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Friday, September 24, 2021

ROX Interview: Rebellix


Rebellix get roudy with ROX!

Hello everybody we're Rebellix and we play fucken rock n roll with an attitude 🤘

ROX Network interview with Samuel Honkavaara, guitarist and vocalist with the thrashers...

The band consist in Samuel Honkavaara ( lead guitars, singing and songwriting) Tomi Lappalainen ( lead, rhythm guitars  and backing vocals) Kimmo Keipinen (bass and backing vocals) Mikael Leinonen (Drums) 

Despite the many line up changes this has been for a few years the stable formation, except for Samuel's taking both lead guitars and vocals instead of doing one or the other. 

The band was formed from the ashes of other bands and has now only Tomi and Samuel as founding members. 

How would you describe your music to anyone who hasn't yet heard it?

 Well, the music is a mix of Heavy/Thrash metal with some hard rock and punk rock elements, contributing to the catchiness of the songs as well as the attitude we put in it. 

You formed Rebellix in 2016. What bands were you in before then?

Well, me (Samuel ) have a long story of bands since I was living for a period of time in Rome where I played in several bands, the most known being Neurosphere, Smashed Fate and Perfidy Biblical, Mikael and Kimmo were in the same band for a while called Arkadia while Tomi been playing in Darcasis and The Drowned. 

What are your musical influences?

( Samuel) Well there's many influences in our music, the biggest ones being probably Children of Bodom, Iron Maiden and Annihilator, but every time I write a new song I happen to go and look for further inspiration from all sorts of of artists and genres, with this last Ep I can mention for example Toto and Whitney Houston, while you probably wouldn't expect it while listening to the songs 😃

 You're first EP "Final Decay" was released in 2018. What have you been up to since then?

As I said we had a lot of line-up changes thru the years, but we managed to release a single 2 years ago named "Fightmare" allowing us to start play gigs again and participate band competitions, actually winning one of them. 

The New single "Serpent's Kiss" is killer! Is the new EP sharing the title?

 Yes! The Ep name is Serpent's Kiss and has 4 brand new songs in it, thanks for the compliment and we can promise that the Ep is a total banger from the start till the end 🤘

How do you think your music has evolved since you formed?

 Well, in the beginning we had a much more hard rock approach to our music, but during the years we went more and more towards a heavier direction. 

Any live shows planned?

 For now we are still waiting for the Emergenza Festival band competition final round that should be held in November, otherwise we really don't wanna book much until this Corona Virus situation clears up a little bit. 

What's next for Rebellix? A full album?

Hell yeah! It's on the works and we have 4 songs ready, and few others in the writing process, we wanna keep the same vibe as the Ep, so if you're enjoying the first single expect more soon enough 🤘

 Any advice for any new band starting out?

 (Sammy) Well, that's a really good question, it all really depends on what you wanna do, if you want to make something you like or something more commercial that everybody likes, in any case my best advice would definitely be to follow your dreams, not letting people around you put you down at any time... Not everyone has the same chances in the music industry and there's always gonna be plenty of people who will judge you negatively and sometimes life gets just tough as fuck and everything seems like pointless. That's exactly the moment when you need to take your attitude out and work harder than ever before, for your dreams, for your music and for your band. 

Hard work always pays back. 

Sam: "Thank you for the interview and go check out our music video, if you wanna support then subscribe to our spotify channel so the 15th of october you'll hear the whole package. Stay Rebel 🤘"

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