Prog Metal, 12 tracks, 10 full songs and 2 small instrumentals.

The lyrical themes vary from ancient Hellenic mythology like the mythical ancient king Theseus in "Seventh Son", or the legendary duel of Trojan prince Hector with mighty Achilles in "Hector's Last Fight", to Spartacus as the everlasting symbol of struggle for freedom against tyranny and oppression in his self-titled song and comic hero Conan, as seen in the 1982 movie masterpiece of John Milius in "Vengeance", or a quick reference to fierce Viking warriors in "Lords of Death". Furthermore, there are other songs with a social-sensitive view describing problems like the one of overprotecting mothers in "Love Enforcer", or school bullying in "Time for Rage" and the problems of human communication in "Silence of Our Words". Last but not least, there is the self-titled "Atlantis" which is an allegory for all those things that you yearn and desire and you seek your entire life but you never reach, like a femme fatale, always in vain and a beautiful ballad called "The Road Unknown" which refers to unfulfilled dreams.


Tasos Lazaris - Vocals
Fotis Sotiropoulos - Lead Guitars
Themis Gourlis - Rhythm Guitars
George Georgiou - Keyboards
Alex Stavrakas - Bass
Dimitris Kapoukakis - Drums

FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE was formed back in 1992 by Fotis Sotirpoulos (Guitars) and John Vasilakis (Guitars) after the split up of the traditional heavy metal band GLADIATORS. With the addition of Michael Smeros on vocals and Nick Dedes on drums and guest musician Aris Matheakakis on bass, on December 1996 released their debut, self-titled mini CD, a release that had a great impact at that time and still considered to be one of the best progressive power metal releases from a Greek band.

In the meantime, Vangelis Hatziandreou (Bass) and George Georgiou (Keyboards) had joined the band and, therefore, started promoting their new release with live performances but unexpectedly the band split up on 1998. Although inactive as a band since then, FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE continued composing and finally reunited on 2010. On July 1st, 2011 their debut full length cd “The Mortal Flesh Of Love” was released, through Metal Mad Music.

2012 found the band alive and kicking, trying to book as many shows as possible with pre-production for a second album having just started, but suddenly, on December 2012 Michael Smeros left the band. Immediately Alex “Hannibal” Balakakis (ex-SPITFIRE) took his place as the band’s new singer and started working with the rest of the band on preparing their sophomore album. On October 10, 2014, Steel Gallery Records announced contract deal with the band in releasing “Phoenix Rising” on December 15, 2014.

The period from 2015 to 2020, was marked by several successes like being chosen as main support on mighty ACCEPT Athenian gig on May, 2015, and headlining “Hermoupolis Indie Rock Festival” and “Athens Wreck Festival” in 2016, efforts to find the right person to handle the vocals after Alex departure and a decision to have Tasos Lazaris as a second guitarist on their arsenal.

Overcoming all drawbacks, FORTRESS UNDER SIEGE, entered Devasoundz Studios, Athens Greece, with producer Fotis Benardo, and although the tough decision to replace the singer Mike Livas almost at the end of the recordings and record all vocals right from the beginning had to be taken, the band manage to deliver the heaviest album of its history. In this album entitled “Atlantis”, Tasos Lazaris shifted from guitars to vocals while Themis Gourlis will be the band's new rhythm guitarist. "Atlantis" will be released by ROAR Rock Of Angels Records, on October 9, 2020.

The lyrical power prog metal adventure continues...

VELVET VIPER issue first single from upcoming remastered Zed Yago re-release "From Over Yonder"

VELVET VIPER are going to re-release the remastered first Zed Yago album "From Over Yonder" on August 21, 2020 via Massacre Records!

You can now listen to the first single "From Over Yonder" on as well as on various streaming platforms.

The album was remastered by Alexander Krull at his Mastersound Studio, and will include bonus tracks.

"From Over Yonder" is available as Jewel Case CD as well as limited edition Vinyl LP in two different colors. You can pre-order it here »


Finnish extreme metal band Soulwound is set to release their third studio album 'The Suffering' on September 11th 2020 via Inverse Records. A new single and music video 'Pleasures' is released today. 

