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Monday, August 22, 2022

Incoming Tyrants of Chaos


TYRANTS OF CHAOS Shares Their Judas Priest Inspired "Slay The Hostages"

New Album "Relentless Thirst for Power" Out Aug 19th

Lethbridge, Canada's Tyrants of Chaos have been pillaging across Alberta with their old-school classic heavy metal and are now amping up the ante with 10 new bangers on their third studio album "Relentless Thirst for Power" set to be unleashed this coming August.

Earlier this July, they shared their first single "T.O.C." and are ready to share their second track off the record to preview to fans. Entitled "Slay the Hostages"Tyrants of Chaos present a Judas Priest style, ear piercing, balls-out metal assault. Lyrically similar to "T.O.C.""Slay the Hostages" sounds like a song about committing crimes and sacrifices, but it is simply about playing metal shows and entertaining the crowd as can be witnessed in the music video for the single via its premiere on Metal-Rules HERE.

Tyrants of Chaos' new album “Relentless Thirst For Power” covers a lot of topics lyrically, listeners will be able to dive into songs such as the classic Teutonic power metal track “Indoctri-Nation”, which focuses on mental health issues to the “No Lives Matter” ballad that forces one to confront their mortality; and the classic “Lucky Dog” that is reminiscent of the 80s sounds of the Big 4.

Formed in 2013 for the love and passion of music by guitarist Curtiss Vaselenak and to fill a gap in the local scene, the band originally started as a fun hard rock and metal cover band. After some shuffling, he is now joined by guitarist Arik Wagner, bassist Sean Simpson, drummer Ryan Dyck, and vocalist Phil Sirias who complete the current lineup. With many years of experience between them, they bring professionalism and solid musicianship to both the stage and the studio.

Tyrants of Chaos already have two albums under their belts, “The Calm Before The Storm” (2016) and “Into Oblivion” (2019), and this new offering consists of ten fist-pumping, head-banging tracks that were written specifically for this album. It is just scratching the surface of what the band has in store, they don't intend to slow down anytime soon.

Heavy and loud, Tyrants Of Chaos delivers a solid pummeling of pure heavy metal. No gimmicks, no gags, just passion, and honesty. They are recommended listening for fans of Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Megadeth.

The album “Relentless Thirst For Power” will be out on August 19, 2022.

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Music Video - "T.O.C." -

Track Listing:
1. T.O.C 4:35
2. The Black Gap 5:01
3. Mourning Sickness 5:12
4. Skull Crusher 5:05
5. Slay the Hostages 5:12
6. Red Rage 4:17
7. Nightmare Machine 5:04
8. Indocri-Nation 3:59
9. No Lives Matter 3:49
10. Lucky Dog 4:36
Album Length: 46:55

Tyrants of Chaos is:
Phil Sirias – Vocals
Curtiss Vaselenak – Rhythm / Lead Guitar
Arik Wagner – Rhythm / Lead Guitar
Sean Simpson – Bass
Ryan Dyck – Drums

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