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Friday, October 22, 2021

About ROX Network!


ROX Network

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Please allow us to introduce ourselves...

Who are ROX Network?

ROX Network was established in 2018 by founders Carrie-Anne Grove and John Grove. A Husband and Wife team who share a passion for rock and metal. Since then it has grown and evolved into a worldwide network of followers and contributors. It provides an unbiased platform, free from prejudice or criticism. Members (free to join and no requirements!) are free to share, post and promote rock and metal music in the media and style they wish. This way the Network grows organically and effectively. We exist because we love rock and metal. It's promotion and distribution is our passion!

Where are we based?

ROX Network is global using social media and the Internet to create and publish content. We have followers and members from all over the world. The main postal address, however, is in the West Midlands, U.K.

Who runs it?

The Network is peerless and decentralised allowing everyone a free, unbiased platform to share news, information and resources to promote rock and metal. Carrie-Anne is the Senior Editor and she ensures information is as correct and not offensive. She also undertakes many of the interviews along with her Husband John who is the Senior Researcher for ROX. Other than that there is no formal management structure.

What does ROX Network output?

We create ROX TV Youtube and IGTV video content including interviews, reviews and special features. We also broadcast ROX Radio every week over Spreaker network and other streaming services such as Itunes. We also regularly publish content too on social media and we run an online ROX Magazine on Google's Blogger. We also attend concerts and events to promote rock and ROX itself.

How is it funded? Who is paid?

We are totally without formal funding. Everyone is a volunteer and no-one receives a wage or payment for work done within ROX Network. We rely on PayPal and Patreon donations to help with our running costs.

How we can help you

We publish articles, reviews and interviews and special features. We are always looking for bands, musicians, event organisers, venues, organisations, P.R. Etc, to work with and create content for mutual benefit – for free with no fees.

How you can join ROX Network

ROX Network is open to all who are willing to work together to promote rock and metal regardless of gender, sexuality or location. Membership is free and non-committal. You can contribute as much or as little content as you wish or just simply share our content to help us grow. You can join as an individual or as an organisation and we welcome partnerships with others as part of the Network, proudly adding your name/logo etc. onto our website and media with no financial requirements. Just your support.

How you can help us

Are we are totally run by volunteers and make no money from ROX, we rely on the support of people who share our passion and want to help keep us running.

You can help us by:

  • Joining the Network! Be a part of ROX and contribute your content. It's free!

  • Like, subscribe etc. on social media and Youtube

  • Donate to our PayPal or Patreon.

  • Purchase ROX Network merchandise.

  • Display our details, poster and logo

  • Keep us informed on your news!

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We're also on Tublr, Pinterest, Mix, Itunes and more!

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