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Monday, April 4, 2022

Live Review: Forever Sabbath, Purity, Wolverhampton, 2nd April 2022


Forever indeed. long live the Sabbath!

Tonight at Purity, the legend that is Black Sabbath lived on with the tribute Forever Sabbath from Cheltenham, England. With an extended set due to the cancellation of the other band on the bill, the band were allowed to show what they could do with a longer set and some deeper cuts from the Sabbath back catalogue. Some of which, sadly, left the audience at Purity a little lost which is a crying shame! Why DON'T they know these songs!

Anyhow, all the usual hits were present, "Sabbath Bloody Sabbath", "NIB", "Sweat Leaf", "Snow Blnd" and of course "Paranoid". All done well and with a dedication to the sights and sounds of Sabbath in their 70's glory days.

Even the mightly Ronnie Dio was paid tribite to as the band performed "Heaven and Hell" including the obligitory guitar solo natch courtesy of Chris who looked more like Tony Martin than Iommi but he did play well and it was an SG in his capable hands.

The screen display and classy intro was cool to see, shame is wasn't able to be displayed to best advantage. Vocalist Dan donned the wig of doom and glasses and did a decent job of singing Ozzy vocals with some injected humour. He was reading from lyrics but, hey, so does Ozzy! and he did still manage to fuck up the lines at times (ditto!).  Bass duties were well handled by Paul (who looked like Bill Bailey!) and drummer Mick did a great job. 

There's only one Black Sabbath of course and this tribute are simply that. A good faximili of a classic band. They rocked, the rolled and we partied. What more can you ask for for a tenner! CAG & AS.

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