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Friday, September 23, 2022

InCOMING!! Decoy



Title: Without Warning

Release date: 9/23/2022

Catalogue No. CD: PER5972

Format: CD

Barcode No. CD: 670573059721

Label: Perris Records

Style: Melodic Hard Rock

Origin: Denmark/Sweden

   "Without Warning" is the second album by Decoy, a Danish/Swedish collaboration between songwriter and guitarist Torben Enevoldsen (Fate, Acacia Avenue) and singer Peter Sundell (C.O.P., Ex-Grand Illusion).  This new album features Pete Steincke (Fate) on bass and Dennis Hansen (Acacia Avenue, Section A) on drums, and the style is very melodic hard rock, but with a touch of classic rock and metal. 

    Decoy is a collaboration between Swedish singer Peter Sundell (C.O.P., Ex-Grand Illusion) and Danish guitarist and song writer Torben Enevoldsen (Fate, Acacia Avenue). Enevoldsen reached out to Sundell back in 2006 as he was in need of a singer for a new project he was working on. Several songs were written, out of which 11 tracks ended up on the debut album entitled “Call Of The Wild”, released through AOR Heaven in 2007. Since then, Torben and Peter has been busy working on other projects, but kept in touch and also worked together on a few occasions. In 2020, Enevoldsen and Sundell started working together again, but not on a specific project. The overall style of the songs written was very melodic hard rock, but with a touch of classic rock, AOR and metal. Quickly enough songs were written to constitute a full album. The decision of releasing the album under the Decoy banner was made and Enevoldsen asked his good friend and band mate, Pete Steincke (Fate), if he would be interested in playing the bass. He agreed to participate, and so did Torben’s long time partner, Dennis Hansen (Acacia Avenue) who once again did the drums. The new album, entitled “Without Warning”, is scheduled to be released through Perris Records on September the 23rd.


Torben Enevoldsen -  guitar and keyboards,

Peter Sundell -vocals, Dennis Hansen -Drums, Pete Steincke-bass.


01 Broken Pride

02 In And Out Of Love

03 Fire’s Gone

04 All Or Nothing

05 How Was I To Know

06 Never Easy

07 Midnight Show

08 Now Or Never

09 Reach Out

10 We Live, We Learn

11 Without Warning

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