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Tuesday, November 30, 2021



PRP is a prog rock project of the Finnish prog/art rock collective Grus Paridae’s Petteri Kurki and Rami Turtiainen.

PRP saw the daylight when Rami and Petteri had couple of songs in their hands which were originally written to Grus Paridae but turned out to be more rock than the musical line GP was heading with it’s more classical influences.

Guys anyway decided to release the songs as a double-single without much thinking whether the project will continue or not. 

With GP Rami and Petteri being very lucky and being able to have their music air-played on almost 150 radio shows in 25 countries around the globe and due to good network also PRP’s double-single got radio time well and also the reviews were good.

The biggest surprise still was when Rubber Hands was selected to be the 3rd best single of the year 2018 over the hundreds of other releases by the dj’s of the British Wigwam Online Radio's yearly awards poll.

This good feedback led Petteri and Rami to pick up couple of older songs to be finalized as well as to make totally new music for PRP.  It also turned out that some kind of loose concept album was on it’s way to be released.

No Rubbery Pristine Perception album was finally ready in the beginning of fall 2021 and will officially be released in 12th of November as CD and to all major streaming services and digital shops. The CD can be bought f.ex. from

PRP was very lucky to be able to co-operate with three talented creative persons during the process and would like to thank photographer Mikko Huotari, graphic designer and illustrator Johanna Luoma-Tuominen and the Finnish National Theatre and it’s producer Jukka Vuokko.


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01. Rubber Hands, Pt. 0 – Prelude of the.. (FI3FC2139801)
02. Rubber Hands (FI3FC2139802)
03. No (FI3FC2139803)
04. Rubber Hands, Pt. II – Days (FI3FC2139804)
05. Exp (FI3FC2139805)
06. It's Never Always (FI3FC2139806)
07. Rubber Hands, Pt. III – The Sea of Streets (FI3FC2139807)
08. Bonus Track – SunSon (FI3FC2139808)


All vocals: Rami Turtiainen, Petteri Kurki
Guitars: Petteri Kurki, Rami Turtiainen
Synths: Rami Turtiainen, Petteri Kurki
Basses: Petteri Kurki
Drum and percussive composing and programming: Petteri Kurki, Rami Turtiainen

You can reach PRP from
email: prp_prog[at]
Sending us a DM on Facebook


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