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Friday, July 3, 2020

ROXIE Round-up. Mini reviews 3 July 2020

Hanibal Death Machine - "A Bout De Souffle"on CD/Digital. Dist by M&O Music.
This 6 track mini album from French metallers Hanibal Death Machine is a fine effort. Language barrier aside (the lyrics are in French) it wasn't hard to get a "feel" for the songs' content and intent. Aggressive and intelligent metal with novel musical twists and an acceptable production given their budget. Stand-out track is the poignant and timely "I Have A Dream" which rings eerily true at present.

Independent release digitally.
"Mankind Maze" is Stone Sea's second EP and shows a development of the band. The Irish 3 piece have grown musically for this EP making it a more polished product whilst maintaining the raw energy or the alt-rock/grunge sound they make. There's obvious grunge influences here but the songs are for modern ears. "Mystify" is especially catchy and well done and shows that they know how to write and play a good song but a couple of the other songs sound rushed and not fully developed. Stone Sea have growing potential 6/10.

If Blink 182 did a movie covers album, this would be it! A strange combination for sure! Moonlight Desires are an Ontario covers band with a difference - their versions are even more cheesy and silly than the originals! This is one of those guilty pleasures - pure silly rock for a good time. Only 4 songs on offer though including "Hungry Eyes" (yup!) and "The Goonies R Good Enough" but its okay for a fun EP that doesn't take itself too seriously. Nothing to say musically however really. 5/10

Sons Of Butcher - Lockdown in Steeltown. Independent release digitally and CD via Bandcamp.

Also, while we're in a comical state of mind. Here's another EP that is for fun. Poking fun at current events the EP is either gonna make yer laugh or pissed off I guess but it should be taken in the spirit it was made.  With 5 songs it's not an epic nor was it meant to be but they're good fun, especially "Fuckin Confused" which is a blast in all its punk rawk!  5/10

Schultz - Black Magic Party. Digital release Hermes Records.

Jokes over kiddies. Enough gamin' about! Schultz are dark electronica/alt-rock with a distinct satanic feel to them. This is NOT a comedy record! It is quite cool though and different. There's 11 brooding, dark, pulsating tracks on offer including "Satan is my DJ" (nuff said!) and as an album of its kind its fine. Reasonably well produced and decent enough song structures. Nothing we haven't heard though in the 90s TBH from White Zombie et al. 5/10

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