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Thursday, September 8, 2022

Incoming! The Offering

THE OFFERING – Release “Tiny Disappointments” From Upcoming Album ‘Seeing The Elephant’
Preorders Online
Watch “Tiny Disappointments” HERE

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With “Seeing the Elephant”, THE OFFERING has woven together a record as rich, adventurous and heartfelt as anything you’re bound to hear anytime soon. Conceived during the chaos of the 2020 protests and the ensuing warzone of cultural upheaval, “Seeing the Elephant” is a challenging and ultimately rewarding record for extreme times.
To celebrate the start of the presale THE OFFERING launched a new visualizer video for the song “Tiny Disappointments” that is available on all digital platforms, tune in here:
Alex Richichi (vocals) comments: “Even on my most wonderful days, I can find myself feeling strangled by my own expectations and find myself disappointed in little facets of the world, in everyone, and everything. I have found life is made up of ‘Tiny Disappointments’, where overcoming and coping with these ultimately becomes the hardest thing we do every day. This song addresses those feelings of drowning, which I believe is universal in the human experience - albeit on different scales.”
Nishad George (guitar) adds: "During the writing process for ‘Seeing the Elephant’, my dad's cancer diagnosis had gotten much worse, and I had felt this pressure knowing this would be my last album that he could listen to. Living up to my own expectations for making that special was strenuous. I eventually stumbled upon the opening chord to ‘Tiny Disappointments’, and I just let go - I blinked and 12 hours of euphoria later, the song was complete.  It was a massive turning point in the writing process for the album.  Less than a month before he passed away, my dad finally got to listen to the album, and singled out this song as the best we've ever done.  I couldn't agree more."

“Seeing the Elephant” is scheduled for a release on November 4th, 2022. The following formats are available and first preorders are online:
300x transp. red LP available at CM Distro Wholesale EU and
black LP
Standard CD Jewelcase
Digital album
Vocalist Alex Richichi and guitarist Nishad George construct a new framework from past work with the help of mixer Zach Weeks (Kvelertak, The Armed) at Salem, Massachusetts’ renowned God City Studios, proving THE OFFERING as a band that not only challenges the norm but one that will refine and redefine them.
In the past the foursome have warmed crowds for diverse acts such as Primal Fear, Rhapsody of Fire, Prong, Genitorturers, 36 Crazyfists, and have been a fan-favorite at the main stage of the New England Metal & Hardcore Festival. Right before the release of “HOME” they played European festivals such as Wacken Open Air, Fezen Festival and Gefle Metal Festival.
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Photo by Rossetti Photography
THE OFFERING are (left to right):
Alexander Richichi - vocals
Nishad George - guitar
Spencer Metela - bass
Steve Finn - drums

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