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Tuesday, April 5, 2022

New show on ROX Radio! Rock School comes to the station!

 Well established podcast broadcasters, Rock School are now streaming shows on ROX Radio!

Over the past 10 years, Rock School has broadcast a wide range of shows about rock music, production, technology and more. Now, ROX Radio is streaming their shows on our network with a new edition every Thursday to download or stream 24/7 from our website, Spreaker or most podcast/audio streamers as usual

Rock School is a weekly, one-hour radio show, hosted by Joe Burns and his wife Tammy. The show takes a new music topic each week and explores it playing the songs that fit into the topic area. To this point the show has produced over 500 episodes having never repeated a topic or aired a re-run.

Rock School is carried on 17 affiliate stations as well as the PRX network. Of course the also podcast the show. Thier website.

Right now the show is grabbed in the range of 10,000 times a week plus all the affiliate listenership. They are without doubt pretty happy with the audience the show they have put together and now ROX is happy to let you hear these great shows without leaving the ROX Radio channel!

Joe and Tammy Burns

"As of August 2015, my wife Tammy joins me as the full time Rock School co-host. That makes four co-hosts now. Name them? OK. Chad P. Best West. Monique Gregoire. And now Tammy. It's like she's the lead singer for Van Halen.

It's only fitting. We met at a radio station in Florence Alabama - WQLT, 107FM. It was a 100,000 watt flame-thrower stuck way up in the corner of the state. I was the afternoon jock and she was the copywriter. That meant she wrote the commercials. We dated even though we had both signed a document at the station saying we wouldn't.

I knew she really liked me when I got a job programming an AM/FM in Utica, New York and she left with me. We married less than a year later.

She been with me through seven radio stations, six states, a masters degree and a Ph.D. and two children we adopted from Guatemala. We've been married pushing 27 years so it look slike it's going to stick I guess.

Her? Oh, well, she's from Hackleburg, Alabama, has two undergraduate degrees which she paid for through work and student loans, a respiratory degree and a respiratory registry. She's worked at level one hospital trauma wards in three major cities and has stories that would make your toes curl.

She currently sells drugs - she's a pharmaceutical rep.

And she hosts a radio show. Did I mention that?" says Joe.

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