Watch music video here: 
Drummer Janne Huusari comments:
"Whereas the first single Waste of Life was a fast and intensive beatdown, Pleasures serves as a counterbalance to that and represents the slower and heavier side of the album. Mikko wrote and demoed an almost complete song, which we hammered and refined together into its final form. The working title "Pantura" indicates what the starting point was, but with its weird guitar harmonies, the final song ended up sounding like something else altogether. The lyrics deal with humanity's most unsavory of pleasures and how the dark side of the internet enables even the sickest of sick fucks to quickly and easily access and share whatever it is that makes them tick. The video is based on the same premise: monsters are not hiding under your bed, but walking among us and staring at you in the mirror."
Listen to Pleasures:
Apple Music: 

The album is engineered, mixed and mastered by Saku Moilanen at Deep Noise Studios. 

PRE-ORDER The Suffering CD: 
PRE-SAVE Soulwound's The Suffering album on Spotify: 

Track list:
1. Waste of Life
2. Ritual Cleansing
3. Pleasures
4. The Cult of I
5. Enter the Hivemind
6. Meat Puppets
7. Error in the System
8. This Hatred
9. Apex Parasite
10. Death of the Sun

Cover art by:  Escileus 

Ilkka Valkonen, vocals
Niko Huusari, guitar
Mikko Huusari, guitar
Janne Huusari, drums
Joni Järvenmäki, bass

Stoner Groove THE NAKED HIGH Share Video "Jewel of The Crowd" Off New EP "Tap Into The Evil"

Video Premiere via GhostCultMag


L-R – The Naked High – Phil Rod – Bass, Simon Ouellet – Vocals, Hugo L-C – Guitar, Charlie Boy Cayouette – Drums
(Photo Credit: Matthew Poburyny)

“Tap Into The Evil” can be heard in full on the following platforms BandcampYouTubeSpotify, and Apple Music.

Track Listing:
1. Jewel Of The Crowd (3:22)
2. Rebirth (2:42)
3. Sleep Paralysis (6:54)
4. She’s So Marie (4:33)
5. Moon Turns red (5:39)
6. Pull of The Void (7:01)

The soul in the solo and the gift of the riff. The blues from the heart and the colour in the art. Emerging from the underground of Montreal comes The Naked High. Joining forces in the summer of 2015, connected by a love of similar music ranging from blues to rock to metal, the dauntless quartet brings an electric chemistry to their music, amplified when they are on stage.

Releasing their latest EP "Tap Into The Evil" this past May, the band is sharing with fans their new video for the first single they unleashed "Jewel of The Crowd". The video captures live clips from the band's December 2019 performance in Montreal at Club Soda.

When asked about the track, the band comments:

"Lyrically and even musically this song takes love from Aerosmith’s style of writing. Sexual innuendos and just dirty fun lyrics. The way rock n' roll used to be before everyone became so tame. The song is about wild nights and wild shows. It has a sleaze metal sound like riffs from a Guns n Roses, Skid Row, or Aerosmith record."

Watch the video via its premiere on GhostCultMag HERE

The Naked High is Hugo Leclerc-Charron delivering solos on guitar, Simon Ouellet with Iron Maiden-esque vocals, Phil Perreault keeping the low end steady, and Charlie Cayouette backing everything up with his rocking beat.

The Naked High have released their second EP entitled “Tap Into The Evil”. The 6 songs show the evolution of their sound from their 2017 self-titled debut as they push forward into the next chapter of the band and continue to learn from the legends that they admire while forging their own respective path in Rock N Roll.


Swiss hard rock band, ME AND THE REST, have released their new music video for the song 'Until the End of the Rainbow', it’s the third single taken from the forthcoming album “We Are Bulletproof” due out beginning of 2021 via RockAvenger. The YouTube video can be viewed here:

ME AND THE REST have recently released their first music video and single for ‘MAMA‘: and a second one for 'PARANOIA'.

After their three successful long players “Ikarus” (2008), “Wizard King” (2011) and “7 Deadly Sins” (2016) they are ready to rock again.

