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Thursday, July 6, 2023

Fresh Blood! Marching Out say Rock Will Never Die!


Check out this exciting album from Marching Out.
The band's founder and vocalist Kazu Rock and guitarist show great promise!


Vo. Kazu Rock

Dr. Kozo Suganuma

G.  Tsuyoshi Hayashi

B.  Keiichiro Fujita

Key. Akira Ishiguro

Band Profile:

 MARCHING OUT is a Japanese hard rock band formed by Kazu Rock (vocals) in May 2012, joined by Kozo Suganuma (drummer) in October the same year. Based in Osaka, the band has been actively touring all over Japan. Their sound and music can be described as neoclassical hard rock with a British hard rock flavour. 

In June 2013, the band successfully organised a live event at a long-established hall in Osaka, Royal Horse, without any supporting acts. Following that, the band performed in Izumo, Shimane in July. In September, they played together with the celebrated guitarist of Dead End, Yuji Adachi. 

In 2014, the recording of their first album began with Kazu Rock and Kozo Suganuma as producers. The album, Rock Will Never Die, was released on December 11, 2015. Currently the band is preparing for an Album Release Tour starting in March 2016. 

Member profiles: 

Vo: Kazu Rock

Started singing in rock bands during his high school days. Later, with his original band Heaven and Hell, Kazu started performing live shows in the Kinki region. Influenced by Ronnie James Dio, Graham Bonnet, Rob Rock, David Coverdale, Genki Hitomi. Kazu Rock also sings with an emotional shouting style. He has been a songwriter, arranger and band leader since his youth. 

In his late 30s, he performed a vocalist of Saints & Sinners, a Whitesnake tribute band. 

In 2012, the year he formed MARCHING OUT, he performed as an opening act for Kyoji Yamamoto and Shake. His vocal technique has been praised by many musicians, among whom are Kozo Suganuma, Minoru Niihara , Masayoshi Yamashita., Hiroyuki Otsuki, Yuji Adachi, SHAKE,Doogie White. 

Dr: Kozo Suganuma

Joined  MARCHING OUT in October 2012.

Born in Osaka, Kozo started playing drums at the age of eight and made his professional debut at 15. Since then, he has taken a part in a number of studio projects, tours and jam sessions.

Due to his marvellous hand speed and control, with frequent use of irregular tempos, he is known as Te-Kaz-Oh, the King of Many Strokes, and has released a number of drum manuals and instruction DVDs. Kozo administers a drum school, Drum Dojo, which has six branches in Japan. 

As a drum clinician, Kozo is enthusiastic about participating and playing at festivals and clinics both inside and outside Japan. He has performed, while sitting on the panel, at the Asian Beat Band Competition three times. Other festivals he has performed at are the world’s biggest jazz festival, Montreux Jazz Festival in Switzerland; Drum Summit 2 (2014) in Beijing; and Drum Festivals in the Chinese cities of Wenzhou and Dalian and the Taiwanese cities of Kaohsiung and Taipei in 2015. Through these, he has played with some of the world’s top-notch drummers, such as David Garibald, Billy Cobham, Dave Weckl, Sonny Emory, Steve Jorda, Jerry Brown, Simon Phillips, Benny Greb, Tommy Igoe, Peter Erskine, Russ Miller etc. 

He has also supported many very well-known Japanese artists, such as LOUDNESS、 TOSHI(X JAPAN), DREAMS COME TRUE, CHAGE&ASKA, GACKT etc. 

He has released four solo albums. The guest musicians who played on his  albums are Billy Sheehan, Scott Kinsey, Lincoln Goins,  Bob Malach, Akira Takasaki, Thomas Lang, Jeremy Cloake etc. 

G: Tsuyoshi Hayashi

Joined  MARCHING OUT in November 2014.

A graduate of MI (Musicians Institute) Japan. At the age of 19, Tsuyoshi won a prize in a contest held by the Japanese music magazine Young Guitar. At the age of 22, he became a guitar instructor at MI Japan. Later, with his original band, Peeping-Pig, Tsuyoshi started seriously working on his own songs, and wrote theme songs and interval songs for radio drama series and theatre performances (he himself performed live for several theatre performances) while appearing on DVDs released by Young Guitar. Currently, in addition to teaching at music school, he is active as a guitarist in local Aichi FM radio DJ James Haven’s James Band, technical fusion band Mi Gente, anime song band Odessa, etc. 

In 2012, he released a solo album entitled Mighty Warrior. He started running guitar lesson articles/DVDs issued by the Japanese music magazines Young Guitar and Guitar Magazine. He also sat on the panel at Git Masters, an guitar audition for new faces held by MI Japan and Young Guitar. In 2014, he secured an endorsement deal with ESP Guitars, a Japanese guitar manufacturer. In 2015, Tsuyoshi joined MARCHING OUT with Kozo Suganuma on drums. He arranged and recorded the guitars on the first album, which was released on December 11, 2015. 

B: Keiichiro Fujita

Joined  MARCHING OUT in June 2014. 

Started playing the violin when he was still a child. During his high school days, Keiichiro came to realise the pleasures of band music. After graduating from high school, he flew to the US to study music and mastered subjects including jazz and Latin music there. Besides jazz and funk, which are his fortes, Keiichiro plays a wide variety of music, from pop to heavy metal. 

In 2009 he won the grand prize at the Best Player's Contest held by Ritto Music, and can truly be called the best bass player in reality as well as in name. As a part-time bass instructor, he has taught at Hokkaido High School of Art and Sapporo School of Music, devoting efforts to raising the next generation of great musicians. 

He has played together with il Bosstino (Tha Blue Herb), Luis Valle, ZOOCO, Akira Jimbo, Joe Yamanaka etc.

Key: Akira Ishiguro

Joined  MARCHING OUT in July 2015. 

Graduated from Kunitachi College of Music with a bachelor’s degree in Composition. After working as a demonstrator at Korg, he has taken a part in a number of jam sessions, tours and studio projects, playing together with musicians from various genres.  

In 1992 and 1993, he was an associate member of Seikima-Ⅱ ( He called Lecter H earl). 

In 1999, he played again with them at their last concert, The Ultimate Black Mass, and in 2015 on their 30th anniversary Zenseki Shikei reunion tour. 

Various leading guitarists in Japan have great trust in Akira. For example, he has collaborated with Akira Wada/Prism for about 10 years. He also supported Hiroaki Tagawa, Kyoji Yamamoto and Kenji Kitajima at their 30th Anniversary Concert, and Guthrie Govan—a top-notch American guitarist—on his Japan tour in December 2015 and January 2016. 

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