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Thursday, December 28, 2023

Ancient Settlers


Ancient Settlers, a band renowned for their unique blend of modern melodic metal, has embarked on a new acoustic adventure with their latest release, 'The Pilgrims Memories'. This shift marks a significant chapter in the band's artistic evolution, exploring deeper acoustic realms and expanding their musical landscape.

Embracing Acoustic Depths

The transition to an acoustic style in 'The Pilgrims Memories' is a deliberate expansion of Ancient Settlers' musical concept. Guitarist Carlos Chiesa-Estomba reflects on this evolution, noting that while the band has experimented with acoustic elements before, 'The Pilgrims Memories' is their first full album in this style. This acoustic exploration is seen as a necessary step in the band's journey, aligning with the evolving concept that defines their music.

A Tapestry of Human Wisdom

'The Pilgrims Memories' serves as the cornerstone of Ancient Settlers' upcoming EP, 'Tales From The Earth'. This collection of songs delves into the profound aspects of humanity, particularly wisdom. It celebrates the knowledge shared by those who have traversed life, learning and growing from their experiences. The EP is a tribute to the wisdom of the ages, encapsulated in melodies that evoke the mystique of the human soul.

Conveying a Message of Respect

Through 'The Pilgrims Memories', Ancient Settlers aim to convey a deep sense of respect for those who dedicate their lives to sharing wisdom. The band acknowledges the value of time and the generosity of those who offer guidance and advice, seeing it as a vital part of the human experience.

Diverse Musical Inspirations

The creation of 'The Pilgrims Memories' draws from a variety of musical influences. While specific artists like Ryuichi Sakamoto and various gothic acts are mentioned, the band's inspiration comes from a broader, more eclectic range. This diversity is reflected in the unique sound of the track, blending different styles and genres.

The Band's Journey

Based in Spain, Ancient Settlers is composed of Carlos Chiesa-Estomba on guitars, Herman Riera on drums, Miguel Herrera on bass, Agustin Martinez on guitar, and Argen Death as the female voice singer. Known for their divergent approach to melodic death metal, the band has consistently pushed the boundaries of the genre. 'The Pilgrims Memories' is a testament to their creative evolution, offering listeners an enchanting acoustic experience that expands the band's audience.

With 'The Pilgrims Memories', Ancient Settlers invites listeners on an acoustic journey filled with wisdom and melody. This new chapter in their musical saga is not just a departure from their usual style but a reflection of their growth and exploration as artists. Fans of Eleine, Nightwish, and The Gathering will find a unique blend of nature-inspired melodies and acoustic elegance in this latest offering from Ancient Settlers.









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