ME AND THE REST‘s new motto is: We Are Bulletproof“, and that’s what they are; immune to the quick changes in musical styles of the past 30 years, true to their Hard Rock, characterised by catchy melodies and peppered with great hook lines. They remain standing and celebrating their Hard Rock… expect an exciting year filled with great new music – one new track every month!


Jürg Theiler – Vocals
Edel Murchie – Bass
Jan Moser – Drums
Jürg Götz – Guitar
Antonio Schiavano – Guitar

ME AND THE REST – the Hard Rock band from Zurich (Oberland region) on the road playing the Rock’n’Roll circus since 1991. With more than 6000 sold copies of their CDs and over 400 (and counting) performed concerts on that trail, they never once lost sight of their “long live Rock’n’Roll” vision.

Real, authentic and true-to-the-core, they celebrate their music with their signature riffs, wonderful hooklines and killer vocals. As supporting act of SOTO (Scandinavien Tour), Molly Hatchet, DORO, Krokus, Jane, Don Dokken, Rhino Bucket and many other well-known established groups, they grew to learn at the feet of the masters, polishing their live act to soon become the talk of their peers and many fans.

On stage, be it large or larger venues, they grew to reach their audiences’ inner hearts, drawing them into the magic of, as how they see it, the Rock’n’Roll dream. Whether it was the stage of the Hard Rock Café in Oslo, the Hall of Fame in Wetzikon, Z7 in Pratteln, the Alpenrock House in Zürich, the Albani-Club in Winterthur, the Open-Air Appenzell or Europe’s biggest Biker meeting in Sumiswald (Bern), ME AND THE REST really rocked them till they dropped. With consistently positive concert critiques, strong newspaper and genre magazine reviews about their CD releases, they placed themselves as a musical pearl in the demanding world of Hard Rock.

The band name stands for “All for one and one for all”; Three men and a woman – all focused on “one goal, one family, one band”. Each band member is simultaneously me and the rest. It is clear for all in this ‘family’ that there is no place or room for egocentricity. They stand both close and true to the fountainhead of Rock music. Rock’n’Roll leaps instinctively from the guts of each member. Their love of the art form and its message clearly envelopes everyone that hears their music. The spirit of Rock feeds the audience as well as the band itself and is reflected in both their music and words. Driving anthemic riffs, bodies drenched in sweat, they live their lives for that hunger and that fire. That’s what Rock’n’Roll truly is all about.



Joe Bouchard is best known as a founding member of Blue Öyster Cult. The original line-up sold millions of albums for Columbia Records, with such classic songs as “Don’t Fear the Reaper” and the #1 hit on the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart “Burning For You”. Contributing to songwriting, and lead vocals on some of their greatest songs, such as “Hot Rails To Hell”.

Joe releases his second single “She’s a Legend”, from the forthcoming album “Strange Legends” due out on July 31st though his and his brother’s (Albert Bouchard) new imprint RockHeart Records / Deko Entertainment (ADA/Warner Music Group).

Joe had this to say about the latest single and video, “She’s a Legend began when I got the lyrics from sci-fi writer John Shirley.  John has dozens of books, screenplays in his catalog and often writes lyrics for the current Blue Öyster Cult.  He has a great imagination and is not shy about using wild paranormal references in his writing. This song is about a notorious female serial killer who goes through a series of men, leaving them in the dust, so to speak.  The last man standing falls for this exotic woman.  Their love and lust is consummated but rather than ending up like so many others, she lets him go. In the end love conquers all, and the narrator lives to tell this strange tale.  A strange legendary tale!

View and listen here:

Deko Entertainment President states, “Joe’s latest release, “She’s a Legend", strikes up some of the legendary BOC harmonies.  It grooves that way too, making sure those dedicated fans get a fun slice of the kind of songs that made them fans in the first place

Also to celebrate the launch of RockHeart Records and the release of “Strange Legends”, the Bouchard brothers are offering a limited amount of the official RockHeart Records Cowbell autographed personally by both Joe and Albert.

Albert’s infamous cowbell part in “Don’t Fear the Reaper” was the basis of the classic Will Ferrell skit on SNL, which also starred Christopher Walken. With “The Reaper,” an all-time classic on YouTube and every other digital platform, with zillions of views, the Bouchard brothers are forever cemented in pop culture.

