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Saturday, October 2, 2021

Concert Review: Quireboys Robin 2 Bilston. 23/9/21


Quireboys always give ya a bit o' what ya fancy....

Quireboys, Robin2, Bilston, 23 September 21.

(Support voodoo Sioux, Conner Emms)

Live review by Faye Farmer for ROX Network.

I was extremely excited for this date to roll around and to finally get back into the Robin 2. I have genuinely lost count of the amount of times I have seen the Quireboys live, but just cannot, not buy that ticket. We walked into the venue to be hit by the wall of people. Silhouettes framing the stage, it was magical;
I have never been so okay with waiting in a que for the bar after the past empty months without live music. 
The venue is prepared with an extended smoking area and neat new addition of a quaint outdoor bar.
Conner Emms had the privilege of getting the night started and he did just that - an extremely talented local musician. Swiftly followed by Voodoo Sioux who came on with an absolute bang of energy, welcomed by many local followers and proving their popularity is still consistent.

The main course was not disappointing; Spike fell on to the stage in that charming way we just all adore. “How ya all doing”, and with a wicked smile got the party started. First song hit and you could feel they were going to be on fire but do you never expect less? The lads have a sterling reputation and never fail to deliver.

The band just make it look so easy. They work together like a fully programmed, well-oiled machine; Guy Griffen’s captivating guitar work accompanied by sensational keyboard and rhythm offering the crowd a mix of high energy songs and ballads such as Sweet Mary Ann, I Don’t Love You Any More, Hey You, Whippin Boy and of course the much loved 7. O’Clock.

Between songs Spike egged on the ladies in the front row, showing off the rose he claimed he got from Bilston market and promising it to one of them. Spike has a great skill of making the crowd feel like they are out visiting him in his humble abode, with talks of the local pub (The Swan) closing and having an afternoon pint in The Market Tavern…. We, the crowd, don’t doubt he has more than likely been supping pints in the town that very afternoon.

Signature dance moves, banter and excellent crowd interaction with some added “yeeeehahs” kept the crowd going through from song to song linking the performance seamlessly. Seeing those beers in the air on spikes command was a sublime sight, that mystical charm rasping out songs that feel like old friends visiting us after years apart.

The lads left the crowd chanting and a little confused with a lengthy wait for the encore but it was certainly worth it, finishing the party with the 1989 classic and fan pleasing favourite Sex Party with the swagger and energy it had right from the start.

The night was full of great music, good beers flowing, dancing and singing, the only downfall was the bad head and aching limbs that inevitably follow a fantastic night!

Images courtesy of Faye Farmer.

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