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Thursday, October 14, 2021

Incoming! Unrise

 Unrise is a 4-piece melodic/groove metal band from Hampshire, UK, formed in early 2020.

Look out for a ROX interview soon!

The band members hold a wide-ranging musical pedigree, with backgrounds in various genres from classical and folk to rock, thrash and death metal.

Unrise evolved from the established metal band Fall From Perfection, whose 2016 album Metamorph and live performances garnered wide praise.

Following the recruitment of a new bass player, the band immediately started rehearsing and finalising material for the new album. From the cocoon of lockdown, a new identity was born and a 13-track album produced; recorded and produced by the band; mixed and mastered at Jigsaw Audio by the revered producer Myroslav Borys.

In August of 2021, the Unrise debut album Code Blue was released online worldwide.
Whilst the music ranges from modern thrash to progressive rock, the album is enriched with melody and groove along with intelligent song-writing and lyrical themes. With a sound sitting somewhere between Pantera and Lacuna CoilJinjer and GojiraCode Blue offers both instant heaviness and catchiness whilst providing melodic satisfaction and musical layers revealed with repeated listening.

Tim Spurr – Guitars
Mary Day – Vocals
Ed Cornish – Bass
Nuno Ramalho – Drums

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