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Saturday, October 2, 2021

Fresh Blood! Korsunnuz

KMS Music, in association with Off The Record, are excited to announce the release of Korsunnuz debut E.P, Negative Earth, on the 15th of October 2021. Wielding disparate, even conflicting, influences from stoner and alternative rock, the six tracks are a musical journey from the Palm Springs desert scene, via Seattle, to the heart of their native UK.

While at times happily playing out a fascination for Americana and Vintage cars, there are also hints of the post-apocalyptic. Forged in fire, sharp as Sheffield steel, they’ve aimed, from conception, to produce an honest collection of material that captures the bands live energy.

Recorded at Kettering’s Parlour studios, engineered by Neil Haynes, the sound of Korsunnuz is Vintage, but never self-indulgent. Neils previous experience, with rock and metal acts, is evident throughout, with the songs sounding raw, but with a clarity about them.

Neatly capturing the vibe is Vlad McNealy’s artwork. The hot desert nights, and dusty back roads, of a metaphorical road trip to self-discovery, blended into something that may seem somehow familiar, but on further examination, is its own beast.

The tracklisting is :

1. Half-Life

2. Barracuda

3. Sun over Sierra Madre

4. Show Myself Out

5. Cruise Control

6. The Road Warrior

Negative earth will be available on all digital streaming sites from October 15th

Physical media can be ordered directly from Bandcamp

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