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Tuesday, March 15, 2022


Heavy Metal, Why Do People Love It?

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The heavy guitar riffs, the crazy drumming, and the deafening nearly illegible screaming makes up what most people today know as heavy metal. So the question is, why do people like it?

Although heavy metal may just sound like a bunch of crazy loud noise, there's actually a large amount of talent incorporated with the music. A good heavy metal song is extremely difficult to achieve with its complex drumming patterns, guitar lines (which of course at one point they all have to memorize), and of course, the screaming. The screaming is what turns most heavy metal haters off, but this screaming they hate so much, really is a talent and takes a long time to achieve. Don't believe me? Try screaming a word or two, you most likely had a burning sensation in your throat. This technically means that you were doing it wrong. Crazy huh!? A wrong way to scream! Well, if scream artists screamed with this burning pain in their throat, then they would develop what's called throat Nobules. Once throat Nobules appear, they can only be removed surgically. Throat Nobules make it so that you are no longer able to produce certain notes that you could produce before. This is why it takes scream artists months to even years of practicing screaming the right way so that they don't damage their throats.

Okay, so now that we've established the fact that heavy metal is one of the most difficult genres to produce in the music field, lets move onto mental. How do people mentally view heavy metal, and what do they think when it comes blasting through the speakers. Most heavy metal fans love the energy the music produces, and the energy it gives to its listeners. Heavy metal fans also like the truthfulness in the music. When people think about being able to sing and getting discovered, they automatically imagine along with it, a mansion, Hollywood, the red carpet, millions of dollars and everything else. But! Getting rich means mainstream appeal and success. Heavy metal, which by it's nature can't truly appeal to a mass audience the same way as Britney Spears can. Why? Well, heavy metal artists explore and sing about topics other artists are too afraid to touch. Topics like murders, criminals, problems with capitalist society, the unreliability of authority figures in that kind of society, the bad effects of materialism, and the idea that the world isn't well. Concepts that people refuse to accept.

Thus therefore changing the direction of having a mansion, living in Hollywood, having millions of dollars and everything else to well, a more average life. Most heavy metal artists don't produce music to get rich, they produce the music because it's what they believe and it's music that they like and they know that a majority of people will dislike the music they create, but yet they create it anyway because it's what they truly like and want to spend their time doing, with or without the money.

So, in general, that's why people love heavy metal. Because it takes a lot of time and talent (not that other genres don't as well), it's energizing, it stays true, and of course, it's just appealing. If this article didn't do it for you, and you still don't know why people love this genre, well then, for those that understand no explanation is needed, and for those who don't, no explanation is possible. If you dislike heavy metal, after reading this article you won't like it anymore than you did before, simply because metal is a genre that either appeals to you or it shreds you apart. I've never know nor heard of an in between. But at least now you'll know why some metal fans are what they are. Of course other metal fans view metal differently, I've head from some that simply how unappealing it is, makes it more appealing, I've heard also that it makes some fans want to punch someone...and they like it. But whatever reason it is, they have their reasons and they have their tastes. But like I said before, at least now you know why some of those who enjoy the genre do. Well, happy trails!

- Emily S. Pritchard

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