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Tuesday, May 28, 2024

Nestor news

Celebrated as one of the hottest rising stars of 80s-styled hard rock, NESTOR have unleashed a lyric video for their latest anthem 'Teenage Rebel'. This high-energy track captures the rebellious spirit of youth and is a great taste of what's to come from their upcoming album, Teenage Rebel, to be released this Friday, 31st May, 2024, via Napalm Records.

Watch the lyric video here:
Pre-order Teenage Rebel here:

While still unreleased, the album is already being highly praised by the press – being dubbed “hard rock elixir of youth”by Metalized (DK), scored 8/10 in Classic Rock (UK) and claiming the #1 spot in the soundchecks of Rock Hard (DE),Rock It! (DE) and Sweden Rock (SE) – among other enthusiastic recognitions of their creative work.

NESTOR comment on their newest single: “The song and the video ‘Teenage Rebel’ is a tribute to the late 80s and to our hometown of Falköping where we grew up. The is song about expressions like ‘Radical’ and ‘Totally Tubular’ and E.T. trying to call home but also about the importance of living for today.”

As one of the hottest newcomers of modern rock music, NESTOR turn back time by gathering millions of streams on Spotify and hundreds of thousands of views on YouTube. They’ve shared stages with the almighty Alice Cooper, greats like Def Leppard and Europe, and were even supporting the legendary KISS in Stockholm on their 2022 stadium tour. Their new album, Teenage Rebel, is a rebellious and energetic onslaught that convinces with enormous hit density while invoking the spirit of youth. Get ready to crank up the volume.
Nestor  - Teenage Rebel
Having formed in 1989 only to fall into hibernation over three long decades, NESTOR emerged stronger than ever in 2021 with their debut album, Kids in a Ghost Town, marking the band's triumphant return to the spotlight and captivating fans with their timeless sound and unmatched energy.

The new album, Teenage Rebel, sets off with a captivating intro-monologue spoken by Danish voice actress Freya Miller, creating a retro, rebellious atmosphere that sets the mood for the album and prepares the stage for the opening track 'We Come Alive' - a true blast of an opener. Rhythmic guitars create an exciting backdrop for the gripping vocals of frontman Tobias Gustavsson, leading towards an incredible guitar solo by guitar hero Jonny Wemmenstedt. The album's title track, 'Teenage Rebel', convinces with tight riffing and an anthem-like chorus honoring the tradition of 80s hard rock. '21' is a wild ride celebrating the ease of youth. NESTOR also prove their ability to shift from big stadium anthems to their emotional side on tracks like 'Caroline', convincing with catchy melody and passionate vocals, while Wemmenstedt demonstrates his insane skills once again as he tops the song with another stunning solo. Touching ballads like 'Last To Know', “Daughter” and 'The One That Got Away' present an even more vulnerable facet, reaching straight for the listener’s heart with yearning lyrics, while tracks like 'Addicted To Your Love' and 'Unchain My Heart' celebrate love, youth and the joy of being naïve. 

NESTOR on their new masterpiece: “The album Teenage Rebel takes place in the glory days when we were young, confident and the future was filled with endless possibilities but also how we reflect on these days today. In many ways it’s the sequel to Kids in a Ghost Town and we can’t wait for you to hear it.”

Tobias Gustavsson - vocals
Jonny Wemmenstedt - guitar
Mattias Carlsson - drums
Marcus Åblad - bass
Martin Frejinger - keyboards

NESTOR online: 
Napalm Records


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