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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Incoming! Black Rose Burning


Black Rose Burning

'The Wheel’ single from ‘The Wheel’ LP

PV Recording Company

Mastered by ACTORS’ Jason Corbett at Jacknife Sound

30 March 2022

NYC's Black Rose Burning present a space odyssey in new sci-fi music video. 'The Wheel' LP is out now

FOR FANS OF: The Veldt, The Damned, Drab Majesty, The Cult, ACTORS, Twin Tribes, Creux Lies
FOCUS TRACKS: The Wheel, Black Sun Saturday, Every Single Time, Anthem For The Strange, Solar Angels, Antonia, No Love Lost
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Live photos by Robert Braunfeld. Studio photos by George Grant

'The Wheel'
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"A compelling blend of ominous Goth atmospheres, dark, but dynamic dancefloor anthems, New Wave ’80s tunefulness, and electronics-embedded tech tracks, all draped with the silky, reflective, and longing vocals of George Grant" ~ Big Takeover Magazine

"Leaning towards Ultravox and Colourbox on the new wave spectrum, they sometimes also produce vibes channelled from Phantasmagoria-era The Damned and Butterfly on a Wheel-era The Mission. The closest assessment would be The Veldt and modern day post-punk quartet ACTORS, only with the unique vocal timbre of A.R.Kane's Alex Ayuli" Amplify Music Mag

"The elements of post-punk such as the jangly guitars and the keyboards and yet there seems to so much more going on... Space might be the final frontier but Black Rose Burning are already stellar" ~ Onyx Music Reviews

"A compelling album that smoulders from the ashes of goth-rock, whilst emerging from the dry-ice ambience of 80s nostalgia. Like a noir-new romantic, Black Rose Burning peacock preens from the underworld of art-pop, whilst intermixing its post-punk palette" ~ The Manc Review

NYC-based alternative rock outfit Black Rose Burning has revealed their new video for 'The Wheel', the title track of the full-length album 'The Wheel'. This is their second full-length album, following the band's debut album 'The Year of the Scorpion', released in 2020.

"This is the third video for the Black Rose Burning Sci-Fi space series 'Under Twin Suns', which documents the journey of "The Traveler" from earth to his homeworld. The song encouraged the spaghetti western feel of this video, which is a space age homage to films like 'High Plains Drifter' and 'The Good The Bad And The Ugly'. I'm a big fan of that genre of films as well, and I've always wanted to pay tribute with a video of my own," says George Grant.

Running at about 50 minutes, this collection of 12 galactic offerings was inspired by love lost, love won and outer space. This sophomore album takes the band's sound to a completely new level in terms of songwriting and composition.  

With a healthy set of post-punk gothic rock earworms, it should come as no surprise that this album would involve Jason Corbett of ACTORS at his Jacknife Sound Studio in Vancouver.

Black Rose Burning was formed in 2018 by instrumentalist, producer and engineer George Grant, whose soulful vocal delivery, instantly recognizable voice, unique grooves and solid instrumentation are standout features of this music.

Spanning the realms of multiple genres, Grant's influences are also multi-generational while maintaining an overall succinct flow and feel. Roughly 40 years of songwriting across many styles has helped George embellish on clever hooks, drive and the gothic-pop sensibilities of The Cult's early years.

"This release was a labor of love after the success of my first record. I was working through and adjusting to the post covid landscape and took solace in having the time to make another proper record," says George Grant.  

"Over the past four years or so, quite a few relationships that I valued were destroyed in an instant - over politics or just basic unacceptable differences. Then came Covid and I lost a few more for reasons beyond their control. There was a lot of anger in my first record. This one is more melancholic than angry. I write about outer space a lot. On both records. I find it inspirational. It’s vastness. It’s the place I’d most like to go. Maybe the place I’d most like to escape to might be a better definition."
'The Wheel' was recorded in George’s own studio, PV Recording Company, which has over the years hosted such artists as Emelio Zeff China (Peter Murphy), Knox Chandler (Siouxsie And The Banshees), Chibi (The Birthday Party Massacre), Nellie McKay, Julia Marcel, Paul Bakija (Reagan Youth), Ego Likeness and Voltaire (with whom Grant also played bass for 10 years).

Grant has also assembled for live performances, including guitarist Frank Morin (World Inferno Friendship Society) and drummer Luis Infantas (Monster Zero).

Available on CD and digitally across the internet, including Spotify and Apple Music. It can also be ordered directly from the band via Bandcamp.

Recorded and Mixed by George Grant at PVRCo in Putnam Valley, NY and The Wolf’s Den Manhattan
Mastered By Jason Corbett (ACTORS) at Jacknife Sound Vancouver
Cover Art by Eshmoon DM Design
Live photography by Robert Braunfeld

01. An Anthem For The Strange
02. Black Sun Saturday
03. No Love Lost
04. A Little Too Little
05. Antonia
06. Gravity Drive
07. Automatic Man
08. Ever Fallen In Love?
09. Lightspeed
10. The Wheel
11. Every Single Time
12. Solar Angels

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