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Saturday, May 28, 2022

Live review: Geoff Tate plus support, Robin2, Bilston, 12 May 2022

Live review.

Geoff Tate at Robin2, Bilston on 12 May 2022.
Plus support from mark Daly & The Ravens and Electus

The evening in question didn't exactly get off to a good start. Due to travelling delays, Geoff Tate and his band of guns for hire were late meaning sound checks were gonna be a quick affair at best. 

Openers Electus (local boys) seemed to suffer the most from this. Over-load and distorted, the set was, at times, hard to figure out. Songs that I know seemed to be played too dark, too heavy and perhaps Russell and the guys were trying a lit' too hard?

With a short set, Electus had to cherry pick of course from their 3 albums  including single "Ticket to Nowhere" but did give us a new song from their forthcoming album (lips are sealed on this one though kids so can't put it on YT just yet). Maybe this just wasn't their night but as an opener act they did okay. Just not the polished rockers we know and love round these parts. 4/10

Next up was Mark Daly, replete with backing band that featured much of Geoff Tate's mob. A strange animal indeed. Part new-country, part grunge, part rock. Songs were catchy enough but Mark's rough, deep growling voice seems at adds with the music at times and it wasn't musical or pleasant to hear. The band played well enough and in the heavier moments really gave it their all. Daly's popular song "Gotta Run" was well receieved and shows potential for a man who has talent, just an unsure direction. 5/10

Now, then, on to the meat of the meal. Geoff Tate.

On this tour he's performing both albums "Rage for Order" and "Empire" in their entirity. Thats 2 classic Queensryche albums live for the price of one. Quite a double-whammy!

Considering his late arrival and lack of lengthy soundcheck, the sound from Geoff and the band was amazing. The Robin2 did him proud tonight. Queensrcyhe music is complex and a bitch to mix so I was very impressed by tonight's show. Geoff's band of minstrals performed every song as if they'd be playing them for years (bar the odd miss-note) with energy, passion and dedication. Geoff grinned all night. He was a happy bunny. Good to see.

His fans were also VERY happy tonight. Let's face it, other than "Operation Mindcrime" what more could ya want from a Ryche gig! Every well known hit was here - Silient Lucidity, Jet City Woman, I Dream in Infrared, I could go on.  It was a treat to hear these classic albums played through. Empire has not been played completely since it was originally toured following that massive Mindcrime tour.

I truly think Geoff is in a happier place now. Playing to true fans, up close and personal. He sang so well tonight. His voice is lacking some of its old range but considering Geoff's age it held up well. 

Twin guitars attacks, smooth synth lines, great drumming and a killer bassist. The band kicked ass too and the two guitarists were getting off dualling throughout, pushing each other and working the crowd. Love it!

Two encores treated those who stayed on too " Take Hold of the Flame" and b sider "Last Night in Paris" (now on the Empire CD reissues kiddies) and the night was over. Roll on another tour. Come on Geoff treat us to some of the later stuff from Promised Land and Q2K! 10/10 CAG

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