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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

ROX Network interviews Hellz from Hells Abyss

ROX Network Interview


Hellz Abyss

Our own Roxie caught up with Lisa Perry A.K.A. Hellz. The Hellz in HellzAbyss. An Australian hard rock band that is bringing its angry, pissed-off and catchy rock to the UK next year!   

Formed in 2019 and based in Australia, you will find members located along the east coast between Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. Hellz, the original name of Hellz Abyss was the brainchild of lead singer Lisa Perry and her former axe man Jeff Young of Megadeth fame. After their partnership dissolved, Lisa decided to continue as a solo artist under the very same name of Hellz. It was then in 2019 that Lisa met and welcomed former Screaming Jets drummer Mark McLeod to the band who is arguably one of the top technical drummers Australia has to offer. In 2020 Lisa and Mark welcomed bassist Mick Jones into the fold. From here, finding a lead guitarist was a bit hit and miss for a while, but soon found the talents of Dean Fistlord, where it was evident that he was the perfect fit for the band. In 2020 Lisa met Daryl Holden, who at the time had his own project called The Abyss, and after finding the perfect common ground together as songwriters, decided to join forces calling themselves Hellz and The Abyss, which later evolved into Hellz Abyss.Hellz Abyss is Australia's powerhouse Hard Rock group led by the Venomous Hellz (aka Lisa Perry). The combination of the collaborative talent of producer Daryl Holden and Lisa Perry and the brilliant live performance of the members of Hellz Abyss on stage the energy and presence is explosive.

 Each song takes listeners on a journey of the self discovery of not giving a F*** . This full-on rock and metal beast is a massive statement of empowerment and sheer force that both uplifts and inspires audiences worldwide, a rallying call to us all to live our lives as we want to. Hellz Abyss are managed by Established Global Artist Management company Distilled Entertainment , USA. Distilled artists have perform alongside Soulfly , Metallica , Slayer , KORN Slipknot , Lamb of God , Rob Zombie , POD Disturbed , Five Finger Death Punch , Machine Head , Hatebreed , Atreyu , and All That Remains to name a few!. Distilled artists also play major traveling festivals including Rockstar Mayhem Festival, Ozzfest, J├Ągermeister Music Tour, Vans Warped Tour, Rockstar Mayhem Uproar, and Aftershock

 Festival. Hellz Abyss are official Artists on the International Women Of Rock Tour with Global Unity Tours and will be touring Europe and the UK in June 2022. Despite the crushing power of the guitars, the city flattening heft of the drums and bass and Hellz incredible vocals that are part siren, part banshee, it’s not all just a trip in the passenger seat of a nitro fuelled street racer.

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