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Monday, August 22, 2022

Incoming! Somehow Jo


Finnish progressive metal band Somehow Jo is set to release their third studio album Scales And Details on September 16th 2022 via Inverse Records.


The base material of the album is largely the best ideas selected from the jamming sessions and then worked in to ready songs. The lyrical ideas have been written on the basis of images from the song demos. New angle brought to the vocals with more two-tone melodies and dialogue. The texts deal with e.g. Depression, blaming others for their own problems, not getting forward in life, failing, and overcoming these. The whole package is intertwined with experimental effects and soundscape between and in the songs.


Fata Morgana
The song experiences a dry season before an
uncontrollable storm that will change everything. One
of the fastest songs on the album, exploring human life on a larger scale. Time is limited for everyone.


What happens when the burning pain in the soul is
taking over? You know you can’t escape it by running,
but you’re still trying. How far can you go alone?


An example of a youngsters thoughts on the power that rules the world. Is the truth found by drawing a straight line between A and B? Is everything so black and white?


A small voice inside your head that tells you you can't
do it. A small sound gets bigger when you give it power and eventually it can close the door you want to walk through.


A thesis about when you stop for the first time and
realize how beautiful a moment can be right now.


When It Falls
Like ants, we build our lives until some higher power
takes away what we have worked so hard on. All that
remains is the doctrine that has been acquired. Using it, you can start building again.


When it feels like there are too many opinions, too
many words, too many people in the world. You want
to disappear for a moment, take a break and go on an


Rising Sun
When you meet a someone whose presence you feel
even if you don’t see them. Even if the whole globe is
between you and it is uncertain when you will meet
again, if you meet. However, the feeling remains
strong. The feeling sometimes resembles the power of
the sun and sometimes a mist like sleep.


The solution for so many problems can be found way
closer than we realize to look from. The closing track of the album, which gives a clear promise of the future...



The rule-bending songwriting and the caressing grooves emerge from casual jamming and a
strong friendship. Somehow Jo from Tampere, Finland brings a new perspective to two guitar riffing combined with interesting rhythms and catchy melodies. Dozens of medias across the globe have compared the band to their mighty ancestors System Of A to Down,
Mastodon and Alter Bridge. Somehow Jo shows the joy of playing live with a smile that can be seen to the back row and the whole band rises to a new level every time they step on stage.


Sakari Karjalainen (Guitar) and Christian Saurén (Guitar, Vocals) formed Somehow Jo in 2009 and the band got its final shape in 2013, when Lassi Peiponen (Drums) and Eero Aaltonen (Bass, Vocals) joined the band. The debut album sought style and the promise of musical chemistry was already in the air. The album was recorded with Ari Pietilä at Headline Studio and released in 2015 through Inverse Records. The final track of the album featured Noora Louhimo from Battle Beast.


The musical chemistry began to work even tighter on the Tusk -album and the recording took place at Deep Noise Studio with Saku Moilanen. Several new elements were introduced to the album such as keyboards, slap riffs and a touch of musical humor. The album was released in 2019 and received magnificent reviews across the globe.


After the release of the album, Somehow Jo started touring with their swedish comrades Machinae Supremacy. Following successful gigs, The Grey was released as a single after the record in the spring of 2020 and the song made it to several playlists on Spotify and is still on peoples ears worldwide.


The base material for the upcoming Scales and Details -album was already sounding exciting as a result of jamming sessions and the collaboration with Saku Moilanen of Deep Noise Studios continued. The album experimented with effects, especially on guitars and vocals. Lyrically, the album challenges the listener to think, explores dark themes, but tries to find and bring positive things to the forefront.


SCALES AND DETAILS -album pre-sales has started and can be pre-ordered here:


Headliner: One Morning Left
Special guests: Crosschains, Somehow Jo

28.09.2022 - DE - Saarbrucken - Garage
29.09.2022 - DE - Hanover - Béi Chéz Heinz
30.09.2022 - DE - Dresden - Pushkin
01.10.2022 - DE - Hamburg - headCrash
02.10.2022 - NL - Utrecht - De Helling
04.10.2022 - DE - Bochum - Rotunde
05.10.2022 - DE - Cologne - Helios37
06.10.2022 - DE - Stuttgart - Wizemann Studio
07.10.2022 - AT - Vienna - Chelsea
08.10.2022 - HU - Budabest - Barba Negra
10.10.2022 - PL - Krakow - Hol
11.10.2022 - CZ - Prague - Rock Cafe
12.10.2022 - DE - Berlin - Badehaus
14.10.2022 - DE - Frankfurt - Elfer
15.10.2022 - DE - Munich - Backstage
Somehow Jo - Scales And Details (2022)
Track list:

1. Fata Morgana 
2. Friend (Explicit) 
3. Cycle
4. Spin
6. When It Falls
7. Getaway
8. Rising Sun
9. Mirror
Christian Sauren - Vocals & guitars
Eero Aaltonen - Bass & backing vocals  
Sakari Karjalainen - Guitars & keyboards
Lassi Peiponen - Drums

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