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Tuesday, February 22, 2022

PROMO: Twin Void


Electric Valley Records presents Twin Void’s debut album, Free from Hardtimes, due out 01 April 2022 on different variants of vinyl and digital formats. 

The Pacific Northwest-based Twin Void is a formidable rock and roll machine that has steadily become credible contenders in the regional scene. The band features road-tested musicians, including frontman & founder Nathan Bidwell on vocals & guitars. 
The band plays with an energy and ferocity that has gained them the reputation as a must-see live act! They believe in what they do and continue to deliver memorable heavy music on their terms. Twin Void had recently returned home from their U.S tour dates, including a mainstage performance on Judas Priest’s Warlando Fest in Florida. 
The sludgy stoner/punk act has churned out two demos and an EP to date and is poised for the first full-length, Free from Hardtimes. While Twin Void has caused an outbreak of wildness throughout the tracks, the whole idea behind the album was to release the band’s feelings about the whole COVID situation, the passing of so many great musicians. Each song was based on a life experience the main songwriter, Nathan, has had. For instance, the song “Sky Burial” was about the grieving process of losing his grandfather. Last but not least, the inclusion of Liam Joseph Cormier (Cancer Bats) on the 08th track, “California Death-Rattle,” has added a different vibrancy to this hard-hitting record. 
Now a trio, these determined heavyweights continue to write, record, and play select national dates as they work on the next batch of tunes. 

Track Listing:
1. Hardtimes
3. Bird Days
4. Poor Ol’ Me 
5. Set Me on Fire
6. Sharper Than a Switchblade 
7. Sky Burial
8. California Death-Rattle
9. You Can Hear the Devil Walkin’

Guitars/Bass/Vocals: Nathan Bidwell
Drums: Wyatt Farnsworth

Stomps/Claps/Gang Vocals: Mike Bidwell - Nathan Bidwell -  Wyatt Farnsworth -  James Hill

Studio Engineer: James Hill
Mix & Mastering: Scott Middleton
Album Design: Branca Studio
Current Lineup:
Guitars/Vocals: Nathan Bidwell
Bass: Mike Bidwell
Drums: Cory McCallum 
Available Formats:
— 4x Test Press Vinyl
— 250x Solid Red Vinyl
— 220x Transparent Yellow Splatter Black Vinyl
— 30x Ultra LTD “Hellcat Edition” Vinyl 
— Digital

Pre-Order: (Vinyl + Merch) (Vinyl + Merch + Digital)
Twin Void:    

Electric Valley Records:

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