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Monday, August 22, 2022

Incoming The Hirvi

 Finnish thrashpack The Hirvi releases Sophomore album “Violence stays in fashion”

Originating from the late 80`s, reborn during late 2010´s, the Helsinki based speed-/thrash quartet mixed their second album with legendary Harris Johns. 

Hirvi frontman Juha: “ Yeah we packed our bags and flew to Berlin for this one. This album is certainly more organic than “Old school Killspree” which had loads of machnebased stuff and quantization kinda lurking on the background. Now we just wondered through the jungles of riffs creating structures as we went and threw the click to the dumpster when felt necessary. Since I am kind of controlfreak was not easy for me all the time, but turned up  something I am very satisfied with in the end. Certainly more progressive, quirky and complicated, even a bit meditative at times. Considering lyrics are mostly about random acts of violence and Jesus again. Cannot get rid of that framework.

“After we had the most of the stuff recorded we were sitting in Lauttasaari studio with our producer MG having a beer or possibly like 24 of them. We were like well this certainly sounds modern but there is an old school thrashvibe to the production. So why not go back to the roots. Try to find somebody behind the German thrashmetal-albums that really molded the essence of both The Hirvi and my youth: Kreator´s Pleasure to kill, Sodom´s Agent orange, Voivod`s Killing technology and so on. 

It turned out there was one guy, Harris, behind literally all of them so we wrote to him just there. Turned out he was interested in doing this even though we could not pay him but UG-kinda money. Really. I thought well world is a strange but sometimes a delightful place.

About working with Harris I have to say there is no conveyor belt in him at all. As the cliche goes he is a true artist, yet with a laidback attitude. He simply won´t let the product go unless he is pleased with it.  No matter how u tell him.”

The Hirvi “Violence stays in fashion”  is released July 1st 2022 and it is available as physical CD and through common digital platforms.


Listen to the album on music services:

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