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Monday, November 21, 2022

Hell Bent for Leather! ROX interviews Leather Leone


Catherine Anne Leone, known professionally as Leather Leone, is an American metal vocalist, best known for fronting the groups Rude Girl and Chastain in the 1980s. 

She released one solo album, Shock Waves, in 1989, before taking a twenty-year break from the music scene. In 2011 she began performing again in The Sledge/Leather Project, which released a debut heavy metal album, Imagine Me Alive, in 2012.

In this brand new interview. ROX Network talks to her about her rise to fame and her return to the metal music scene...

When did you start singing professionally

 I would have to say really when I moved to San Francisco in the  early 80's with Rude Girl.

We started playiing  clubs and actually getting  paid.  lol

 at least in drink ticket's.


Where you always singing as a child?

 I was.  I was the showoff in my family.   I just wanted everyone to look at me. Eventually i saw the 

impact a voice could have on another person. It intriqued me, It still does.


Did your parents support your gift?

 They did..They would come to Chastain shows and be blown away.  My family led a very quiet country life, so my stage shows were monumental to them.  They were and are still very proud.


4. Do you play any instruments too?

Yes my vocal chords.


Who are your main vocal inspirations?

Dio, Dickinson, Tate


Why did you decide to be a vocalist for metal music?

In the very early 8o's when I heard Ronnie Dio. his voice changed my whole way

of thinking, how a voice could actually effect someone. HIs tone , his phrasing , his lyrical

content.. I was hooked.


Did you enjoy your time singing with Chastain in the 80s?

 Absolutely, it was an incredible time to tour , record, just be a Metal musician.

The world was wide open for us.


 How do you feel you were treated as female in the world back then?

 I was treated with respect beause I knew my craft.  No one could take that away from me.

I kept my clothes on and i delivered. It was sex , drugs and rock n roll but  I just did my job.


How about nowadays?

I have  no problem with respect.. I give it, I receive it.

You reap what you sow, most of the time....


Your album "Leather II" did very well when it was released in 2018. What are your thoughts now on that album?

 It's much more planned, thought out.  The  songwriting, the production is superior to II'

Its all around  much better record.

How about your new album "We are the Chosen"? How did recording go?

 I was at @Hertz Recording Studio. As you can imagine it went very well.

I am at home being a solo,artist recording with the brothers. They understand my vocals

and seriously finally recorded my voice as it really is!


 Who's on the album? 

Vinni Tex did all guitars, Braulio Drumond did the drum tracks. 

Douglas Pinella orchestration.


Has Steamhammer been supportive?

Of course, I am working with them  for a reason.

Olly Hahn is a Metal dude..


Do you still feel the same passion for metal as you did in the 80s? Why?

 I dp. Its in my blood. I was born this way.  It continues to move me. Its the only time

I feel somewhat normal


 Any live dates planned?

Nothing concrete as of yet. Will keep you posted.


What advice would you give to any woman looking to become a metal vocalist?

Keep your clothes on! 


Leather Leone will be releasing her third solo album We Are The Chosen via SPV / Steamhammer Records on November 25, 2022.

Track List for We Are The Chosen:
01. We Take Back Control
02. Always Been Evil
03. Shadows
04. Off With Your Head
05. We Are The Chosen
06. Tyrants
07. Hallowed Ground
08. Dark Days
09. Who Rules The World
10. The Glory in The End

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