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Wednesday, February 2, 2022

ROX interviews metal band 1945.


1945: Waging war on weak metal!

Hailing from Spain, 1945 were formed in 2016. The five-piece have, since then, had a singular focus - to play true heavy metal.

Their latest album "Heavy Metal is Not For Sale" was released independently in December 2021 and it's available in digital and CD form. The 11 tracks therein are metal. Plain 'n' simple. Pure metal right down to the cover version of Motorhead's "Ace Of Spades" that closes the 59 minute opus of steel.

We caught up with the guitarist Gorka RC recently...

Tell us about 1945. When did you form?
1945 is the result of some musicians friends that we played in other local bands (Salamanca-Spain)  that have already disappeared and who wanted to champion HEAVY METAL spirit  with pride and honor.
It happened in 2016 and 5 years later with have recorded our first full álbum.

Who’s in the band?
At present  line up is:
- Sheyla Sergio: voice - Gorka RC: Guitars - Diego González: Guitarras  - Javier Rubio: Bass - Jose Angel (koko): Drums 

Where you in bands before?
Koko, Javier and i were playing for almost 15 years in K- ØS, known thash metal band in Spain. 
Sara was playing in EVIL RISE, and Diego has his own personal proyect MACRÓFAGO.
We are all veterans.

How would you describe your music?
We play an eclectic and vigorous mix of Heavy Metal styles. We are an open mind band, regarding what we play.

ACT 1 was your first EP? Released in 2018?
Yes you are right. It was our first recording assault as 1945

Your new album is being released called “Heavy Metal Is not for sale"?
Yes it is so. Just fresh out of the oven and in full promotion of the same.
The title of the album is a serious and clear statement of intent. HEAVY METAL IS NOT FOR SALE , and we're here to shout it out loud.
What happened between the EP and this new record?
Well, the best thing is to have had a first experience with the public and our songs, to be able to play in addition to Spain in the United Kingdom and to gain strength to continue making music.
The worst, it took almost 2 years to finish the album due to the pandemic.

How does it differ?
There is a natural evolution in our musical ideas and compositions, in addition to a creative maturity.

How did production and recording go?
We are lucky to have our own recording studio and two technicians in the band (javi y Diego), in addition to my experience as a producer, so everything has been self-produced. slowly but surely.

Any live dates planned?
We say goodbye to the year (2021) with a concert that says goodbye to our previous singer (sarah) and welcoming the new one (Sheyla)
It was an informal concert playing between friends.
On February 18 we presented the album at home (Salamanca) and we are confirmed for the ZLIVE fest next june, playing with such important bands as Blind Guardian, Lacuna Coil , Korpiklaani, Moonspell , Beast in Black  etc…
The rest is pending of covid pandemia evolution.

"To end, thanks for your time and your support. We hope to see you from stage very soon.
Stay Hard – Stay Metal" Gorka RC.


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