View SNL skit:

There are limited editionCowbell” bundles (while supplies last), which can be ordered via:

Product Includes:

- One (1) Joe Bouchard - Strange Legends (Autographed) CD
- One (1) Joe Bouchard - Signature Guitar Pick
- One (1) Joe Bouchard - Strange Legend (Autographed) Poster
- One (1) Joe Bouchard - Strange Legends Shirt
- One (1) RockHeart Records - Cowbell (Autographed)
- Exclusive Early Download of "She’s a Legend" Before Anyone Else

Coming this fall, Albert Bouchard will release “Re Imaginos”, his own personal updated take on the “Imaginos” album by Blue Öyster Cult from 1987. Coming soon on RockHeart Records and Deko Entertainment.

Strange Legends” Tracklist:

1. The African Queen
2. Forget About Love
3. Walk of Fame
4. Hit and Run
5. Racin' Thru the Desert
6. She's a Legend
7. All Day and all of the Night
8. Once Upon a Time at the Border
9. Bottom for the Bottomless
10. Strangely in Love
11. Winter

Melodic Death Metal Veterans THE ABSENCE Complete Recording Fifth Album

The Tampa, Florida-based melodic death metal group THE ABSENCE – whose acclaimed 2018 comeback album, “A Gift For The Obsessed,” was hailed by No Clean Singing as “a more-than-welcome (and occasionally stunning) return from one of the underground’s most promising, yet underappreciated, artists” – have finished recording their as-yet-untitled sophomore effort for M-Theory Audio, which is tentatively set for an early 2021 release. 

The new album – like “A Gift For The Obsessed” – was recorded and produced by drummer Jeramie Kling and guitarist Taylor Nordberg at their own Smoke & Mirrors Productions in suburban Tampa, and is currently being mixed at Sweden's legendary Fascination Street Studios (Dimmu Borgir, Arch Enemy, Kreator) by Ricardo Borges. Additional information about the release will be revealed in the coming weeks.
photo credit: Deidra Kling
Says bassist Mike Leon, “This record has a lot of my favorite music that the band has ever created, and it has pushed the boundaries of what I thought was possible for us beyond my wildest dreams. The fact that the gentlemen at Fascination Street Studios in Sweden have lent their masterful ears and knobs for the mixing and mastering process just furthers the excitement! It is my firm belief that this is truly THE ABSENCE in its strongest, most exciting form, and we can't wait to share this monster that we've created!"

THE ABSENCE came onto the scene in 2005 with their crushing, Erik Rutan-produced Metal Blade debut, “From Your Grave.” The album and its two follow-ups, 2007’s “Riders of the Plague” and 2010’s “Enemy Unbound,” showcased a perfect mixture of heart-wrenching melodies and skull-pounding aggression that earned the group a well-deserved reputation as one of the premiere bands of the melodic death metal movement. Numerous tours followed alongside some of the biggest names in metal, including Cannibal Corpse, The Black Dahlia Murder, Amon Amarth, Sabaton, Goatwhore, Malevolent Creation, Kataklysm and Destruction. 

Following a lengthy hiatus, the band regrouped in 2016 with a new lineup uniting founding members Kling and Jamie Stewart (vocals) with Nordberg and longtime bassist Leon – first for the self-released digital single “Septic Testament,” and then for "A Gift for The Obsessed." That album – which was mixed by David Castillo at Sweden’s Ghost Ward Studio (Katatonia, Opeth) and mastered by Thomas "Plec" Johansson at The Panic Room (Watain, Scar Symmetry) – was supported by national tours with Deicide, Origin, Jungle Rot, Exmortus and Hatchet. A cassette/digital EP release, “Walking Shadows,” followed in 2019.

THE ABSENCE is also well-known in metal circles due to their members' other musical outlets. Drummer Kling also performs with Venom Inc. and Massacre; vocalist Stewart also performs with the death thrash stalwarts, Hot Graves; bassist Leon tours and records with Soulfly and Cavalera Conspiracy; and guitarist Nordberg sits alongside Kling in Massacre on guitar duties. 

Jamie Stewart - vocals
Jeramie Kling - drums
Mike Leon - bass
Taylor Nordberg – guitars

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