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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Incoming! 17 Crash


Rockshots Records - Get Ready To Soar "Higher" w/ 17 Crash's New Music Video

Fourth Studio Album "Stamina" Out November 2022

Get ready to soar "Higher" with Italian rockers 17 Crash and their new music video for their second single from their fourth studio album "Stamina" due out on November 18th via Rockshots Records.

The opening album track "Higher" is a punch in the stomach. The band continues to explain the song:

"We wanted to start on fire, getting in your ears like a Tornado. Our comeback after two terrible years is finally here, so it must be fast, heavy, and loud. This song speaks about our need to reach our life goals, focusing on what we love to do and trying to leave all the negative things behind. It’s a primal scream, a jump to reach the highest top. We all know how hard is to reach the top and remain free."

Watch and listen to the music video for "Higher" at

17 Crash's new record "Stamina" is a much more complex and profound piece of work written entirely during the endless lockdowns from the 2020 pandemic that the world experienced. Their passion for the 80’s glam / hard n’ heavy rock n' roll crossed with a particular duality between human struggle and the will to fight and resist against all the odds. It might seem that 17 Crash has come a long way, but rest assured they are just warming up for what’s to come.

Colliding their emotions, fears, and wishes, mixing up everything they got inside, and talking about their experiences and how they changed over these past testing years, 17 Crash explains their album in further detail.

"People should listen to this album very carefully, trying to catch the real spirit of it. Words have a very important message in this one, considering the times we are living in and what happened in 2020. The singles show what we are and what we want to say after these two terrible years. It's like a concept about this crazy modern era and all the effects it brought to us. This record, it’s a box with all the emotions and the feeling we had during the composing process. We are talking about being us at 100% and our fans know that we always speak just about the truth. On this album, we shared everything we wanted to. No secrets, just feelings." adds the band.

Recommended for fans of H.E.A.T, Crazy Lixx, Eclipse, Hardline, and Stryper, "Stamina" is available for pre-order at the following link -

Music Video - My World -

Never bored of being hungry to see people dancing, and having fun, inclusion is one of the biggest aspects of 17 Crash, the fans are the gig. The band will be performing on show dates to support the record, which will be revealed at a later time.

Track Listing:
1. A Song For Ennio - 2:14
2. Higher - 3:26
3. My World - 3:42
4. Soul - 4:10
5. Keep Yourself Alive - 3:23
6. In My Dreams - 4:34
7. Reach For The Sky - 3:30
8. Flashing Lights - 3:21
9. Brand New Way - 3:49
10 Danger Zone - 3:46
11 Strike First - 4:43
Album Length: 40:43

For more info:

Driven by the passion of drummer Phil Hill and singer Ros Crash, 17 Crash began their crazy journey back in 2011.

At an earlier stage of their career, 17 Crash was a true and vibrant synonym of vintage 80s LA Glam Rock Style: big hair, leather pants, and loud guitars. Distinctive attire and growling sound finally merged into the debut album “Reading Your Dirty Minds” (2015). Right after their first release, the band toured extensively throughout the Italian peninsula while making sure the name of the band was being heard.

Evolving and exploring new sounds, it didn’t take that long until they found what they were looking for with the release of the second studio album “Hit The Prey” (2018). Finding the right balance between the 80s sound and modern AOR, the new record marked a significant turning point both in terms of musicianship and career approach.

Another two years of touring passed until a further stage of evolution with their third album “Through Hell And Back” (2020) reconfirming previous collaboration with long-esteemed colleagues Alessio Lucatti in production and Simone Mularoni for mixing and mastering. The third chapter written by 17 Crash featured groovy heavy riffs, polished sounds, and even sharper tunes, effectively establishing the band as a true landmark not only within national borders, but in the international hard & heavy landscape as well.

Now in 2022, they will present their fourth album “Stamina” on Rockshots Records on November 18th.

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