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Thursday, March 31, 2022

Incoming! Ian Voltage


Release: Ian Voltage - Spring of Turmoil

Format: Digital
Release Date: March 2nd 2022
Record label: Self Published
Genre:  Hard Rock


Ian Voltage – Hard rock & lightweight metal!

“We are not here to reinvent the wheel, we’re here to keep the damn thing moving”.

Ian Voltage is a rock band formed in Helsinki, Finland, in 2019. The band draws influences from legends such as Guns N’ Roses and Alice In Chains, adding some heavier stuff in the mix as well, while still doing their own thing. The band released their debut EP “Spring of Turmoil” on the 2nd of March 2022. The EP includes five songs and the first single “G.F.W.” was released as a music video on the 11th of February. Teppo Ristola was responsible for directing and filming the video. Ian Voltage played its first gig on the 3rd of March in Bar Loose, Helsinki. The next gig will be on the 6th of May at Restaurant Torvi, Lahti - and they’re hungry for more!

The songs from Spring of Turmoil EP are all written by Ian Voltage. The recordings were made at Lammaskallio Audio in Tuusula with sound engineer Jussi Ruohola. Esa Orjatsalo was responsible for mixing and mastering. The ISRC codes for the tracks are at the end of the message.

Starting with a strong bass intro, Turmoil refers to the name of the EP and is therefore also suitable as the opening track of the release. The main riff makes you wanna bang your head, while the choruses apologize the caused neck damage. The song is about the world’s recent chaotic times and unfortunately it is still relevant.

G.F.W., Guilty, Frozen & Wrecked, is the band’s first song they’ve worked on together. Maybe that’s why it was a natural choice as the first single and music video as well. The person in the story has drifted into the eye of the storm in his life and is waiting for his savior.

Nova – a reference to a new beginning or an exploding star? This beautiful rock ballad grows into massive spheres towards the end, and listeners have told us that Nova has some radio hit potential. But has it? You decide!

After the ballad, Hummingbird Heart offers some kick ass rock ‘n’ roll. Alcohol and hangover are familiar to many people, which is why rock bands have been writing songs about these topics for decades. Ian Voltage has not come to reinvent the wheel, but to keep the damn thing moving. This straightforward rock track will make its listener's pulse rise.

Quicksand concludes the release with a melancholy vibe. Mental health is something that concerns all of us, and it is the source of music writing inspiration for Ian Voltage too. Do the Bongo drums and Backstreet Boys choruses balance the melancholy vibes of the song? Take a listen and find out.

01. Turmoil (FIJXA2200001)
02. G.F.W. (FIJXA2200002)
03. Nova (FIJXA2200003)
04. Hummingbird Heart (FIJXA2200004)
05. Quicksand (FIJXA2200005)

Ian Voltage is:
Derek Kinnunen, vocals
Julius Rautio, guitar
Keinonen, guitar
Mikko Jaakola, drums
Miikka Merikallio, bass guitar

Ian Voltage on social media:

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